Beachbody: Is A Fitness Business Right For You

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When it comes to business, people are turning to self-employment in droves and certain industries are thriving. If you have a home crafting business that sells cross stitch patterns as PDFs on Etsy, that is amazing. However, some people need something a little different and want to challenge themselves in a different way. And this is where Beachbody comes in.

Who are Beachbody?

You may have heard the name Beachbody being thrown around over the years, but who are they? In simple terms, Beachbody is the name of a fitness company. What started out twenty years ago as a fitness video company has morphed into a multi-million dollar company that is growing around the world. Since it was founded, the company has gone on to create a variety of fitness programs, an on-demand streaming service, and a fitness shake line. Independent distributors, or Coaches, work with Beachbody as independent and self-employed fitness experts who guide people through their fitness journey.

What To Do When You Are Tired

Twenty-twenty was a trying year for many of us. Many people lost their jobs. Others, like me, lost family members. And others are still trying to figure out their lives.

Not only did 2020 try us, 2020 tired us.

I’m looking back on 2020 and seeing all of the areas that have pushed me and worn me out. Some of the ways I was worn out was:

  • Going into a government-mandated shutdown
  • Working through difficult board decisions
  • Losing my father
  • Taking a week away only to come home to a sewer backup caused by the failure of the city of Muskegon to maintain their sewer lines

I felt broken. I felt worn out. I felt tired.

I don’t think there’s been a year where I’ve ever felt this defeated. Talking to other leaders, I know I am not alone in this.

Just Some Benefits of Leading by Example

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In a professional context – and in just about every other context, too – it’s safe to say that good and effective leadership is one of the fundamentals that can have some of the greatest and most meaningful possible impact with regards to things like the ability of a business to succeed, and the motivation of that business’s employees.

While there are always many technical things to get right in a professional context, such as using the best SMS api, there’s a good argument to be made that leading by example can end up making all the difference, in a way that little else can.

Here are just a few of the benefits of leading by example in a professional context.

Quotes And Leadership Lessons From Space Jam: A New Legacy

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This past weekend, the sequel to the 1996 live-action and animated mixed movie Space Jam was released to theaters and streaming on HBO Max. Instead of Michael Jordan, the main stars were LeBron James and Cedric Joe as his son, Dominic James.

The story is similar but different enough that the movie is entertaining. I’d say the movie was more than entertaining. It was a great break from reality and a nice jaunt into a mixed animation/live-action world where we are taught a great story about letting others thrive in their skills and talents.

LeBron James hugging Bugs Bunny in Space Jam: A New Legacy

In my upcoming book, Reel Leadership, I interviewed Daniel Knudsen. He introduced me to Michael Jordan’s screenwriter, Stanley D. Williams. Williams wrote a book called The Moral Premise. In it, he says every great movie has a moral premise. I clearly saw a moral premise in Space Jam: A New Legacy.