5 Leadership Books To Read In October 2021

As the month of September comes to a close (it’s hard to think it is almost October already!), I like to recommend some of the best leadership books you should consider reading.

These can be traditional leadership books or even odd things such as a comic book graphic novel where leadership principles are displayed.

Pile of books on a table

This month, I will be focusing on mostly the traditional leadership books you should read.

5 Leadership Books To Read In October 2021

1. The Introvert’s Edge To Networking by Matthew Pollard:

Matthew Pollard shares with introverts how to effectively network. Networking can be extremely challenging for introverts. It forces them to step out of their comfort zone into unknown territory. Many will freeze up or just refuse to network.

The beauty in The Introvert’s Edge To Networking? Pollard helps you to understand the power of networking and how to avoid the uncomfortableness of networking.

How Great Leaders Find The Most Talented Hires

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Being a great leader has many benefits. You inspire the team around you to be better, increasing productivity and output. You can also be an inspiration that causes more customers to flood to your company as they trust that you will do a great job because you’re such a fantastic leader. 

However, an underrated benefit of being a brilliant leader is that it can influence your hiring strategy. Much like you can use your great leadership skills to draw customers to your business, you can do the same with talent. The best leaders have a knack for finding the most talented individuals in their industry, luring them to their business. Clearly, this poses the question: how do they do it? 

Quotes And Leadership Lessons From The Tomorrow War

A Reel Leadership Article

Think for a minute: What would you do if during a soccer game a wormhole opened, out stepped soldiers from the future, and they called the current generation to a war that happens in the future? That’s the premise of the Amazon Prime movie The Tomorrow War.

Starring Chris Pratt as Dan Forester, Yvonne Strahovski as Colonel Muri Forester, and J.K. Simmons as James Forester, the movie shoots us 30 years into the future once the call for help is made. Dan Forester travels to the future once he is conscribed to service, as almost every living and able-bodied human is in this world.

Cast of the Tomorrow War

One of the best direct-to-streaming movies I’ve seen, The Tomorrow War hits all the right notes. Great action. Great story. Great personal interactions.

Today, we’re going to dive into the leadership lessons in The Tomorrow War. We’ll look at what the movie hits on and how it can make us better leaders.

Things To Consider While Making Leadership Decisions

We can make decisions in a vacuum. It is easy to dismiss others around us or their ideas.

We do this in our homes. We do it in our businesses. And this hurts our effectiveness.

Today, I want us to look at a few things to consider when making leadership decisions. This will help you become a more aware leader.

Things To Consider While Making Leadership Decisions

My list won’t be comprehensive. This list will barely scratch the surface. However, I believe it will give you a starting point when making decisions.

These are the things you need to consider while making leadership decisions:

Who does the decision impact:

Our decisions, our actions impact more than ourselves. The decisions we make impact those we lead, those we do business with, and more.

Make sure you’re considering others when making your decision.

Protect Your Finances When You’re Working from Home

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Working from home can have a huge impact on your finances. It can both help and hurt your financial situation for various reasons. When you’re working from home, you could be saving money on commuting, buying your lunch, and other expenses. But you could also be spending more on things such as heating or cooling your home, office supplies, and groceries. It can be difficult to manage your money when you have a change in circumstances like this, but there are some tips that you can use to protect your finances. Read this guide to find out about how you could be managing your money while working from home.