3 Game Changing Tactics For Church Leaders

Leading in a church setting isn’t all fun and games. Being a church leader can be more stressful than any corporate job.

You’re swamped from all angles: Financial, mental, and spiritually. Church leaders must have tactics to fight back.

Know the game changing tactics for church leadership

With over 15 years of experience in being a part of church leadership, I’ve come to know a thing or two of what it’s like.

There are good days in church ministry. Then there are those days you don’t want to go back.

You feel defeated. You see the wake of church scandals. You feel the pressure to balance home life and church life. And there’s that struggle to live a Christ-like life outside of the church walls.

The good news is that there are 3 game changing tactics you can use to get back in the game.

Game Changing Tactics For Church Leaders

During her lab session at Catalyst Atlanta 2013, Ann Voskamp shared these game changer tactics. Today, I want to share them with you. I think they’ll serve you church leaders well.

1. Pause: Church life can be extremely hectic. You’re juggling your life, the business of the church, and the lives of those you’re serving in the church.

You’re pressured to feel like you need to be on. ALL OF THE TIME.

The reality of it all is that no leader can be on all of the time. You need time to recharge. We even see this modeled by Jesus where He went away for extended periods of time.

Take time to pause. Step away. Get some rest.

2. Be aware of His presence today: In the midst of all of the chaos of the church, it’s easy to forget who the church is supposed to be all about. You’re there to serve others. You’re also there because of Him.

Don’t forget God is there today. He is here NOW.

Acknowledge His presence. Enter into it. Spend time in His word. Spend time worshipping Him. Let Him know He is welcome.

3. Give thanks: The last game-changing tactic is to give thanks. We know we need to appreciate those who have come before us.

That’s giving thanks. So why do we forget to give thanks to the one who gave His life for us?

That’s a game-changer.

Tell the Creator of the universe how good He is. Let Him know you appreciate and love Him. Let praise flow from your lips.

These are all ways you can give thanks to God. And He deserves all of your praise.

We can quickly change the church if we begin to practice these game-changing tactics.

By pausing, being aware of God’s presence in our lives, and giving thanks we’re able to see God move in untold ways.

Are you willing to step back from yourself and allow God to begin moving? I hope so.

Question: How can pausing, acknowledging God, and giving thanks impact your church leadership? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.
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