Will You Require Employees To Return To The Office?

COVID-19 has taken its toll on the workplace. Many businesses shifted to a work-from-home model completely or a hybrid model. There were businesses that said they were going to keep this model of work for the foreseeable future.

With COVID-19 vaccines being readily now, these organizations and many others are shifting gears. They’re now thinking about bringing their workforce back to the office full-time.

This is causing major issues for business owners and employees. Employees, many for the first time, got to experience the freedom and benefits of working remotely. Remote employees skip the commute (26.6 minutes each way), reduced costs for lunch, the ability to stay at their home, better work-life balance, and more.

Employers fear their employees may not be as productive as they make it sound. They also fear their company is not as connected because they are not all working from the same office. This can create a sense of disconnect.

Opening Up In The Workplace

By the title of this article, you may think I am going to write about the reopening process of businesses and churches after COVID-19. That’s a good thought, especially in this day and age. However, this is not the topic I want to share today.

I want to share about opening up in the workplace. This is in terms of emotionally opening up.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. With my father’s death, I realize we need to open up and share the struggles we are going through. We also need to be available and open to hearing from those we lead.

Opening Up In The Workplace

Before we get into the meat of this article, I need to preface it with a word of caution. We can be too open in the workplace. We can overshare and that leads us into dangerous leadership territory.

Quotes And Leadership Lessons From Those Who Wish Me Dead

A Reel Leadership Article

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Those Who Wish Me Dead is an excellent thriller to watch in the movie theater. The movie is based on the book of the same name by author Michael Koryta.

Starring Angelina Jolie as Hannah, a smoke jumper firefighter suffering from PTSD. She made a judgment call the previous fire season that cost the lives of multiple children. She is on a downward spiral as Those Who Wish Me Dead begins.

Learn leadership lessons from Those Who Wish Me Dead starring Jon Bernthal and Angelina Jolie

The movie is full of thrills. It goes full tilt when Owen (Jake Weber) is tracked and killed by Jack (Adian Gillen) and Patrick (Nicholas Hoult) under the orders of Arthur (Tyler Perry). Before Jack and Patrick can kill Connor (Finn Little), Connor is able to hide with information given to him by his father.

10 Of The Best Leadership Books On Audible

I love sharing new books with my readers. I normally do this at the end of the month through the 5 Books Leaders Should Read In XXX. That post is still coming. However, I also wanted to recognize the power of audiobooks.

Amazon’s Audible.com (You can get up to 2 free books using my affiliate link) hosts a lot of books. It can be hard to figure out what book to listen to.

Well, I run a lot. During my runs, I listen to podcasts or audiobooks from Audible. Many of these books are leadership focused. My library consists of over 500 audiobooks. I’ve listened to a lot of those.

Today, I want to share with you what I consider to be the top 10 leadership books on Audible. I also hope you’ll pick up one or two of the books to listen to while you’re commuting to the office, out for a run, or lounging around the house. These books will help you become a better leader.

Technology: What It Means for Your Business

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As technology continues to evolve, businesses have to respond by changing their strategy and mode of operation. Most companies leverage technology to improve efficiency and meet growing client demands within their industry.

Businesses use technology to raise the bar and stay ahead of the competition. An increase in the use of technology in your business can translate to maximum benefits in enhancing your customer experience and developing better products for the market.

From small business owners to large established franchises, automated devices are making drastic changes in the business world. To be successful, you need to stay ahead and adapt to the emerging technological changes.

Here are ways technology is giving businesses a significant facelift.