20 Books For Christian Leaders To Read In 2020

The Books Every Christian Leader Should Read In 2020

You will hear that leaders are readers. And this is a truism. Leaders do read. They consume information and grow from the wisdom of those who have gone before them.

This is one of the reasons I love to read. I am able to gain insights from some of the wisest people in the world. I am then able to take their insights and apply them to my life and my leadership.

There’s also those authors who write for people to enjoy their works. These works of fiction bring joy to countless numbers of people. Leaders cannot discount the value of a great fiction book either.

stack of multi-colored books

Photo by Kimberly Farmer

With this being the start of the year 2020, I wanted to recommend 20 books that I believe will add value or insight for the Christian leader. I also believe these books will be valuable for non-Christian leaders as well.