You are a Seed

Seeds are amazing when you think about it.

The seed contains so much potential. Some seeds grow into a beautiful oak tree. Others into gorgeous flowers.

Seeding Floating In The Air

Image by Lousie Decker

Our lives are much like seeds.

We’re born as a small package with great potential. Over time we grow. First becoming children, then teenagers, and finally adults.

During the stages of growth we face trials and tribulations. These trials and tribulations help mold us into who we were meant to be. Without them, we wouldn’t become as strong or resilient.

Sometimes we’ll come to a crossroad in our lives. We will have to decide whether or not our lives are where they should be.

We may have to decide it’s time to put our old lives to rest. It may be time for the old self to die and a new self to emerge.

Much like a seed sprouting from the ground.

  1. It starts by being buried. The seed is pushed beneath the surface. Covered in darkness
  2. Eventually roots begin to emerge from the seed. They begin to seek out a water source.
  3. As the roots take hold in the ground, it pushes the seed through the soil until it reaches the surface.
  4. Breaking free, the husk of the dead seed falls off. It’s been used for it’s purpose of protection.
  5. Leaves begin to emerge and the plant continues to grow.

As you can see from the steps of planting to growth, the seed encounters tough resistance and dies. It has to break open, seek out water, push through the tough soil, and get into the sunlight.

But during this time of death, what was really inside of the seed emerges. A new form of life comes to light.

As Ron Carpenter Jr. writes in The Necessity of an EnemyA seed is not the end of the life of that seed; it is the beginning of what that seed will become.

You’ll probably never face the resistance of being buried alive like a seed but you will come against resistance:

  • A rebellious child
  • Hardship at work
  • Vehicles breaking down

Whatever the resistance you face, look at it as a chance to grow and become stronger. Times may be tough and you may not feel like you’ll make it through. But the outlook is good that you will.

The good news is you will be changed through the process. You’ll have new experiences and knowledge to use as you go forward in life.

Be ready to be like the seed and push on towards the goal.

Question: Have you ever felt buried alive? What did you learn from that situation? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  • DS

    I’ve felt buried alive before – both grandmother’s died, then my dad, I had two houses (1 for sale), and there was a lot of transition happening at work. Overwhelming.

    I’ve learned to let others help. I’ve learned that God knows best. I’ve learned that you may be incredibly strong as an individual, but those around you may not be at the same place (mainly do to unshared past experiences). And importantly – 1 Corinthians 10:13 is true.

    Persistence, or “push on towards the goal.” Make the tough decisions about situations before they happen so it’s a no brainer when you are challenged.

    • That would be a lot to take on all at once DS. Glad you were able to come through it. It looks like you learned some valuable lessons from those days.

    • Being willing to have others help is so important. It requires being humble and making the ask, which is sometimes hard to do. Glad you made it through ok:)

      • DS

        Over and over again, I have people tell me that some people refuse to let them help. I believe allowing others to help (although really hard for me to do) is actually an act of service in it’s own way. We just don’t let people pour out their love for us some times.

        • Love that you and Dan brought this up. Just read a post from Jeff Randleman about receiving generosity. Thought you might like it –

          • DS

            Thanks for the link. I had problems accessing it the other day – but it’s working now. It’s amazing how God puts people in our lives, and uses them to bless others around them. We do trust God to bless when we give – but it’s hard (it seems) to accept we’re not in control or even admit we could use a boost.

  • I felt buried before, buried under the grief of losing my father. But God pushed me through and helped me grow. It was a beautiful experience after so much pain.

    Your post reminds me of the opening to the book I posted a review on today. Erica McNeal wrote an amazing book- Good Grief! and her opening talks about grapes being made into wine- it’s painful but the end result is good.

    • I’ve seen a couple of blog posts that mentioned Good Grief. Sounds like a good book.

      • Easy read that is very powerful for anyone who is going through grief or helping a loved one through it. Great gift too.

  • For the last ten years I’ve felt buried with this job that I hate, it felt like there was no hope. As I have been taking action, I have seen hope come alive!

    • I feel your pain Kimanzi. It’s all about action, right?

    • So excited to see the hope coming alive Kimanzi! It’s like coming to the surface and being able to suck in the fresh air.

  • Oh yeah, I’ve felt buried. It’s always interesting to look back on those times b/c you can really see the seed metaphor in action. Something seemed like the end, but it was really just the beginning of the next phase.

    • Glad you were able to overcome the situations and see the work that had been done Grayson.

  • Rajdeep Paulus

    SO I just have to share the fact that my hubby helped our almost five year old bury a cherry pit (seed) in our yard yesterday! Not even an hour later, we’re in the yard and I hear her calling from the living room window where I can see her face, “Mom! Is it growing yet? Can you see my cherry tree coming up?”

    Not wanting to disappoint, I said as gently as possible, “Not yet baby.”

    “How long will it take?”

    “Not sure Beara. Maybe a few weeks. But we can water it daily and keep checking on it.”

    “Okay Mom.”

    And it helps that it’s on the Sunny side of our house. Not sure if/when we’ll get a green anything popping out of the ground but love that hubby wants to teach the little one about the process. B/c like you said, we are all seeds. With potential!

    Great post! Thanks! 🙂 -Raj

    • Raj, that is an awesome story. It’s funny how we can be so impatient wanting the growth right away with none of the waiting or growth pains.

    • DS

      Children teach us a lot don’t they? I love how my children help me slow down, think about the process or thing I’m trying to convey to them, and their craving for knowledge.

  • I think you know most of what happened with my son when he was born. My wife was in the hospital for 5 weeks before they had to do an emergency C-section then my son was in the NICU(Intensive Care Unit) for 3 months. It was the hardest time I have even gone through.

    Oh, the seasons of life and the things we go through. My faith and trust in God grew.

    Great thoughts.

    • Dan, actually I don’t think I ever heard the story before. That would take some faith and I could see how it would be a hard time. Thankfully, you see it as a time of growth.

    • DS

      My wife for all intents and purposes had a healthy full-term pregnancy – but our little guy still had to go the NICU for a few days. I know how we felt during that time – and I can’t imagine how you and yours felt then. Thanks for sharing Dan.

  • Great post. I have definitely felt like I was buried alive. It’s not a good feeling, but you can push through it. Thanks for your honesty!

  • Its how you dig yourself out of being buried. And that is one step at a time.

  • I needed to read this today…thanks for sharing!

    • Glad I was able to give you encouragement today Brandon.

      And I did get the Disqus email. I’m holding off on upgrading as I beta tested it and did not like it. I’m hoping there will be improvements or that we’ll be able to keep the old version.

      • Yeah. I’m not a big fan either…Do you think the old version will become obscelete?

        • I don’t know. Most of the times they make previous versions obsolete. Hopefully not this time.

  • By the way, have you gotten the email for Disqus 2012? I got it and upgraded. Not sure if I like it better or not?

  • I shared a small glimpse of my feeling of being buried alive on Jeremy Statton’s blog this week.

    I’ve learned that God is still faithful even when the world seems to be crumbling around me.

    • That was a great post Jon. I remember reading it and thinking that God must have some awesome plans for you.

      • Thanks, Joe. I’m excited to see how it all plays out. I’m sure I’ll write about it.

  • Excellent thoughts here Joe, I loved this post! It makes me think of the 4 soils and how each affects the fallen seed… we’re so dependent on our surroundings, and how that plays into our outcome!

    • True Chris. How we’ve prepared/been prepared affects how we’ll receive what’s coming.