The Problems Of Modern Age Businesses

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Modern age businesses seem to be dominating the business world at the minute. Every single day budding entrepreneurs are storming their way into the market, trying to do all that they can to become the next best thing. But becoming the next best thing is something that they’re so focused on right from the beginning, that they forget what it actually means to be a growing business. A lot of the people who are setting up their own thing at the minute are young and ambitious, but seriously underestimate what it means to run a business. Which is why there are now so many problems of the modern business age that need fixing. Not only is it because the world of business is moving at such a fast rate, and if you don’t put your foot in the door right from the beginning, the door will close on you. But because there’s so much potential for a business in the modern age. There are some many new techniques, so many new business ideas, and so many new ways of capturing customers attention. All you have to do is make sure that you’re capturing the fundamentals of business, as well as chasing all of those things as well. So, if you keep on reading, you’ll find some of the most common problems of the modern business age, how you can avoid them, and how you can excel.

Is Your Company Ready For Remote Work?

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When you’re a team leader, it can be very tempting to have your team around you all day, every day. Yes, you want to supervise the workload and ensure that projects and tasks are kept up to date but you also want your team to know that you’re on their side and always there for them when they have questions and queries. But consider for a moment if a more flexible approach to your leadership might be an even better solution.

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Have you considered, for example, the possibility of allowing your team the option of flexible working? It might seem counter-intuitive but in fact, the option for your staff to balance their home life around their work might just them make them even more inspired and motivated to get the job done. There are some caveats around this arrangement of course and we’ll take a look at how remote working can work in this article.

Quotes And Leadership Lessons From Brian Banks

A Reel Leadership Article

Brian Banks was a rising football star at Polytechnic High School in Long Beach, California. He had what it would take to make it into the NFL. Then tragedy struck. In 2002, Brian Banks (Aldis Hodge) was wrongfully convicted of rape through a plea of no contest.

Sadly, his wrongful conviction would sideline his hopes and dreams. He wouldn’t go to college and play football in the NFL. Instead, Banks would six years imprisoned and another five years on parole. Through all of this, he maintained his innocence.

Aldis Hodge as Brian Banks

Aldis Hodge as Brian Banks

Brian Banks the movie tells Brian’s moving story. Viewers are treated to a story of wrongful imprisonment, lies, and wrongs being overcome.

Brians Banks is a powerful movie. One every person, especially every leader, should watch at least once. Your eyes will be opened to the injustice in the legal system. More than that, you will see how the truth can prevail.

5 Powerful Benefits Of Becoming A More Confident Leader

EVERY person is a leader in some capacity or context: in your family, in situations at work or school, in your community… in virtually every sphere of life.

That is because, in the famous words of leadership guru John C. Maxwell, leadership is about one life influencing another.

We ALL do that.

Leadership, visionary, fearless, bold on a speedometer - Grow Your Leadership Confidence


The question is whether your influence is:

  • Positive
  • Negative
  • High impact
  • Low impact

My guess is that you are like me – you want to influence and impact others in a positive way AND in the most potent way possible.

That begs the question… as a leader, how can you increase your level of positive impact on others?

From my research and personal experience, there is a quality you can exercise (and grow in) that can supercharge your positive influence on the lives of others.

Acing Your Online Marketing Strategy In 5 Easy Steps!

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Success in business isn’t only about having the best product. In fact, to truly succeed over the long term, you must be able to convince consumers to purchase your product over and over again. Of course, for this to happen, you need the best online marketing strategy possible. Ones that will not only make your products irresistible but will also create a lasting relationship with those in your target demographic as well. A topic you can learn more about in the post below. 

Step 1: Setting a goal 

For your marketing strategy to be both practical and meaningful, the first thing you must do is to set a goal. This refers to what you want all the effort and resources you will be sinking into your project to achieve, specifically.