What I Love About My Google Chromebook

You’ll often hear the raging battle between Mac and PC users. There are many arguments for why the PC is better than a Mac and why a Mac is better than a PC.

What you rarely hear about is the Google Chrome OS and how it gets inexpensive laptops into user’s hands.You'll be surprised with a Google Chromebook

Before my trip to Catalyst Atlanta 2013, I purchased the Acer C710-2856 Chromebook laptop. The C710 is a sleek and unassuming powerhouse for the general user looking to surf the internet, create word documents, and send emails.

I wasn’t sure how I was going to like this laptop as it uses a different operating system than I’m used to. However, that was easily overcome after a short period of usage.

The Google Chrome OS is a sleek beauty that is easy to use and understand. If you’ve ever used their Chrome browser, you’ll easily adapt.

Fear Is Just A Message

Fear is an amazing emotion. Fear causes us to want to stand up and fight or to tuck our tails between our legs and run for the hills.

When you’ve felt fear in the past, you felt one of those two reactions boiling up within you.

In the end, fear is just a message.

Fear tells us we need to do something. Are you listening?

Growing up, I loved to watch horror movies. The movies that would scare the socks off of someone.

If a movie could send chills up my spine, I wanted to watch it.

One such series of movies was Nightmare On Elm Street with Freddy Krueger.

Freddy Krueger came back from the dead to hunt the children of the people who killed him. He had knives for fingers. He haunted the dreams of those children.

6 Ways To Be An Innovative Leader

Innovation is a requirement for great leadership. You’re always on the lookout for new ways to move the company forward. You know there’s power in new ideas.

But how many times do you feel stuck as you try to take your team to the next level? It’s frustrating. It’s annoying. It’s something that can be overcome.

When we introduce new ideas and new practices, we begin to elevate the company to the next level. The company is able to rise above the previous problems and tackle new issues that are arising.

You can even help the company grow and succeed by being innovative.

But what does it take to be innovative as a leader? What can you do to increase the flow of new ideas and new breakthroughs?

Collecting Junk

There’s been a lot written about having a clean workspace. My workspace could be considered far from clean.

When I look around my home office, I see Christian music posters from a web-based business that’s no longer active, various electronic gadgets, music CDs (do you remember those), and a bunch of random junk.

Junk piles up

Image by David Hunter

Seeing this collection of junk has suddenly made me sad. Not because my home office isn’t tidy. There’s something else behind this sadness.

My feelings come from the realization that I’ve accumulated a lot of useless materials in my life. Whether it’s the paperwork and pieces of a now closed business venture or the feelings that are locked inside of my heart.

A realization of sorts

There’s a lot of junk in my life. I’ve been collecting junk without getting rid of anything.

And it’s creating havoc in my life.