How To Set Up A Virtual Business

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Each year thousands of people decide to form a new business, either by themselves or with a group of investors. Starting a business in healthcare, IT, or any other niche isn’t as hard as you might think. The challenge is launching one while making it profitable in your first year.

Did you know that you can set up a business in most cases without paying for the usual overheads? That means you can forgo expenses like premises, employee liability insurance, and utility bills! The way to do that is by setting up a “virtual” business.

What is a virtual business?

In a nutshell, a virtual business is where almost all operational tasks get outsourced to third parties. With such enterprises, there is also no physical premises, yet the business gives the impression that it’s bigger than it is.

Quotes And Leadership Lessons From My Spy

A Reel Leadership Article

My Spy is a cute comedy starring Dave Bautista as the hardened CIA agent JJ. He’s been demoted to watching over the family of a murdered bad guy. The family is that of 9-year old Sophie (Chloe Coleman) and her mother Kate (Parisa Fitz-Henley).

JJ runs into trouble when Sophie notices JJ and “not” his partner Bobbi (Kristen Schaal) are spying on her and her mother. This leads into the many comedic, and heart-warming, moments in My Spy.

Dave Bautista and Chloe Coleman in My Spy

Originally scheduled for a release in the theater, My Spy was pushed back… Again and again, until Amazon Originals picked it up for their Amazon Prime movie platform.

The back and forth between the adult CIA agent and the young kid is cute. It shows how easily one can become attached and controlled by someone else.

Be ready for laughs. My Spy brings that and more… Including the Reel Leadership lessons.

5 Books Christian Leaders Should Read In July 2020

Must Read Books For July 2020!

Leaders are readers… Or maybe I should say Leaders Are Learners. Either way, one of the quickest ways to learn is through reading great books.

I’m beginning a series where I begin to recommend great books Christian and, even, non-Christian leaders will enjoy reading. Today is the first in the series.

Macro view of five books

Photo by Syd Wachs

Below, you will find 5 books every Christian leader should check out in July. July offers many Christian leaders extra time to dig into books. Dig into these ones. You will find yourself becoming a better leader through your time digesting what these authors have to say.

5 Books Christian Leaders Should Read In July 2020

1. Didn’t See It Coming: Overcoming the Seven Greatest Challenges That No One Expects and Everyone Experiences by Carey Nieuwhof

Burnout is real. Carey has experienced this reality. In Didn’t See It Coming, Carey opens up about his struggle with burnout and the time he wanted to end it all.

Provide Independence To Your Elderly Parents In 3 Simple Steps

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As we see our moms and dads grow older, we are confronted with our own mortality. We remember when they were young, they had no wrinkles and they were so much more active. Fast forward to today and your dad is looking frailer and your mom has a range of ever-developing health problems. You want to help them to cling on to as much independence as possible as they move into their twilight years. Find out how you can empower them to do this.

Home Help

As your parents become older, the chances are that they may need extra help around the house. If they develop physical disabilities, they can utilize the services of CDS, a consumer-directed services approach where they can live in their own home but possibly get their dinner cooked for them, their housework completed, or their shopping provided by an outside agency. This can prevent your elderly parents from having to go into a home or suffering in silence at home.

Why A Band Of Brothers?

Can I tell you how thankful I am for my band of brothers? I have two sets that I’ve come to rely on heavily. The first is Rick, Bobby, and Marty. I meet with these guys regularly at a local coffee shop, Aldea Coffee, in Grand Haven. Previously, we had met at the local Starbucks or Biggby Coffee.

We sit down, drink coffee or some flavored treat, and talk about life. I recently had to share some hard things with these guys. A few tears fell. A few tears are probably going to fall as I type this.

The other band of brothers consists of Tom, Jon, and the aforementioned Marty. Marty gets double Joe time. Haha, I feel bad for him but he’s awesome. We get together online through a Discord channel.