8 Leadership Lessons From The Walking Dead Volume 1 Comics

A Reel Leadership Article

Last night The Walking Dead season 5 premiered on AMC. The Walking Dead has taken the world by storm with it’s griping story and zombie story lines.

While I wasn’t able to catch the season premier, I have been reading through The Walking Dead comic book series.

Leadership lessons from The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead comics have a different storyline than the AMC TV series. So I’m not sure where the TV series is in regards to the comic books but I’ve found myself quickly reading through the books and being drawn in.

I also saw leadership lessons in The Walking Dead: Volume 1 and thought I’d share the leadership lessons I took away¬†with you. Hope you enjoy this session of pop-culture leadership.

1. The world changes quickly: Rick, the main protagonist in The Walking Dead, is the sheriff of a small town. During a police shootout, Rick is wounded and winds up in the hospital.

How To Become Awesome

I’ve seen a lot of blog posts on how to become awesome. Being awesome is something most people want yet never achieve.

Awesomeness seems to evade people like people avoided the plague. Awesomeness doesn’t just happen.

You have what it takes to be awesome

Why is this the case? Why does awesomeness elude so many people? And why does awesomeness tend to come to the freaks and the geeks in the end?

Let’s Talk About Awesomeness

You’ve probably got your thoughts on awesomeness. A particular person may come to mind. Someone like:

Steve Jobs of Apple Computers

Richard Branson of Virgin Airlines

Jim Bob, your neighbor who took the time to mow your grass one day

Tina Grey, the checkout clerk who made the checkout process an experience to remember

The Problem With Always Being Connected

There’s a major problem with leaders in the top organizations today. One many of them are unwilling to face for fear of missing out or fear of being thought of less.

That problem? The problem of always being connected.

There's a problem with always being connected

Image by Irina Slutsky

You may think I’m talking of how connected we are with others. The relationships we’ve formed. The bonds that draw friends together.

This isn’t the connection that’s the problem. Those are great connections and we need to strive to make more of these meaningful connections.

There’s a more sinister type of connection that’s quickly burning emerging leaders out.

The connection that’s killing us is the always on, always available connection.

How We’re Connected

In the last century, we’ve come to expect to be connected at any hour of the day. We’re no longer able to leave the office at 5PM and expect a semblance of privacy. Oh no, those days are long gone.