Let It Go

Every person has been hurt at one point or another in their lives. Some people will hold onto these hurts longer than they should. I know… I was one of those people.

A young man holding his left shoulder in a black and white picture

Photo by Mitchell Hollander

Our past hurts will hurt us as long as we let them. They will fester and grow if we continue to feed them. And these hurts will cause us to hurt other people.

I’m not sure who said it but there’s a famous quote about hurt people. It goes:

Hurt people, hurt people.

Hurt People, Hurt People

This quote is true. Hurt people will hurt other people, either intentionally or unintentionally. The pain and bitterness one has from a past hurt will rise up and lash out at those you are near.

Using Your Strengths & Knowing Your Weaknesses

Being a leader takes a lot more than simply telling others what to do. You need to be able to inspire those listening to you, communicate your intentions effectively, and, when it comes to business, you need to be able to recognize your own strengths and weaknesses.

Man with tattoos weight lifting

Photo by Alora Griffiths

A lot of people struggle with this, often resulting in work slowing down as they try to take on jobs which they simply can’t handle. To help you out with this, this post will be exploring some of the different ways to recognize a weakness, while also giving you the chance to use your strengths.

What’s Your Option Number Three?

In June 2019, the alternative rock band Radiohead learned over 18 hours of music recorded during their sessions for their album OK Computer was stolen. The hacker reached out to the band with a ransom demand: Give me $150,000 or I’ll release the stolen recordings.

Black portable recorded records

Photo by Mink Mingle

Radiohead appeared to only have two choices from the hacker. They could either pay the ransom or they could let the hacker release their music for free. The band was stuck between a rock and a hard place…

Until they looked for Option Number Three.

Option Number Three

At first glance, you may agree Radiohead only had two choices. It would be easy to see this as the hacker had only given them two choices. Yet, there was an additional option.

Radiohead blew off the hacker and chose to see a third possible option.

Quotes And Leadership Lessons From Toy Story 4

A Reel Leadership Article

Toy Story has been a favorite movie of mine for as long as I can remember. Watching the story of toys come to life reminds me of childhood and how I used to play with toys. I’m sure I imagine I used to think my toys could come to life when I wasn’t around. I mean, what kid didn’t?

Toys from Toy Story 4. Includes Buzz, Woody, Bo Peep, Gabby Gabby, and others

This is part of the charm of the Toy Story movies. The story is relatable to every child and child-at-heart. But that’s not the only thing that makes Toy Story great.

The Toy Story cast is amazing. The cast of Toy Story 4 includes the returning voice actors:

Michigan native Tim Allen as Buzz Lightyear

Tom Hanks as the cowboy Woody

Annie Potts as Bo Peep

Joan Cusack as Jessie

Wallace Shawn as Rex

John Ratzenberger as Hamm

Blake Clark as Slinky Dog

Leaders Need To Face Resistance

Leading can be a struggle when someone is openly resisting you. Be it a team member, friend, or loved one, resistance feels like it is hurting us.

You may feel challenged or not believed. Or it might be the vision you presented to your organization is put to the test. Or maybe you entered into an agreement and now the agreement is in question.

Wing of an airplane during a flight

Photo by Ross Parmly

Resistance comes in many shapes and sizes. None of them are easy to deal with.

Yet, I believe, resistance is critical to the success of great leaders.

Why Leaders Need To Face Resistance

Have you ever flown in an airplane? I hadn’t until my honeymoon over 14 years ago. Since then, I’ve experienced flight many times.

One thing that always sticks out to me is the way a plane takes off. You hear the roar of the engines. You feel the plane begin to roll forward. Then you sense the resistance the plane faces just before the wheels leave the ground.