An Invitation To Guest Post Or Contribute An Article

As I’ve grown my platform at, I’ve had many bloggers ask if they could guest post on the site. It’s always an honor to be able to share my platform with others. In fact, I think it’s my responsibility to help others expand their reach. This is why I’m giving an invitation to guest post or contribute an article on the blog.

My posting schedule will continue to be Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Guest posts will be in addition to these standard days and, for the most part, appear on Saturdays. Contributed posts may fall on any day of the week. This will allow me to continue sharing my knowledge and give you the opportunity to share yours with my community.

However, with that, I will have some guidelines. GUEST POSTING GUIDELINES:

Persist Without Exception

Every leader will come to the point where he feels he can go no more. That he must give in to the exhaustion he is facing. But is this the proper course to take?

This is the question answered by Andy Andrews in the last decision of The Traveler’s Gift. I’ve shared with you the previous six decisions in past blog posts.

David Ponder nears the end of his journey as he receives the scroll from Gabriel with the decision to Persist Without Exception written on it. It’s a fitting end as David had not persisted without exception and that’s how he wound up traveling through time.

What Is Persisting Without Exception?

Persisting without exception is knowing the end goal. It is being unwilling to waver even when the situation seems daunting and scary. It means continuing despite exhaustion setting in.

Start A Memorial Day Tradition

One aspect of good leadership is to learn from and appreciate those leaders who have gone before us. Whatever your particular views are today, they need to be molded and tempered by the truths of people who have previously walked and fought. As American philosopher George Santayana stated: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

boy scout placing America flag at tombstones

In this country, we have trivialized Memorial Day to another three day weekend. It’s the first day of summer. It’s a big sales day at the mall. It’s time to bring out the old barbecue grill. It’s the first day you “can” wear white. It’s time to hit the beach. We have pushed aside those people who sacrificed so much so we could have our way of life.

Change Your Life By Creating Mental Triggers

There have been many times in my life when I’ve wanted to implement change but lacked the secret sauce to create the change. But now, I think I’ve found the secret to making lasting change in my life.

Image by Laszlo Ilyes

Image by Laszlo Ilyes

Every day we do simple things that could remind us to take the step towards change. I like to call these actions a mental trigger.

What Is A Mental Trigger?

Mental triggers are anything you use to signal your brain to take action. Anything you do on a frequent enough basis that could help you form a habit.

Personally, I have a couple of mental triggers I’ve used to create focused change in my life. Anything from walking through a doorway to going to the bathroom.

The mental trigger goes off and I know I have a task to do.

The Enemy Of Leadership

Great stories require 5 elements. An inciting incident. Conflict. Resolution. Protagonist. And an Antagonist.

The antagonist is usually an enemy. The Joker to Batman. The Taliban to the US army. The resistance to your creativity.


Image by Niles Geylen

As you lead, you tell a story.

You face an unseen enemy in your leadership. It raises it’s ugly head and tries to tell you it’s okay.

That things shouldn’t be this hard. You should have it easy.

One of the enemies of leadership is convenience.

Why It’s An Enemy

Convenience becomes an enemy because it creeps in and tells you the lies you want to hear. How your job should be easier. How you’ve arrived and others should serve you. That you don’t need to work as hard.