13 Leadership Lessons And Quotes From Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials

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The last time we saw Thomas and his team in The Maze Runner, they were being rescued from the clutches of WCKD. The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials picks up shortly after this heartening scene.

However, much like leadership, not everything is as it seems.

Leadership lessons you can learn from the Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials

The Scorch Trials didn’t miss a beat in continuing the saga of Thomas as he fights to free his friends from the tyranny they’re facing. The movie also continues to provide a wealth of leadership lessons.

Leadership Lessons And Quotes From The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials

  1. The crowds will push back – At the start of The Scorch Trials, we see Thomas being held in his mother’s arms. She’s pushing against a crowd gathered in front of some sort of military or medical complex.The crowd wasn’t about to let her through. She knew she would have to push through the crowd and they would push back. Yet she continued forward. She KNEW she must.Whenever you present a new direction or idea for your organization, there will be pushback.People like the norm. They don’t like to step outside of their comfort zone.It’s your job to get them over this fear and to stop the pushback.

Will You Join Me At Catalyst Atlanta This Year? (With A Giveaway)

Every October for the past 5 years has marked a time of extraordinary growth for my wife and I. Why?

Because we’ve attended the Catalyst Leadership Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. And we will again this year.

I also want to give you the chance to attend this year’s conference. That’s why at the end of the post, I’ve teamed up with Catalyst to give away a free ticket (Valued at $299).

Experience the wonder of Catalyst Leadership Conference

What Is Catalyst Conference?

If you’ve read my blog for any period of time, you may have seen me mention Catalyst and the impactful events they’ve put on. I’ve attended the last 5 and live blogged the previous 2.

For those of you who haven’t heard of Catalyst, it’s a community of Change Makers.

The conference was conceived by Andy Stanley, Reggie Joiner, John Maxwell, Lanny Donoho, and many other young leaders. Their mission today is to embolden leaders all over the world.

The Pitfalls Of An Open Office Layout (Infographic)

If you’ve been to any modern office setting, you’ve probably noticed something.

Gone are the corner offices. Walls are a thing of the past.

The hot thing for today’s office is the open office.

There’s a lot that can be said for this kind of layout, but first let’s take a look at the downside of having an open office layout.

The Dark Side Of Open Offices

Are open offices a good idea?

Image via Reuben Yonatan

The above inforgraphic gives us a new look at the concept of an open office. While there can be amazing benefits from an office that is open, there are also unappealing aspects to this office layout.

  • Employees are more likely to get sick – With everyone working in a communal area, employees are interacting more often. It’s likely your team is working closer than ever before and they’re touching each other’s workspaces in ever increasing amounts.

    What does this mean? When people are sick, they’re passing on germs. Germs that make people sick.

    That means your people are more likely to come down with the common flu, or something worse.

8 Leadership Podcasts I Listen To

Great leaders are constantly looking to increase their knowledge. They know the more they know (and apply), the more effectively they’ll lead.

This thirst for knowledge is why I’m consistently asked what I’m reading and what I’m listening to.

Today, I want to share with all of you the top leadership posts I’m listening to and why you will want to check them out.

1. The Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast: Andy Stanley has been a huge inspiration in my life. Having seen him multiple times at the Catalyst Conference in Atlanta, GA, he’s probably had one of the largest impacts on my leadership.

Though his podcast seems to be inconsistent in coming out, you will always learn a new leadership insight from this podcast.

2. The Catalyst Podcast: Catalyst is an organization that has helped shape my leadership style and focus. Co-founded by John Maxwell, they are dedicated to helping young Christian leaders lead their churches better.

How To Build Missional Relationships

One of the things I’ve struggled with as a youth leader has been how we call others to a saving knowledge of Christ. It always seemed so hooky.

The typical way we present Christ is through a message on a Sunday morning or Wednesday night. We share about Christ’s work and then invite people to accept Him into their hearts.

That or we do run-and-gun missionary work. This is where you hit the streets, tell the world they’re sinners, and try to get them to repent.

Build relationships, build followers

Image via Sam Beebe

Now, these methods have worked, or seemed to work, for quite some time. But I’ve always wondered if there was a better way to promote the Gospel and tell of what Christ has done.

My friend, Dave Arnold, recently released his new book titled Building Friendships: The Foundation For Missional Engagement. And his book hit on something that’s been stirring within me.