Book Review: Spark by Jason Jaggard

Jason Jaggard made a big promise on the cover of his new book Spark. That promise was “Transform your world, one small risk at a time.”Spark

I looked at that statement and gave it a puzzled look. “How can you change the world with one small risk at a time?”

Turns out it’s much like the way you can change your life with one small step at a time.

If you’re consistently taking small risks, they add up to big results. And Jason gives examples he’s seen in his own life and in those that have been in “spark groups.”

A spark group is a group of individuals that get together to challenge and encourage each other to take small risks and build to big risks.

It’s effective. It’s encouraging. It’s available to you.

Using Obstacles To Become Great

There are days I stumble through life, cursing the obstacles I face. The truck not starting, trouble fixing a computer, or a struggling friendship.

They seem like they’re an obstacle in my way that I could do without.

I’m learning instead of seeing these situations as trouble, I need to use these obstacles to become great. And so do you.

Michael Phelps recently made history by winning the most medals in the Olympics. He, as of 2012, is the most decorated Olympian in history.

He achieved this through hard work and overcoming obstacles. Some of those obstacles were intentionally placed by his swim coach Bob Bowman.

Bob would intentionally put obstacles in the way of Michael Phelps.

Could you imagine this happening to you as a swimmer?

Calling It Quits

Every day you have a decision to make. Do I carry on or do I call it quits?

It’s something I think about and I’m sure you do to. Maybe not consciously but it’s there subconsciously.

Picture of Mike Mains and the Branches at Cornerstone

Mike Mains of Mike Mains and the Branches saying “Thank You Cornerstone”

Many factors play into the decision to continue the work or call it quits.

  • The impact you’re having
  • The income you’re bringing in
  • The quality of relationships you’re able to build and maintain.

In May I read a message I thought I would never hear.

July would be the last year of, what I consider, the best Christian music festival, Cornerstone.

Actually, I lie when I say it was the best Christian music festival. It was much more than that.

Cornerstone Festival brought together the best in Christian art, music, teaching, faith, fellowship and more.

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Wow, can you believe July is already over? Mine seem to fly by.

I had a wedding I was part of, a whitewater rafting trip, work, plenty of time at the beach, and much more. How was yours?

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