What Are You Looking At?

I realized one day that as I was driving my car, it would drift to the left or the right. I couldn’t figure out the reason for this drifting. It didn’t seem right.

The car didn’t seem to pull one way or the other. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

Then, it hit me! I realized what was happening.

My car wasn’t drifting one way or the other because of a mechanical failure. The car was drifting because of what I was looking at.

My eyes would dart to one of those new-fangled changing billboards. My eyes would stay fixed to the right where the billboard was. Then the car would drift.

Or, I was driving down the city street and I would begin to look at the pile of garbage sitting outside of a house. My eyes would become fixated and my car would drift to the left toward the garbage.

5 Ways to Handle a Virtual Receptionist in a Small Business

If you are just starting out with a new business, it is most likely pretty small. Maybe you are the only person who answers the phone, responds to emails, and coordinates logistics. This can make doing the more important “big picture” work a lot more difficult.

This article will discuss how a virtual answering service, also known as a virtual receptionist, can help you manage your business more efficiently. Since it is one of the easiest ways to make your small business look big, having a virtual receptionist means that you, the owner, won’t need to be picking up every call. Rather, you’ll be doing more important things: big business style!

Quotes And Leadership Lessons From Tulsa Movie

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I had the pleasure of watching the movie Tulsa this past weekend through a screener that I was provided. I was able to kick back and watch this touching movie in the comfort of my own home. Starring Livi Birch as the precocious Tulsa and Scott Pryor as a down-and-out Marine biker named Tommy, Tommy’s life is flipped upside down when Tulsa is removed from her foster mother’s home. Tulsa believes Tommy is her father and she will do anything to make a family out of the duo.

The movie is a faith-based film from the studio Pryor Films. It is based on a true story. Overall, the film is enjoyable but does have its overly cheesy moments.

Scene from the movie Tulsa (2020)

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How To Get Your Team To Take Risks

Leaders are risk-takers. They push the boundaries and plow new paths. They know this is the way to new success.

Your team, however, may not be as excited about risk as you are. They’re looking to hold onto their jobs, not rock the boat, and to make sure their work gets done without much interruption.

Man on a dirt bike jumping a gap.

Photo by Ricardo Arce

Risk is not something the normal team member wants to take.

And that’s a crying shame.

Yet, many leaders have created this atmosphere or inherited it. Previous leaders have reprimanded their team members when they’ve taken a risk and something blew up.

Is it any wonder team members are scared to take a risk? NO!

You can change this fear mindset. You can help your team become risk-takers. Let’s look at ways you can do this.

10 Powerful Phrases For Positive Leaders

The world is full of negativity. You turn on the TV to a news station and you quickly discover this. Negativity sells.

It’s a sad state of affairs. We’re inundated with negativity and it brings us down.

I was thankful to recently be a guest at a BNI networking meeting. One of the BNI members, Jim Weidner, shared a list of 10 powerful phrases for positive thinkers by Rich DeVos.

Boat on a river

Photo by Dave Ruck

The list got me thinking. I began to brainstorm a list of powerful phrases for positive leaders. I think I’ve got the list narrowed down and wanted to share it with you.

This is a resource you could print and hang on your wall to remind you to regularly use these powerful phrases in your leadership.