5 Books Leaders Should Read In March 2021

Every month, I try to bring you 5 great books to read for the following month. The books may be old, semi-recent, or even releasing soon.

This month, the books will be mostly brand new books. I’ve had the opportunity to look at quite a few new books this month and they’ve been fantastic.

I believe the following 5 books will help move you forward professionally and personally. I hope you will consider picking up 1 or more of these titles.

5 Books Leaders Should Read In March 2021

1. Humble Inquiry: Second Edition by Edgar H. Schein:

In the second edition of his book, Schein expounds upon the key to effective communication. It’s an updated and expanded look at his previous thoughts.

Grab this book if you’re looking for a way to effectively communicate.

It’s The Little Things That Matter

I have a strange confession to make. It’s about something I do on a regular basis and I don’t know if anyone else does this.

My strange confession is that I tend to carry toilet paper (my go-to is the Charmin Ultra Soft) with me whenever I go someplace (Anyone else do this?!?). I do this because the toilet paper placed in the restrooms at restaurants, retail stores, and other places typically is low quality.

They use 1-ply or toilet paper that feels like sandpaper. I can’t stand it. Thus, I bring my own.

Hand holding toilet paper. More roles in the background

Photo by Erik McLean

But I’ve discovered a problem. I don’t always remove the unused toilet paper from my pockets before they go into the wash. This causes a huge issue.

The toilet paper disintegrates in the wash. It then seeps out of the pocket and gets stuck on everything in the washing machine.

Quotes And Leadership Lessons From 20th Century Fox’s Daredevil

A Reel Leadership Article

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I love to watch movies hated by critics. Many times, these movies are more enjoyable than the critically acclaimed movies of our time. If nothing else, they are more fun.

One such movie is 20th Century Fox’s Daredevil film.

Many of 20th Century Fox’s films are decried by critics. Most of the X-Men movies have been poo-pooed by critics. The Fantastic Four movies (did you hear there’s a new one being produced by Marvel?!?) were hated. Daredevil fell in with these films.

Ben Affleck in the Daredevil suit

The hate for the Daredevil movie hit especially hard after Netflix did a great series for Daredevil. I also highly recommend that version of Daredevil.

However, I have always loved the Daredevil movie. It was fun, entertaining, and kept my attention.

I don’t know about you, but I think I may love this Daredevil movie. If nothing else, Daredevil provides many leadership lessons.

What Questions Are You Asking?

Questions can help leaders go farther and do more. Knowing the right questions to ask will get you the answers you need.

Yet, there are leaders who are unwilling to ask questions. They think it will show that they don’t know it all or that they need help.

Man holding a light bulb in his hand

Photo by Rohan Makheca

Guess what?!? Leaders don’t know it all. They never will. Leaders need help. There won’t be a day where you can lead and not need the help of someone.

So, let’s get into the habit of asking great questions. Below, you will find questions that can help you lead better.

Questions Leaders Need To Be Asking

What do you need from me?

This question lets your team members know that you’re thinking of them and see them. You’re letting them know you are there for them.

What Should A Christian Leader Desire?

I was recently gifted a book by the worship and connection pastor, Bobby Hill, at our church. The book’s title is A Tale Of Three Kings: A Study In Brokenness by Gene Edwards.

The title won’t catch your attention—the content of A Tale Of Three Kings will.

The book is short; the copy I have clocks in at a whopping 101 pages. It’s short. It’s easy to read. It isn’t easy to digest.

A Tale Of Three Kings is geared toward the Christian leader. This is a leader who proclaims Christ to be Lord of their lives. If you’re not a Christian, you may disagree with Edwards’ thoughts. Heck, if you are a Christian, the ideas laid out by Edwards are hard to digest.

One thought struck me as incredibly profound. On page 78, Edwards wrote: