Quotes And Leadership Lessons From 1917

A Reel Leadership Article

It seems I am wanting to say this more and more but quite a few recent movie releases have been absolutely fantastic. 1917 stands above so many movies I’ve seen I may claim it is the best movie I have seen in my lifetime. That’s saying a lot as Pam and I have seen a lot of movies.

1917 tells the story of Lance Corporal Tom Blake (Dean-Charles Chapman) and Lance Corporal Will Schofield (George MacKay). Blake has been given a mission to get a message to Colonel MacKenzie (Benedict Cumberbatch) regarding an impending German ambush. Not only does Blake need to get this message to Colonel MacKenzie to save 1,600 men. Blake needs to deliver this message to save his brother, Lieutenant Joseph Blake (Richard Madden).

George MacKay as Lance Corporal Schofield in 1917

10 Bible Verses For Struggling Leaders

Friends, let me tell you… The struggle is real. We all go through challenges.

Because you’ve chosen to step in, or move into, the position of a leader, you’re experiencing more struggle than the average person. Not only do you have the weight of your personal life on your shoulders, but you also have the weight of your organization’s struggles on your shoulders.

Boy sitting and laughing on a bench while holding a Bible

Photo by Ben White

This is weighty. This is heavy. And this can tear you down.

You don’t have to let the weight of this world destroy you. There’s more to this life than work and money.

Whenever I begin to feel stressed, I try to look towards the ultimate source of inspiration: The Bible. This book of wisdom is powerful. You can harness the words written thousands of years ago to remind you of God’s promises to and for you.

Why Are You Building Relationships?

My heart has been heavy lately. I’ve reflected frequently on friendships and friendships lost. It seems more and more these days, friends come and go faster than they did before.

I think this is even truer in the online, influencer world.

Four men sitting on a mountain trail

Photo by Matheus Ferrero

There’s a reason for the friendships coming and going faster than they used to. People aren’t looking for true friends. They’re looking for stepping stones.

I hurt typing that. I know I’ve been in this position before. I’ve used people to get to the next level. And it’s not right.

When you use people, you hurt people. You take from them what benefits you and then you leave them. Many times, they’re left wondering what happened and where you went.

Quotes And Leadership Lessons From Charlie’s Angels 2019

They’ve returned after a sixteen-year absence. The Angels have returned. To be honest, I’m not sure their return was a good thing but it has happened.

Critics have panned the latest Charlie’s Angels movie. Moviegoers are avoiding the new movie. And the movie has failed to live up to the hype.

Does this make the latest Charlie’s Angels movie a bad movie? No, not really. I actually enjoyed the newest film in the series.

Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott, and Ella Balinska in Charlie's Angels 2019

While cheesy, it is what you expect from a Charlie’s Angel movie. Three women, fighting crime, and a plot twist. You get what you pay for with this movie.

But you can get more out of Charlie’s Angels than a few cheap thrills. You can pull leadership lessons from Charlie’s Angels. I hope you’ll give the movie a shot. I think you might be surprised despite the hate the movie has received.

Rebuilding Your Organization Looks Like Destruction (But It Isn’t)

I sat in a church service recently where my former youth pastor was honored for 30 years in ministry. That’s a long time to serve in ministry.

Statistics show 50% of pastors will quit ministry within the first 5 years. Only 1 in 10 will retire from ministry. So, let me give Pastor Rick South a huge shout out and congratulations for his years of faithfulness.

Construction vehicle in a field cleared of trees

Photo By Sebastian Grochow

During this service, Pastor Dusty mentioned the state of Abundant Life Church in Wyoming, Michigan, the church Rick is currently pastoring. The church is going through an expansion. This means things are messy.

When you look at any rebuilding project, the process looks like destruction.

Everything is everywhere. Things are scattered about. Pieces are broken or in the wrong place.

An outsider looking in would see pure chaos. Pure destruction.