What We Can Learn From The Hard Times

Everyone will experience hard times in their lives.

These are the times when it seems like you can’t get ahead. Maybe your bills are piling up. Or it could be the initiatives you’ve launched have failed.

Hard times try us.

The hard times can be your friend

You Will Have Hard Times In Your Life

The last couple of years have felt like a mighty battle has been waged in my life.

We had to put down one dog. We’re concerned about the health of our other dog. We left a leadership position at a church (and the church itself). We had to buy 2 vehicles in one year. We had our basement flood and we had struggles with our city’s insurance company.

These hard times have weighed heavy on our hearts and minds. They’re troubling yet reassuring all at the same time.

You Don’t Need New

There are a lot of sparkly things out there to get our attention. From the latest productivity app to the newest course by the big name leader to the latest and greatest book on leadership, there’s always something vying for our attention.

Most of the time we give in. We grab the shiny, new object and adore it. Until we’re finished…

Study and dive deep, don't chase the new thing

Then we put it aside.

We close the book. We forget what we read. We move on.

We watch the video course. We absorb a little information. We move on.

We play with the app. We get bored. We move on.

Wash, rinse repeat.

We Like Shiny And New

The shiny objects are fun.

They promise to make us more productive or to increase our knowledge. They beckon us with their sexy covers or smooth promises.

What Makes A Good Leader?

Take note, young leaders. This is a million dollar question. Especially if you’re able to get the answer.

New leaders need to be curious and intentional about discovering what makes a leader good.

Answering this one question will set you on the right path of leadership.

Do you know the traits of a good leader?

You may find that there are many answers to this question. And I think there are.

We’ve seen great leadership qualities in many different people. Astoningishly, leadership looks different this way.

Yet, I know there are qualities that make a good leader.

What Doesn’t Make A Good Leader?

Let’s first take a look at what doesn’t make a leader. This may clarify where we’re going.

Age doesn’t make a good leader: I love what Paul tells Timothy in 1 Timothy 4:12. Paul tells him to let no one despise you for your youth, but set the believers an example in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, in purity.

Becoming A Visionary Leader Through Leadercast Live With Keith Wilmot

The Answers From Leadership Podcast Episode 10

The guest for today’s Answers From Leadership podcast is Keith Wilmot.

Keith was the Global Vice President of Creativity & Insights at The Coca-Cola Company. In this capacity, he founded and launched IGNITOR, an internal creativity and innovation approach. His team was responsible for solving complex business challenges by translating insight into actionable, commercial ideas

Now, Keith is the President & CEO of Leadercast.

how to become a visionary leader

Show Notes:

What do you want listeners to know about you?

He married his high school sweetheart

He and his wife have 4 kids

And he has a dog named Brady

What does leadership look like to you?

You can look at leaders worth following in two ways: Values-based approach and a behavioral based approach

What Commitment Looks Like

No matter how we look at it, there’s no easy road in leadership. It’s an up and down journey that pushes us beyond our limits.

That’s why we need to have commitment.

Commitment is hard work - unsplash

Commitment is being dedicated to a goal or cause. You not only start it, you see it through.

Yet I see far too many people who lack commitment. That’s a problem.

We’ve got to get better at being committed.

When Things Get Tough

You may have started a project only to discover the process was much tougher than you expected.

People may not have put in as much effort as you hoped. The mental strain may have been great. The physical power required might be more than you anticipated.

These are the times when things get tough.

It’s also when the committed keep going.