Catalyst Conference East 2011 Atlanta, GA

Today our youth pastor, two friends, my wife and I will be leaving for Catalyst East. Catalyst is a leadership conference for young leaders to join together for worship, learn about leadership, and to generate a tremendous amount of energy. It’s been likened to Acquire The Fire or Dare 2 Share for adult leaders. It’s looking to be an awesome event.

The theme of this years conference is: Be Present. We’re going to be encouraged to give our full attention to the things at hand, to pay attention to those in front of us, and to take action where we are. This is a message we need today as we’re in a world of constant distractions.

We Were Made To Be “Courageous”- Movie Review And Giveaway

Last night our church decided to head out to the movies and catch the newly released Courageous. The movie revolved around four men on the police force and the struggles that they faced in their homes. I’m going to give a brief review of the movie. I’m also going to be giving away a promotional poster for this movie(image to the left).

Courageous is from the creator of Fireproof, Alex Kendrick. I’ve never seen Fireproof so I was not sure of what to expect as far as acting, script, and quality. To be honest, I was hesitant to see the movie as the Christian movies I had been raised on never won any awards. However, after viewing Courageous, I’ll say it was worthy of our time and money.