The Storms In Our Lives

Copyright Pamela LalondeLast night I arrived home from work and my wife, Pamela, wanted to go for a walk. Almost immediately after she asked this, a boom of thunder could be heard. So much for our walk tonight. However, there was an alternative. We decided to drive down to Lake Michigan and watch the storm come across the lake.

We arrived at the lake within 5 minutes and prepared to watch this awesome storm come in. However, when we arrived, the pouring rain had turned to a drizzle and the dark clouds  had become light. The storm was over and we missed most of it.

While the rain and darkness had passed us by, there was still quite a wind on the lake and we were pleased to see two kite boarders take advantage of the wind. They were able to gain quite a bit of speed and do some impressive aerial tricks. Another brave soul had brought his kayak out to the lake and paddled out into the water. His skill and strength were amazing as he battled and overcame waves that were 5-10 feet tall and crashing towards him.

Preparing For My First 5K

I’m excited. In just over three weeks I’ll be running my first 5K. The run I’m participating in is called Run Thru The Rapids in Grand Rapids, MI. This race takes you through a beautiful park and along the Grand River.¬† The scenery along the course can be breathtaking.

I’ll be honest, I never thought this would be a possibility. Running always came off as painful and exhausting. It has been a long road but I’ve reached the point where I can run more than a 5K. Here are three challenges I had to overcome and how I managed to accomplish it.


Overcoming Shin Splints: When I began, this was a major issue. Five seconds out and my shins felt like that were shattering. After a few days I decided to change what I ran on. I went from running on pavement to trail running. Almost immediately the shin splints stopped and I got to enjoy the beautify of the woods and the enjoyment of a great run.


I’ve gone and done it. I registered a domain name, paid for hosting, and setup a blog. I hope you’ll join me as I write and share items that I find interesting, relevant, and inspiring.

I believe in life a lot of principles in life are transferable. So I may tell a story about a trip I have taken, my path to a 5K race, or a skydiving adventure. You may think “What does that have to do with me, my business, or leadership?” I ask that you take a look at the principles in the story and see where they can fit into your life.

Now, I invite you to join me on this journey. Will you?