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Most of us like to get new books, gadgets, and toys. The newest Apple iPad or MacBook Pro. A Canon 7D Digital SLR camera. Or maybe it’s the latest, greatest leadership book.

The purchase will probably be done online. And I’ve got great news for you today…

Folded $100 Bills

As a leader, it’s our responsibility to spend our money wisely.

Why? Because it:

  • allows you, the organization, or ministry to give freely
  • shows that you are a good steward
  • relieves the worry and anxiety that poor spending habits can bring

There’s many ways that you can spend money wisely:

  • Create a budget
  • Spend only what has been earned
  • Limited or no use of credit cards
  • Getting the biggest bang for your buck

And that’s what I want to share with you today. A  simple tip on getting the most out of your money.

You’re Being Pursued

Today, I am writing as a contributor to the Christian Writers Blog Chain. The theme for June is “Pursuit.” If you are a Christian author or writer, be sure to check out to network with others.

Our mailbox has been flooded with credit card offers recently. Finding two, three, or even four being delivered in a day has been the norm.

It’s annoying. We wind up throwing away so much paper, plastic, wasted postage.

But in the same breath, it’s exciting. Someone, or some company, is pursuing me.

Girl pursuing her brother

Image by Ed L.

They want my business. They want me to apply. They’ve approved me!

It all sounds so exciting. I can see how people easily fall into the trap of multiple credit cards and debt.

We all long for that pursuit. For someone to want us.

It’s a desire that has been burned into us.

Management Is Not True Leadership

Many young leaders get management and leadership confused. They can fall into the trap of thinking they’re the same. They are not the same.

It can be a dangerous thought pattern to fall into.

Management and leadership have similar qualities. Both require results, action, and growth. But management and leadership achieve these results in different ways.

“You do not lead by hitting people over the head — that’s assault, not leadership.”
— Dwight D. Eisenhower

Here are 10 ways that management and leadership differ.

Management longs for control.
Leadership wants to give control to the individual team members.

Management wants to be right.
Leadership requires finding a middle ground.

Management doesn’t require ongoing education.
Leadership demands you keep learning.

Management tries to hold onto the title.
Leadership is looking for ways to promote others to your level.

Leadership Insights: Interview With Dan Miller

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Dan Miller. He has been a huge inspiration to me. Dan was one of the catalysts for my personal growth and my desire to pursue meaningful work.

Dan MillerDan Miller, President of 48 Days LLC, specializes in creative thinking for increased personal and business success. He believes that meaningful work blends our natural skills and abilities, our unique personality traits and our dreams and passions. Dan is active in helping individuals redirect careers, evaluate new income sources, and achieve balanced living. He believes that a clear sense of direction can help us become all that God designed us to be.

Dan is the author of the widely acclaimed 48 Days To The Work You Love and No More Mondays. Dan and his son, Jared, will also be releasing their new book, Wisdom Meets Passion, at the end of August. If you haven’t picked up these books, you need to. It’s life changing.

Giving Up Isn’t The End

There will be times when you will have to admit defeat. That your prize is lost.

It won’t be pleasant but you’ll have to come to the conclusion that it’s for the best.

Shoreline with boats

Recently I experienced that with my new boomerang. I shared that story with you.

After getting the boomerang stuck high in a tree, I had to decide to leave it. Along with a volleyball we got stuck while attempting to retrieve the boomerang.

Disappointment quickly set in. My first time out with it and it’s stuck in a tree. I couldn’t even see it in the tree.

A few days passed and the disappointment faded.

The realization that it was okay. Nothing major was lost. Just an object.

Life went on.

Then one day I get a text from the youth pastor at our church.