3 Great Resources On Slowing Down

The world tells us that we have to always be on. There’s no stopping us if we don’t slow down.

I’ve felt extremely weary of this kind of advice. It tears us down. It makes us tired.

After the year of COVID, I’ve heard from other leaders that they’re tired as well. Many are questioning their call to leadership or ministry. Some feel displaced like they have no place in their organization anymore.

I think this is because we’ve lost the art of resting. I know I have. I know many of you have as well.

Recently, I’ve read and listened to a lot of leaders talk about slowing down. They have done a better job of it than I ever could. Today, I want to share these resources with you.

3 Great Resources On Slowing Down

1. Why Drivenness Should Be a Red Flag for Leaders:

This article comes from Arrow Leadership and Dr. Steve Brown. Dr. Brown shares his thoughts on how drivenness is destroying leaders, especially Christian leaders.

Too many leaders are answering the call of drivenness rather than the call Jesus gave us. Jesus called us to rest.

Is it time you reconsider leading through your drivenness and instead embrace a call of rest? I think we could all benefit from applying what Dr. Brown shares in his article.

Access it here.


Michael Todd is a New York Times bestselling author and pastor of Transformation Church. He recently took 103 days off of leadership. It seems extreme but he has learned so much about himself, his organization, and leadership from this extended time off.

One powerful insight Todd shared in this podcast was that there is something refreshing about a holy pause. He said: “Every great thing I’ve ever done came in the margin. It never comes when I’m trying to get it. It never comes when I’m chasing after it. It’s like every great thing comes when you’re just still. A butterfly does not ever land on somebody who’s running. A butterfly lands on people who are still.”

I think this is something every leader needs to lean into. Rest, be still, recover.

Listen to the podcast here.

3. Thursday Is The New Friday:

Skip Prichard recently interviewed author Joe Sanok. Sanok recently wrote the book Thursday Is The New Friday: How To Work Fewer Hours, Make More Money, And Spend Time Doing What You Want. This interview talks about the history of the workweek and why shortening it could be beneficial to you and your organization.

Many people may think that shortening the workweek would result in less productivity. Sanok believes differently and backs it up with research. You will be as shocked as I was when you read this article.

Productivity isn’t the number of hours we work. Rather, productivity is getting things done.

Maybe it’s time to consider a 4-day workweek?

Access the interview here.

Final Thoughts

I’m not an expert on all things leadership. I’ve studied and grown. I’ve pulled in multiple resources and ideas. Because of this, readers have enjoyed what I’ve had to say.

I now want to begin sharing articles, podcasts, and more with you from those leaders. This is the first step in the journey.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this listicle of articles on rest. I know it will help you reconsider the pace of your leadership.

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