What Are Your Benefits?

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When you are asked “What are your benefits?” what do you think of?

You probably think about the benefits your job or position offer you. These are not the benefits I want to talk about today.

I want to talk to you about YOUR benefits.

What benefits do you offer to your organization?

Do you bring something that is of value to the table? Are people benefiting from what you are doing?

A true measure of your worth includes all the benefits others have gained from your success.
— Cullen Hightower

Effective leaders benefit the organization. They look for ways to grow the organization. For ways to help it succeed.

They are not out for their own good. They are out to increase others.

Effective leaders benefit their organization by:

  • Growing other leaders
    Effective leaders know that they will not be at the organization forever. They see the need and benefit of training other effective leaders to take over when they are gone.This benefits the organization. The organization does not have to look for a replacement. There is another effective leader ready and available to take over.
  • Provides vision
    Proverbs 29:18 says “Where there is no vision, the people perish…” Effective leaders realize this. They provide a clear and concise vision for others to follow.Those under you will work harder and more efficiently when they know what the vision is. They know what is expected and what the results should be. Giving them vision gives them purpose.

    Make sure your team knows the vision!

  • Builds confidence
    Effective leaders provide and build confidence within the team. They know that having and building confidence makes the team stronger.As an effective leader, you take action with confidence. You ensure your team that this is the correct direction to move in. The confidence you show allows them to trust  and follow you.

    You also want to build confidence in your team members. Team members need to know that they are trusted and you believe in them. When they know this, they are more willing to move things forward and advance the organization.

    Give your team members the confidence to make choices. You will be surprised at the great choices they make.

When you act as a leader, your organization will benefit. They will see growth. They will see movement. They will see increase.

That is your calling as a leader.

Make sure you benefit your organization. That you benefit those who serve under you. That you benefit those that you serve.

Only a few act – the rest of us reap the benefits of their risk.
— Wynton Marsalis

Question: What benefits to do you bring to your organization? Please share your answers in the comment section below.

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  • I don’t see myself as a “leader” and I guess that is a good thing since the best leaders know how to follow (wink). Seriously, since I have become a stay at home mom (leaving the fast paced career world) I have been learning more and more about helping my husband lead our family. It’s wonderful to see God working in our family.

    • Haha TC. Are you saying you have a hard time following? (-;

  • Not that I have the trait perfected, but one benefit I bring to the ministry I lead is listening & processing before responding (kind of a two-fer). I’ve served under too many leaders who respond with a hot head and lead off emotion for me to not have learned from their mistakes. I strongly believe that a little bit of grace and patience will go a long way! Thanks for the post, Joe.

    • Stephen, it is very rare that a trait is ever perfected. I think we are all constantly working on and improving the traits we bring to a ministry.

      The trait you’re working on is a very important one. Acting out of emotion causes all sorts of trouble. Keep at it and you’ll only get better!

  • Thanks for the great post, Joe. As a leader, I’ve trained myself in patience; certainly haven’t perfected it but continuing to pursue it as time goes by.

    Also, us leaders have a job to do… working ourselves out of a job, right?

    • It’s a scary thought, working yourself out of a job or position. But there are a lot of rewards in doing so. New leadership, new opportunities!

  • Good stuff Joe! This post brings to mind this thought for me…

    The purpose of my life at work is to show that God is at work in my life. It’s where the rubber meets the road, for good leaders to really show Him at work in our lives. That’s contagious!

    • Thanks for sharing the thought it brought to your mind Chris!

    • Anonymous

      So true, Showing your faith through good actions and behaviors are so important. Great point Chris.

  • Anonymous

    A person who has a job should be providing their best on a daily basis. Everyone has the ability to add value to others. This might come through developing others or sharing an encouraging word with them.

    • You’re right Dan. Giving encouragement can be a huge benefit to others.