You’re Being Pursued

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Our mailbox has been flooded with credit card offers recently. Finding two, three, or even four being delivered in a day has been the norm.

It’s annoying. We wind up throwing away so much paper, plastic, wasted postage.

But in the same breath, it’s exciting. Someone, or some company, is pursuing me.

Girl pursuing her brother

Image by Ed L.

They want my business. They want me to apply. They’ve approved me!

It all sounds so exciting. I can see how people easily fall into the trap of multiple credit cards and debt.

We all long for that pursuit. For someone to want us.

It’s a desire that has been burned into us.

Do you remember what it was like to be a teenager?

That pretty girl. That handsome guy. Giving you the attention you desired. Goosebumps ran up your arms!

Or do you remember landing that terrific job without even trying?

The hiring manager gave you a call. Asked you to come in. Said they were interested in you as a candidate. You were thrilled!

All because someone else was pursuing you.

And yet there’s someone out there who’s longing for you. He has engraved your name on is hands. Knocking on the door.

This man is God.

He’s desiring to have you turn and come to him. Are you willing to do so?

Question: How do you feel when someone is pursuing after your heart? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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  • Joe, this just reminds me of the excitement and energy my hubby has when select big companies have “head-hunted” him for a job. He tells me that there is nothing as powerful (for a man) as being recognized and chosen in such a manner.

    I know how relentless pursuit fells like. God pursued me. My hubby too! I doubt there are words that can capture the feeling. But the most powerful stuff begins AFTER saying “yes!”.

    Awesome post Joe!

    • Your husband is right. Too often many people think men don’t like to be pursued. Yet, in a crazy round-about way, we do. It shows us that we have value as well.

      So true Ngina. After the “yes” you’re able to fully enjoy the fruits of the pursuit.

      • Chris Henderson

        Still many ignore the knocking at the heart thinking they have much better things to do.

  • We all want to be chosen don’t we?!

    To feel that special “first kid picked for the game feeling.”

    No one wants to not be picked (or to be the last kid picked for the game–I don’t know which is worse).

    I think in my acting career, I chose that field to fill a lot of voids initially. To be applauded, chosen, picked. But as wholeness and healing came to my life, I didn’t need that to fill the voids. Only God can do that. Not a profession. Not a friend, spouse, or teacher.

    I enjoyed your post Joe!

    • First, I gotta say I love the address of your blog. A combination of your last and fire names. And the layout is beautiful.

      I can see how being an actor can fill some of those voids. You get the instant feedback and the feeling of accomplishment through their reactions. But eventually they leave you empty. Glad to see you found the true one who fills the voids.

  • DS

    It can be fun to have someone pursue you – but – what is that pursuit about? Is it for your well being, is it based out of love, or are there other motives? What will you have to give up or set aside if you relinquish to the pursuant?

    I have only so much room in my heart, only so much availability. If it involves my God, my wife, or my children being evicted from that place – it’s a non-starter.

    • Great questions to have about the pursuit. Knowing the reason can either bring up or down the pleasure.

  • Carol Peterson

    Wonderful question, Joe. Yes, I feel valued and worthy being pursued.

    Even though I know God loves me as I am, sometimes still I have that naggy doubt: does He think I’m worthy? Fortunately, scripture and prayer drives that nasty doubt right away and the thrill remains. God loves us just as we are; He pursues us because He loves us, values us, thinks us worthy. Yay!

    Thank you for this Joe.

    • It’s nice He gave us that reminder in the word, huh? What have been your favorite scriptures when dealing with the doubt?

  • When I read this, I thought about growing up and playing ball. I wanted to be picked to play on the team, but sometimes it didn’t happen. I was left rejected and disappointed. Now that I am grown the longing is still there to be picked. As you said we all long to be wanted. I can attest that even when we are picked by a team, a school, a job or a person there can still be something missing. That longing to be picked can’t be filled by the creation, but only by the creator. When we allow the creator to pick us our life will forever change. Excellent post.

    • Funny how that happens even once you’re picked. It’s onto the next big advancement or play.

      How have you let the creator fill that spot?

