Fighting To Be Right

Sometimes I think the need to be right is a deep down desire…

We argue with those we love, push people away, and make others feel worthless. All because we FEEL we need to be right.

Have you ever found yourself in that situation before?

Man punching someone in the face

Image by Daniel Morris

I have. Even recently.

My wife and I were looking for our water bottles that we refill. They were missing and we couldn’t find them.

When I returned home from a long day at work, I noticed something in the bathroom. There was one of the water bottles.

We then had a “conversation.”

Me: Hey honey. I found one of the water bottles.

Her: Where at?

Me: In the bathroom. You must have put it there.

Her: No, I didn’t bring anything into the bathroom today.

You are a Seed

Seeds are amazing when you think about it.

The seed contains so much potential. Some seeds grow into a beautiful oak tree. Others into gorgeous flowers.

Seeding Floating In The Air

Image by Lousie Decker

Our lives are much like seeds.

We’re born as a small package with great potential. Over time we grow. First becoming children, then teenagers, and finally adults.

During the stages of growth we face trials and tribulations. These trials and tribulations help mold us into who we were meant to be. Without them, we wouldn’t become as strong or resilient.

Sometimes we’ll come to a crossroad in our lives. We will have to decide whether or not our lives are where they should be.

We may have to decide it’s time to put our old lives to rest. It may be time for the old self to die and a new self to emerge.

Chasing After The Worthless

Boomerang Stuck In Beach Sand

Image by Paleontour

Have you ever thrown a boomerang? If you have, you probably know how difficult it can be to get it to return.

Most of the time it flies in the opposite direction you want it to. Never to return.

Sometimes you may be able to get it to hook and fly back to your hand. That’s probably very infrequent.

Your hope is that your throw will look something like this:

I recently purchased one of the Mantis boomerangs featured in the video above. My hopes were high that I would soon be throwing like these champs.

I was sadly mistaken.

On my first outing with the boomerang, I made a bad throw. The boomerang came out of my hand early. It flew fast and far. Then it started to rise higher and higher. Finally came the wicked hook into the 40 to 50 foot tall tree.

3 Secrets To Effective Leadership

We all want to lead better. To make sure we’re leading our team in the best possible direction.

I’ve found 3 secrets to effective leadership.


Image via Creative Commons

With these 3 secrets, you’ll not only improve your effectiveness as a leader, you’ll become a better leader.

I’m willing to share these 3 secrets with you but you have to promise me something. That you’ll keep these a secret. Shhh!

No, not really. Please share these 3 secrets with everyone that wants to know how to become a more effective leader. That’s what we’re all about.

Give Me A Break

Do you ever get that tired feeling? You know what I’m talking about.

That feeling that you can’t go on. You’ve consumed enough. Or you’ve done enough work.

It’s just draining.

Image By Pedro Ribeiro Simões

“These guys work pretty hard, so if they need to take a break we let them take a break, especially this time of year when we are really really busy.”
–David Berry

That’s the feeling I had today while going through my daily blog reading.

My eyes started to hurt. I felt exhausted. I didn’t want to keep reading.

And you know what?

I stopped reading. I closed the browser tabs. I changed what I was doing. I went from reading blog posts to creating a new blog post.

The best thing about this? I felt better. Energy returned. I had a renewed vigor.