Securing Your Business Data: 8 Tips to Prevent Data Loss & Security Breaches

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43% of the millions of daily hacking attacks target small and medium businesses, and 64% of companies have reported falling victim to these attacks. The average SMB incurs average losses of $3.9 million following a successful attack. They also suffer crippling interruptions to their everyday operations, and some don’t recover.

It is easier and cheaper to protect your business’s data against cyber-attacks and other forms of theft or loss. Here are eight tips to improve your cybersecurity and data security measures:

1. Implement Strong Cybersecurity Measures

A strong cybersecurity program should be your first line of defense against hackers. It should provide comprehensive data security. It should protect against malware attacks for the whole network and all connected devices.

Make People Better

Leaders have a lot of responsibilities. We must help our organization survive, no thrive. We have to help create a vision and mission people can get behind. There’s also helping to motivate team members to get their tasks accomplished.

I’m missing more than a few on this list. It’s not exhaustive but you get the idea.

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However, I do want to touch on one responsibility of a leader that I intentionally left out. This responsibility is the responsibility to make people better (or to give them the opportunity to become better).

Make People Better

One often overlooked responsibility of a leader is to help make your people better. When you hear this, you may not believe it’s your responsibility to make them better. Yet it is.

You cannot lead people without making them better. You have to look at your team and think of ways to make your people better.

Simplify Your Business Today

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Running a business can be tough, regardless of what industry you operate in. By simplifying your operations, however, you can reduce your costs, cut waste and increase productivity. As a result, you’ll create a more profitable organization and enjoy higher rates of success. To start making changes today, take a look at these seven ways to simplify your business:

Audit Your Processes

Before making any changes to your operations, take the time to conduct an in-depth audit of every in-house process. Once you have this information, you’ll be able to identify unnecessary processes and eradicate them completely. Following this, you can reassess the remaining processes to determine whether they are excessively time-consuming or require too many resources.

Quotes And Leadership Lessons From Batman: The Killing Joke

Batman: The Killing Joke is a Warner Brothers Animation film adapting the graphic novel Batman: A Killing Joke. The animated movie was released in 2016 to much fanfare. It deserves the praise it received.

Batman: The Killing Joke tells the story of Batman (Kevin Conroy) and Batgirl/Barbara Gordon (Tara Strong). It also delves into the origin of The Joker (Mark Hamill).

Batman and Joker still from Batman: The Killing Joke

The animation for Batman: The Killing Joke is top-notch. It feels like you’re watching an animated comic book. Exactly how the film should feel!

Batman: The Killing Joke provides more than a great comic to movie experience. The movie gives us a healthy dose of leadership lessons.

Let’s dive into the leadership lessons from Batman: The Killing Joke.

Quotes And Leadership Lessons From Batman: The Killing Joke

1. Be aware of your choices:

The movie opens with Barbara Gordon narrating the movie. The movie then cuts to an armored truck robbery and two thieves are in the front of the getaway vehicle.

The 5 Styles Of Shoes Every Leader Should Own

While fashion may not be on the top of your list as a leader, fashion can play an important role in how people view you as a leader. I had previously talked with Colleen Hammond on how a leader needs to create their image.

It’s important but we often think it is not. Today, I want to share the 5 styles of shoes every leader should own. It’ll help boost not only your image but your self-confidence.

The 5 Styles Of Shoes Every Leader Should Own

People notice the shoes that we wear. My wife says it is one of the first things she notices about a person.

People will judge you based on what they see on your feet. Most of the time it will be good. Other times, people will see your shoes and judge you negatively.