3 Ways You Can Change Your Life In The New Year

Are you tired? Worn out? Ready to give up?

It’s okay to feel this way. This feeling is a warning system. Your mind and body are telling you it’s time for a change.

Are you listening?

You better be listening. If not, you’re heading for disaster. You’ll wind up just like you did this year.

The good news is you can change the path you’re on. Actually, we can change the path we’re on.

You’re not alone in the journey. You’re not the only one looking for change.

I’m looking to improve myself. Other readers are looking to change their lives. Everyone is looking for a little extra.

So how can we change our lives this year? What can we do to make our lives better?

I’ve come up with 3 ways you, and I, can change our lives in this new year.

How To Think Bigger Than Today

With tomorrow coming at you fast and furiously, you’ve got to have a picture of what tomorrow, next week, and the next year will look like.

You’ve got to think bigger than today.

You’ll need to create a compelling path towards tomorrow that looks enticing. That draws people in. Are you ready to do this?

You better be. That’s what today’s post is all about.

I want to share with you the keys to thinking bigger than today. To craft the vision that will bring people along with you.

Now, let’s do this thing:

Reflect on the past: The first step to thinking bigger than today is to reflect on the past. Take a moment to see where you’ve come from.

The past holds a lot of victories. A lot of defeat. A lot of joy. A lot of pain. A lot of growth.

I Wish You A Merry Christmas

This Christmas is a little different for Pam and I. Our routine will be different and we have one less family member this year.

Now, this doesn’t mean Christmas this year will be bad, just different. Life has shifted and life goes on. This won’t stop us from celebrating a most marvelous day.

May you have a merry Christmas

Image by Jay Reed

And I hope that whatever changes and difficulties you’ve faced this year won’t change the fact today is a day of celebration.

Christmas represents the birth of something new. Of something that has changed the world.

Don’t let your current circumstances overshadow the gift we’ve been given.

Get together with family or with friends. Spend the day with loved ones.

Celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Let today be a day of celebration.

And may you have a very, merry Christmas.