3 Simple Steps To Increase Your Productivity Immediately

I am always striving to increase my productivity. My guess is that you are too. I wish this was an easy goal to just check off but I have found that it’s not that easy. Increased productivity doesn’t come by blinking your eyes and clicking your heels. Oh, how I wish it did!

However, there are a few steps that you can take to help make the shift in your schedule and energy output in order to push your productivity to the next level.

How to increase your productivity immediately

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Here are the 3 Simple Steps To Increase Your Productivity Immediately:


Recent studies have shown that you are 42% more likely to accomplish a task or goal after you write it down. Sounds so simple right? It is! But, if you are like me I often times try and use all my brainpower to organize and house my list of to-dos. The problem is I always forget what I should remember and remember what I should forget. So writing daily tasks down or typing them into your to-do list will help. It has helped me a lot. Give it a shot. I even dare you to go old school and write your daily to-dos down on a sheet of paper with a pencil. Woah!


I have made myself new calendars this year to help organize my tasks and schedule everything. I have a personal calendar, a podcast calendar, and online business calendar. I am able to see all the tasks and event together in one but have separate ones allows me to invite people to events or interviews and keeps them secured to that particular calendar. Anyway…let me tell you why it helps to schedule your day out.

I have noticed when I don’t schedule out my day I float around accomplishing a few goals here and there but my brain and attention wanders throughout the day. I am sure you can relate. For instance, I may be working on a blog post but then someone texts me and it then leads me to social media where I begin to work on planning out my social posts and then that leads me to facebook where I waste a few minutes seeing what everyone is eating for lunch. See what I mean. I accomplish only a few things while touching a number of things but not finishing hardly anything. So now I schedule out my time throughout the day. I have time for reading, playing with my kids, social media, writing, creating, interviews, etc. Everything is accounted for so I can stay on task more efficiently. Try it for yourself and see if it works. Here is an example of my online schedule.

schedule everything


I first heard this concept from fellow entrepreneur Chris Ducker when I was attending one of his online webinars. It has helped my productivity immensely. Let me explain.

Say you have 3 projects that you are working on over the next 3 weeks. These are not daily tasks but projects that will take some time to complete. Let’s call them project A, B, and C. Previously what I would do is working on A, B, and C all at once for 3 weeks. Each day I would put some energy into each and keep chipping away. However, I often found myself not completely finishing any of the projects by the end of the 3 weeks. It’s because I wasn’t laser focused.

During his webinar Chris explained how to work more efficiently on projects. He mentioned that one should take the first week to work on project A, the second week to work on project B, and the third week to work on project C. Don’t touch the other projects until you are completely finished with one.

This one concept has helped me finish so many different projects over the past few weeks. My productivity is increasing already just by following this simple concept. I would highly recommend trying it.

I hope these 3 simple steps give you some tools to take your productivity to the next level. I would love to hear from you if any of these concepts have helped. Feel free to comment below about how you are taking steps to increase your productivity and let’s encourage one another!

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