10 Women Leaders To Watch In 2022

March is designated as Women’s History Month. It’s a great month to recognize women and everything they’ve given to the world.

In today’s post, I want to take a look at 20 women leaders. These women are ones you should watch, learn, and grow from. They will help you become better leaders.

20 Women Leaders To Watch In 2022

1. Jenni Catron:

Jenni is the founder of The 4Sight Group. She’s helped thousands of people learn to lead better through her writings, books, and speaking engagements.

You can even check out a podcast episode I recorded with her when I wasn’t good at public speaking (thanks Toastmasters!).

2. Christine Caine:

Christine… what can I say about her other than she’s lived a life of recovery and excellence. She founded the A21 Campaign, an anti-human tracfficking organization, spoken around the country, written books, and founded Propel Women.

Always inspiring, always encouraging, Christine is a female leader you need to check out.

3. Annie F. Downs:

Annie has grown an extreme following through her authenticity, joy, and radiant personality. She’s written multiple best-selling books.

Never one to shy away from tough topics, Annie uses the truth of God to help you understand your place and reason in the world. Check Annie out at her website.

4. Lisa Anderson: Founder of Grace’s Table:

She helps young women who find themselves pregnant and needing help. Having gone through a similar situation, Lisa knew she could help other young mothers make it too. Her ministry has been one that we’ve loved watching grow as she grows into the leader she was created to be.

5. Mandisa:

Originally appearing on American Idol, Mandisa is more than just a singer. Mandisa is a world-changer. She uses her music and notoriety to encourage those who hear her.

6. Chrystal Evans Hurst:

Chrystal is the daughter of Dr. Tony and Lois Evans. She writes, speaks, and leads worship.

She went from being a driven, career-minded woman to a homeschooling mother. Then, she became a work-at-home mom that serves her local church. On top of that, she is an author and encourager.

7. Nicole C. Mullen:

I’ve known of Nicole for years. When I worked at Family Christian Stores, her CDs were regularly in the carts of shoppers. People loved her voice.

More than singing, Nicole also helps train and equip worship leaders, and leaders in general. Her experience will make you rethink aspects of leadership.

8. Lisa Bevere:

Lisa is the cofounder of Messenger International, alongside her husband. She loves to have conversations and bring the other person into her world.

She explores marriage, work-life balance, calling, Godly parenting, and more. I’ve heard her speak at the Catalyst Conference and her words inspired me. They will inspire you too.

9. Priscilla Shirer:

Priscilla is the founder of Going Beyond. She’s a strong communicator with a fierce message to get out to the populace.

She, too, is the daughter of Tony and Lois Evans. Their parents instilled so much wisdom into their daughters that it flows out of them.

10. Bianca Juarez Olthoff:

I first heard of Bianca at the Catalyst Conference. She’s a firecracker, a spitfire. But you can’t ignore the wisdom Bianca has to offer.

She inspires the current generation to find their meaning and purpose. She doesn’t do this through a worldly purview but through the lens of a Christian.

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