The Three Greatest Investments A Leader Can Make

Making money has always fascinated me. Even as I child, I would look for ways to earn extra money. It’s something that has caught my attention and never lost it.

Whether it was looking for ways to increase the number of customers I had on my paper route or how to invest in penny stocks and eventually big-boy stocks, making money has been on my mind. That’s not a bad thing. It’s also not a good thing either.

Stock market graph on a laptop

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While I always desired to make more money, I never knew there were areas of my life I should be investing in that would show a greater return than the stock market or a business idea. Did you miss this as well?

As I’ve aged, I’ve begun to look at the areas of my life that have shown the greatest return for the investment I’ve placed into it. I noticed there were 3 areas my investments really paid off.

Don’t Build A Business, Build A Brand

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When people think about building a business, they are filled with huge aspirations and visions of making a ton of money. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it can be rather challenging in such a competitive world. 

The world is changing, and consumers expect far more than they once used to when it comes to the people they purchase from. With the internet available at their fingertips, consumers have multiple options for the same product, and the decision will always come down to trust.

Simply starting a business is no longer enough, in order to succeed, you need to build something people can relate to and trust; you need to build a brand. In this post, we are going to go over a few ways you can give your business the edge it needs, and become the brand that consumers trust.

Quotes And Leadership Lessons From Gemini Man

A Reel Leadership Article

Will Smith stars as Henry Brogan and Junior in the new film Gemini Man. Henry is an expert hitman who is being pursued by someone familiar yet unknown to him. This person is Junior, a digitally de-aged Will Smith.

When Henry discovers he’s being pursued by a clone of his, his mission becomes one to discover the truth. Throughout the rest of Gemini Man, Henry and Junior face-off multiple times…

Gemini Man promo image

Will they become allies? Will Junior kill Henry? Or will Henry kill Junior?

Those are all questions you will have as you watch the enjoyable Gemini Man. You will not only be treated to the answers to those questions when you watch the movie, but you will also be treated to many leadership lessons in Gemini Man.

This article will discuss those leadership articles. Prepare yourself for Reel Leadership.

Catalyst Atlanta Leadership Conference 2019 Recap

It’s hard to believe it’s been a week since the Catalyst Leadership Conference in Atlanta, Georgia happened. This year was the 20th anniversary of the event and it did not disappoint.

If you followed along on my website, you saw me live-blog many of the sessions from the leadership conference. There was plenty of great wisdom dropped. There were also a few sessions I did not share from. During these, I took personal notes so I could reflect on those sessions.

Today, I want to recap the conference and remind you of what happened.

The Best Of Catalyst Atlanta Leadership Conference 2019

There were so many great speakers at Catalyst Atlanta this year it would be a shame to not have a recap of the event. My favorite speakers for the event had to be Horst Schulze and Earl McClellan. The MexiRican Bianca Juarez Olthoff comes in a close third. These speakers gave it their all and delivered a powerful experience.

4 Steps To Effectively Train Your Team (Infographic)

Creating a training plan for your team members can be scary. You will have to spend hours upon hours going over information with your team. All with the thought your team member might leave before they’re fully trained… Or worse, they will leave once they’re trained and take their new skills with them.

Man getting ready to lift a barbell

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First, let’s kill the negativity. Stop worrying about whether or not your team member will leave. There’s always the possibility a team member will move on.

In all honesty, there’s something scarier than a trained team member leaving. That scarier thing is an untrained team member sticking around.

Know you and your organization will benefit from a trained team member. An untrained team member will only bring your organization down.