3 Things Every Leader Needs To Remember When Leading Others

It’s easy when you’ve been leading for a long time to forget the simple things of leadership. You let the basic tenants of leadership slip your mind and you begin to fall into bad habits.

You fail to treat others with respect. You believe to take rather than give. And you think you’ll be there forever.

Remember these things leaders

This happens when you forget to remember 3 things as you lead…

3 Things Every Leader Needs To Remember When Leading Others

1. Leadership is about treating others with respect: A huge trap leaders can fall into is the trap of thinking less of those you lead.

They’re being led for a reason, right? That’s the thought that goes through a leader’s mind as they begin to forget they need to treat those they lead with respect.

If you find yourself treating others with anything less than respect, check yourself. Go apologize. And correct your behavior.

Remember, leadership is about treating others with respect. Treat others the way you’d like to be treated.

2. Leadership is about serving: When I worked for Circuit City shortly before their closure, a change in leadership mindset began to happen. The workplace went from serving and helping others to taking as much as you could get.

The leadership forgot that leadership isn’t about what you can take. Leadership is about what you can give and how you can serve others.

Remember, leadership is about serving those you lead. Find ways to serve those you’re leading.

3. Leadership is temporary: When you’re leading an organization, you may feel like you’ll like be in the same position forever. The truth is you won’t

Leadership is a temporary position. You will only be a small part of the leadership story of the organization you’re leading.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care about the organization and the people you’re leading. No, you still care for them. You realize though you won’t be with them forever.

Remember, leadership is temporary. You will move on.

Question: What other things do leaders need to remember? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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