How To Be Blissfully Happy

Most of us just want to be happy. In the pursuit of happiness, many of us lose our way. The things we do for the benefit of our happiness can be the things that actually make us miserable.

Here’s a look at how to achieve happiness, but first, here’s the number one thing that stands in most people’s way…


Most of us believe that we will be happy once we’re earning more money. What happens can be frightening…

You end up working long hours doing a job you hate. You manage to eke out a little extra earnings this way. However you save very little. Here’s why…

Because you’re miserable. You spend extra money on things to get you through life. They could be holidays, alcohol, cigarettes, and clothes you don’t need. You may spend more on your partner or children out of guilt for not spending enough time with them. Any extra you earn quickly dwindles away.

Find Your Opportunity

Negativity constantly flows from news reports about the lack of opportunity.

There’s nothing out there! No one is hiring! New businesses are failing!

These are the messages being put out on TV and in newspapers. They’re scary messages.

That’s the point for these media outlets. They know that fear sells.

And yet there’s a different mindset with those who are actually trying to do something. There are people who have shut off the TV, closed the newspaper, and discovered the world isn’t scary.

In fact, there’s a wealth of opportunity out there for them.

Who’s Found Opportunity?

My friend Kimanzi Constable found opportunity when he could have stayed in a safe position. However, he knew better. He knew more was out there. That’s why he quit his job as a bread delivery man and began helping people.

Why Are You Leading?

Leadership is a journey. It brings us to the highest heights and the lowest lows.

During the journey, it’s easy to lose track of why we’re leading.

That’s why every leader needs to ask himself the question: Why am I leading?

You need to know your why when leading

Image by Bart Everson

Why Ask Yourself?

Leadership can pull us in so many directions. One day you’re helping a team member discover where he does his best work. The next day you may be calming a quarrel between two people who are having a disagreement.

There will be days where you have no clue what you’re doing. You come to a point where you ask yourself Why?

This is why we must ask ourselves why are we leading? Why are we choosing a position of leadership?

Asking ourselves this simple question can corral us back into effective leadership and help us regain our focus. Without that focus, our leadership is spotty at best. Dangerous, at worst.

4 Frustrating Realities Of Leadership

While leadership has it’s upsides, there’s also the dark side of leadership. Rarely talked about in public, the frustrating reality of being a leader is often hid. But this needs to change.

We need to publicly acknowledge leadership may not be for everyone. Leadership may hurt more than you thought. Leadership may not even be fun! There are frustrating realities to leadership. Let’s discuss them today.


If you’ve been in leadership for any period of time, you know that leadership can be a burden rather than a joy. You may dread going into the office. You may dread going to the church service you lead. Or you might dread waking up and leading your family. You will find yourself frustrated as you lead. There’s no doubt in my mind. Something will happen and frustrations will rise. Frustrating realities of leadership are:

10 Online Thought Leaders You Should Know

The internet is a crowded place. With so many people creating blogs, it’s easy for great people to get lost in the mix.

That’s why I’m bringing you a list of 10 online thought leaders you should know.

People you should know

These guys and gals may not be Michael Hyatt or Dan Miller or Chris Brogan, but they’re people you should know.

They’re making a difference. They’re changing the world. And they’re doing it from behind a computer screen or microphone.

1. Matt McWilliams: Matt’s a world-changer. He’s recording multiple episodes of a podcast every week helping others to become world changers as well.

If you haven’t heard of Mike before, you have now and you will in the future.

2. Jonathan Milligan: Jonathan is helping people live a life full of passion doing the things they love. He’s also the mastermind behind Blogging Your Passion University where Jonathan and Bob Lotich (look at #3 to learn who he is) help others in their blogging journey..