Tech Tips Series: Backing Up Your Data

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One of the most frustrating issues you can have with your computer is a hard drive failure.

When your hard drive fails, you can lose all of your data. This means the loss of family photographs, work documents, music, and more.

It is enough to make you want to pull your hair out. Or curl into a ball and cry. It is a devastating experience.

Let me start with what your hard drive is and how it operates.

Your hard drive is the storage unit of your computer. All of your information is storage on this device. Your pictures, your music, your documents.

If you are having trouble picturing what your hard drive does, imagine your food pantry. You have a space where all of your food is stored. Your hard drive is the computer’s pantry.

The 20 Mile March

South PoleYou have a vision, a goal. You want to accomplish it. More than that, you need to accomplish it.

Every time you start your journey, you get hit by a setback. You need to move forward but you do not know how.

You need a 20 mile march in your life.

This is a term I first heard coined by Jim Collins, the author of Good To Great and Great By Choice.

In Great By Choice, Collins refers to the adventure Roald Amundsen and Robert Falcon Scott set out upon. The adventure was to be the first person to reach the South Pole.

Both, Amundsen and Scott, set out at the same time. Only one group of explorers returned.

Robert Falcon Scott was said to have let the weather decide when they should move. Some days they would push great distances, others they would not move at all. In the end, it is believed that this is what caused the death of his whole expedition team.

Top Posts For December 2011

Last year seemed to fly by. A lot of great things happened and I am glad I have been able to share the last three months with you.

With the new month, and new year, it is time to review December.

December was an amazing month for my life and for the blog.

Life has been great. We are experiencing an extremely warm December. Temperatures have been above freezing and we have only seen a minimum amount of snow. I was able to finish reading three great books. I have been stretching myself in areas that I had let go slack.

The blog has been experiencing great growth. Unique visitors grew by 66% and page views grew by 67%. I would also like to thank you for commenting and providing additional discussion. Your comments provide great content to continue the conversation my posts started.