  • Those were the days, right? We all crave that attention yet that need for attention is what gets a lot of people in bad situations. Even though it goes against our nature I think the only attention we need is first and foremost from our Lord. After that our spouse and family. We especially need to teach this to our youth. I love how you brought it home at the end of the post.

    • I know, they were wonderful days. But there are plenty of those ahead for us as well.

      You’re right on where we need to focus our attention first and foremost and then where else it needs to be focused. How are you doing this?

      • For the case of my children I’m giving them all the love and affection they need so they don’t seek it anywhere else.

        • That’s awesome Kimanzi. More parents need to be focused on giving their kids love and affection.

  • It makes me feel all warm inside to know what God did for me when He sent Jesus here… for me… and for all of humanity! I also feel really good about knowing that there is a body of believers who genuinely care about and pray for each other… that’s an awesome pursuit!!

    Good post, Joe!!

  • Tracy Krauss

    This brought to mind several instances in my life, and as you said, those were exciting times. 🙂 I like how you led us to the most important pursuit of all, though – God’s pursuit of our souls.

    • Glad you liked it Tracy. Do you think sometimes we let those exciting times cloud the pursuit of God of us?

  • Bill Jones

    Good post Joe – it is good to be wanted, and it’s wonderful to know that Jesus wanted us so much, he died for us.

    • Thanks Bill. How have you seen Jesus pursue you?

  • Suzette

    I have to agree, it feels SO wonderful when you’re the one being pursued. It’s so amazing how God pursues us. I enjoyed this, thanks!

    • Thanks for your comment Suzette. I’m with you. His love and pursuit is amazing. Even when we’re running fast and far. He’s coming after us.

  • I feel significant and fulfilled. Great thoughts.

  • I like the idea that God comes to us. I’m not sure I like the word “pursue.” It sounds too much like predator and prey. Just my humble opinion. I think God enters gently, subtly, and nudges us to change, and I believe he works in all of us in different ways at different levels. Perhaps some are in need of “pursuit.” : )

    • It can seem that way but think about the story of the lost sheep. The Bible talks about the man going after the lost sheep. That’s a story of pursuit.

      It’s like you said: “He works in different ways at different levels.” Sometimes it’s fast and hard. Other times it’s soft and gentle.

      • I agree, Joe. Perhaps I’m thinking of when we, as humans, make decisions to peruse others to lead them to Christ based on our perceptions rather than God’s. That can backfire if we peruse too hard. The sheep story is also a “search.”

  • E G Lewis

    A couple of thoughts. We have credit card companies, Dish TV and mortgage companies pursuing us too. They have one idea in mind: profit…what they can get from us. God pursues because he wants to give. As C S Lewis said, “When it comes to God, we’re all female.”
    Peace and Blessings

    • C.S. Lewis made a very valid point with that quote.

  • Deborah K. Anderson

    I’m so grateful God does pursue us, especially when it should be the other way around. We can never repay the debt we owe Him.

    Speaking of debt, I used to get flooded with those credit card offers. I wrote “No Thanks” on the application, stuffed it in their postage-paid envelope, and mailed it back. After a while, they stopped coming. 🙂

    Good post, Joe.

    • Great way to stop those credit card offers! I’ve heard of people doing that or attaching bricks to the envelopes. Making the credit card companies foot the bill for the shipping.

  • Lynn Mosher

    Ooo…Joe, great post! Loved it. Sorry I’m late. Still catching up. So glad God never gives up pursuing us. Thanks for this!

    • No problem in being late to comment Lynn!

      So am I. Could you imagine how pitiful we would be if He stopped pursuing after us?

  • You’re right, there is a certain thrill to being pursued, and nobody pursues us like God does.

    • So true. God is the greatest at the pursuit.

  • Great post, Joe! Seems we were on the same track with this topic. 🙂

  • Nice post, Joe. The Bible shows that God has long been interested in relationships with His creation: He pursued Israel for centuries. I love how, with the coming of Jesus, God pursued Gentiles, as well. I feel humble and blessed that I am “accepted in the Beloved” (Ephesians 1:6).

    • So true Sandi. Isn’t it amazing though that we flee from the pursuit?

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