What To Do When Your Team Leaves

Whether you’re leading a Fortune 500 company or tending a small church, you’ll experience staff turnover. Sometimes it’s small. Other times it’s a major blow.

One team member leaves and then another. Then another and the more.

It’s like a dam broke and the water cleared out everyone you thought would always be there.

When times like this come, you may feel like you’re in a bad place. That may be the case. Then again, it may be the perfect position to be in.

Oh No! My Team Has Left!

This may be on of the scariest things a leader can face. Watching his team walk out the door, one after the other. This sight is enough to make any leader’s heart sink.

You thought you had commitment. You thought your team was engaged. You thought things were moving forward.

6 Easy Ways To Grow Your Blog Audience

I haven’t met a blogger who hasn’t wanted to have a larger audience. Have you?

I didn’t think so.

You can grow your blog audience

When you begin putting yourself out on the internet and blogging about a topic you like, whether it’s blogging about leaders or drones or some other interest of yours, you want to gain the attention of people and have them come to your site.

That’s a given. However, so many bloggers don’t put in any effort to bring in new audience members.

We’re going to discuss that today and help you grow your blog following

1. Reach out to other bloggers in your area of expertise: Common business philosophy has told us that competitors can’t help each other out. There’s only so many clients to go around and you can’t help a rival gain a customer.

The Difficult Path To Finding Your Purpose

Everyone was born for a purpose.

That’s right, even you. You are here for a reason.

There’s something special about you. And you must find out what makes you, you.

You’ll find people out there who will tell you the path to purpose is easy. By following 3 simple steps you can know you purpose and begin living it out.

I’ve found this to be a bunch of bunk. I’m pretty sure you have too.

Finding your purpose isn’t easy.

In reality, this will be one of the hardest things you’ll do.

Forces will come against you. You’ll tell yourself you’re not worth it. You’ll hear others tell you that you’re silly for pursuing what you believe in. You’ll feel crazy because your purpose may seem so far out there.

How To Gracefully Exit Your Leadership Position

Leadership is a temporary position. For a limited time, you’ve been granted the honor of leading people.

Whether this position is within a business, non-profit, or a church, one day your time as a leader will come to an end.

What do you do when your leadership position ends? You must exit gracefully.

Leaving a leadership position isn’t always easy.

You may have been shown the door. Maybe you felt God leading you in a different direction. Or it could be you outgrew the leadership position.

Whatever the reason for leaving leadership, the key is to leave on good terms.

1. Inform those you’re working with: The hardest thing in leaving leadership is making the decision to leave. The second hardest is letting the people you’ve lead and worked with know that you’ve made the choice to move on.

40 Leadership Lessons And Quotes From Netflix’s Daredevil

A Reel Leadership Article

Netflix revolutionized the way people rented movies. Shipping DVDs straight to a viewer’s home had never been done before.

They saw a need and created a solution. This was just the start of Netflix’s innovation.

Daredevil teaches leadership lessons

Since then, they’ve made mistakes but they’ve also continued to be on the cutting edge of new media.

Most recently, Netflix saw the need for original content. They’ve begun creating their own TV series but for the digital media streamers.

Not only have they created their own unique shows but they’ve teamed with Marvel Entertainment to bring us new comic book shows.

The first series to drop on Netflix is Daredevil. Followed by Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, and Luke Cage. All this to culminate in the comic book team series of The Defenders.

With Daredevil being released on April 11th, I want to review the leadership lessons Daredevil the series contained.