Why Every Leader Needs A Hobby

With so much of our day spent dealing with the problems that arise from leading others, it is easy to think you don’t have time for a hobby. It’s a fallacy many leaders fall into. Failing to have a hobby is also one of the reasons many leaders stumble and face burnout.

I was reminded of this as I listened to Adam Grant’s new book Power Moves. In it, one of the Davos attendees he talks to David Solomon, the CEO of Goldman Sachs.

Person fishing in a lake with a silver and black fishing pole

Photo by Alan BishopDavid Solomon isn’t the straight-laced CEO you might think of when you think of Goldman Sachs. Outside of work, David spends his free time on his hobby: DJing at clubs and events. He goes by the name of DJ D-Sol and rocks clubs all around the world.

He found an outlet for the stress of his job. Using his hobby of DJing, he is able to relax and decompress to avoid burnout.

5 Leadership Books To Read In January 2022

Whoa, can I start off by saying it was weird to type 2022 as the title of this post? Tomorrow is the first day of the new year. Let’s hope it is better than 2020 and 2021. The good news is we can make this coming new year better than all of the rest!

This month, I want to share with you five leadership books you should read. These five books aren’t any old books. They’re actually all new books.

Where did these new books come from?

Stack of books

To write Reel Leadership, I joined the Creator Institute, a cohort-based class out of Georgetown University. It was a great experience and many fantastic books were written. The books I am recommending today come from this cohort and the publisher New Degree Press.

I hope you’ll enjoy these recommended books as much as I did.

Sorry, It’s Company Policy Is Bad Business

I recently purchased a Kamado Joe Classic I charcoal grill. These grills are called egg grills because of their shape.

The deal had been too good to pass up. It was almost half off the original price. I placed the order, the item arrived, and Pamela and I assembled the grill.

A few days later, I got a notification that the price on the grill decreased by another $50. I reached out to Walmart Customer Support and asked for a refund of the price difference. What happened next shocked me.

The customer service representative (who was very nice) told me that they couldn’t make a price adjustment. What they could do was have me send back the Kamado Joe that had already been delivered at Walmart’s expense via a freight delivery company. I could then reorder the Kamado Joe at the lower price.

Amazon Just Launched A New Type Of Grocery Store. How Should The Industry Respond?

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The grocery industry is going through a highly disruptive period. Amazon is now bringing a brand new business model to the sector where customers literally walk in, pick up what they want, and walk out. The innovative ecommerce retailer and tech firm says that it can work out exactly what consumers select via its “walk in and out” technology. 

Even more interestingly, Amazon isn’t the only game in town. There are now competing firms attempting to do the same thing all over the world. Cashiers will need to find jobs elsewhere. 

Use These 7 Tips to Boost Your Company’s Status

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Photo by fauxels from Pexels

Status is essential for businesses. Whether you’re a startup just trying to get off the ground or an established company looking to stay on top, boosting your status can help you achieve your goals. Here are some tips to help you do just that.

Always Try to Leave a Good Impression

If you’re looking to improve your company’s status, you need not look further than you.

Your image is something you carry with you everywhere you go, and if you aren’t putting your best foot forward, it can make or break your chances of building an excellent reputation.

First impressions are everything in the business world. So even though you might be able to perform some minor damage control by explaining yourself, later on, people will never forget that first moment they saw you, no matter how brief it was or how little time they ended up spending with you that day.