Gaining the Respect of Your Team

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Starting your own business is hard. But, for some, managing a team is even harder. Anyone can read books and learn how to do things like file a tax return and register their company. But, not everyone is naturally a great manager. Some people are great at it straight away. They are the managers that people love working for and will happily go the extra mile for.

They inspire respect, but also commitment and loyalty. These managers attract the best staff and get the most out of them. If you can be this kind of manager, the rest of your job suddenly becomes much easier. If you can become a great leader, that commands the respect of those that work around you, you’ve always got support. You know that you aren’t going to have to worry about getting your team to work hard. You know that if you need extra help, there will be someone to do it and you know that you aren’t going to spend a good chunk of your days dealing with staff issues and complaints.

Where Did Community Go?

One of the things that attracted me to blogging was the community. Ten years ago, commenting communities were HUGE on the blogs I would visit.

I remember voraciously reading thoughts from Dan Miller, Michael Hyatt, Jon HarrisonChris Lautsbaugh, Alex Barker, and many others. Their ideas would percolate in my mind and I would begin to think out my own thoughts on their latest topic.

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I felt like I was getting a peek inside of their minds. Then, as a bonus, I could comment on their work. I could share the thoughts they inspired and have a conversation with them.

It was a great time to be online and connecting with people. It was the thing I loved most about blogs. The connection and feeling of community.

Times Change

In recent years, the online community has changed. I was reminded of this recently when I was looking for something from Alex.

Quotes And Leadership Lessons From Brightburn

The best way to describe the movie Brightburn is this: Imagine a world where Clark Kent didn’t choose a path of good and becomes Superman. Instead, he chooses a path of selfishness. He chooses to use his powers to get what he wants.

The story is similar to Superman. A young couple, Tori (Elizabeth Banks) and Kyle Breyer (David Denman), are struggling with infertility. They long to have a child. Their house is filled with infertility books.

Jackson A. Dunn as Brandon Breyer in Brightburn

One night, Tori hears a loud crash outside of their home. The couple discovers a crashed spacecraft with a young baby inside (sounds a lot like Superman, right?). They raise the baby like he was their own child.

This child, Brandon (Jackson A. Dunn), feels a pull to the spacecraft hidden in the Breyer’s barn. Soon, Brandon realizes he’s not like other people. He has superhuman strength, eyes that can shoot lasers, and he can fly.

Two Questions To Ask Every Leader You Meet

Grow yourself by asking the right questions

Any leader who has been around for a while will know he doesn’t have all the answers. Far from it. This is why great leaders surround themselves with people who have expertise in areas they lack.

But what happens to a leader as he rises through the ranks? He may lose touch with the notion he needs to continually learn. Or he may believe there’s no one else he can learn from.

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This would be an unfortunate thought. There are plenty of ways to continue to grow yourself and your leadership ability. One of those is through asking great questions.

The Answer Is Through The Question

Do you remember when you were a child? You went around and asked everyone you met various questions. You may have asked:

  • What’s your favorite color?
  • Why’d you do that?
  • Who are you?

Helping Your Small Business To Keep Expanding Steadily

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Running a small business is a ceaseless struggle. You’re competing with other small companies, but you’re also trying to beat the big players at the top of your industry. It feels like a neverending battle, and that’s a pretty accurate summary of the business world. But it doesn’t have to be a losing battle. In this article, we’re going to talk about some ways in which you could start helping your small business to keep expanding steadily.