Top Posts And Commenters For January 2014

The first month of 2014 has closed it’s final page. I can’t believe how quickly this month has flown by.

Michigan was hit with the Snowpocalypse where we received a ton of snow. Looking out of certain windows, you can’t see anything but the snow. It’s crazy.

How about you? How’s the weather and things going with you and your family?

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With that, it’s time to dig into statistics, something that I love.

Top Posts

1. Your Past Doesn’t Define You, It Helps Shape You

2. 10 Facts You Should Know About Modern Day Slavery

3. 12 Books You Should Add To Your Reading List

4. 25 Leadership Quotes From Martin Luther King Jr.

5. Why You Should Spend Less Time Talking

6. 5 Fears Young Leaders Face

7. How To Deal With Overwhelm

8. The Toughest Decision I’ve Had To Make

9. 5 Reasons Your Leadership Is Ineffective

10. 10 Great Leadership Quotes From Nelson Mandela

For the first time in a long time, 10 Facts You Should Know About Modern Day Slavery isn’t in the top spot. This top post has been replaced by a relatively newer post.

My post where I shared about losing my best friend has also remained in the top 10 list. I truly hope the pain I’ve gone through with this loss has helped others deal with similar situations.

Top Commenters

1. Kimanzi Constable

2. Wan Muhammad Zulfikri Bin Wan

3. Jon Stolpe

4. Matt Ham

5. Ryan Bonaparte

6. Linda Lochridge Hoenigsberg

7. Dan Black

8. Bill Benoist

9. Bob Sinclair

10. Amber-Lee Dibble

Thanks to everyone who commented on the blog this month. You help flesh out the content with the discussions you have in the comment section. Keep on commenting!

Site Statistics

Visits – Increased 9.14%

Unique Visitors – Increased 4.82%

Pageviews – Decreased 4.16%

Pages Per Visit – Decreased 12.9%

Average Visit Duration – Decreased 22.61%

Bounce Rate – Increased 882.92%

New Visits – Decreased 5.15%

 A lot of site statistics took a hit this month. However, the two metrics that I care about actually increased, that being Visitors and Unique Visitors. More and more people are coming to the site and getting the leadership insights that are being shared. For that, I’m pleased.

Site News

A week ago I wrote a post in regards to collecting junk. Within the post was a challenge to declutter your life by getting rid of items you may no longer need.

The challenge isn’t big. It’s getting rid of one item a day for the month of February. By the end of the month, you should be able to get rid of 28 items that are cluttering up your life.

Want to see the junk cluttering up my life? Here are three pictures showing what my office looks like. Please don’t be afraid!

Office junk

Office junk1

Office junk2As you can see, my life really needs some decluttering. The plan is to kick a lot of this junk to the curb.

During the month, I won’t be throwing it away immediately. I want to keep each item until the end of the month and capture the amount of clutter I removed from my home office.

I hope you’ll join me in this challenge. I think this will help us all get rid of a bunch of unneeded items from our lives. Are you in?

Question: What about you? If you’re a blogger, share your most popular post. If you’re not, share your favorite post from a blogger you follow.

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

  • My most popular post was talking about my fathers death and what it taught me about truly living We’ve decluttered our whole house and now are ready for a huge rummage sell for our Hawaii move, everything must go!

    • Great job Kimanzi! Looking forward to hearing of the success of your move. Also looking forward to visiting (-;

  • Hello Joseph, Since late December I’ve had much less traffic from Google so I was delighted to hit the sweet spot with this post: Why Leadership Is Different to Management — These 5 Critical Ways. As for clutter, I’ve a dining room full of tools … and have choices to make: get on and do the job, get someone in or reclaim the room. As ever, Martin

    • Awesome Martin! Glad you had a post that knocked it out of the park. Why do you think it hit the sweet spot?

      • Hello Joe, I’m guessing it was two things. First, an engaging title. I’ve come to realise that the best blog won’t be read if a title doesn’t grab attention. Second, the topic interests people … or at least in our niche. Now I’ve got to do it again … and a again. No pressure then? As ever, Martin

        • That’s the funny thing about blogging. We expect to have to do repeat performances over and over. Don’t focus on that as the goal. Just go for writing content you or your audience will enjoy.

  • Congrats on your continued success Joe. My top post for this month on Top 8 Conferences Every Christian Leader Must Attend. I was surprised to see Michael Hyatt also tweet this which partly helped with the big hike of viewership. Keep up the excellent work my friend.

    • Whoa! Congrats on being tweeted by Michael Hyatt. He has sway and can help usher in a crowd. Hope you see a bit of them stick around.

  • My most popular post was from March 2012. It remains one of my most popular posts of all-time. The post is titled Ten Things Every Small Group Leader Should Know. Here’s the link:

    Overall, things grew a little on my blog. I haven’t been promoting as hard as I did in month’s past, so I can understand why there’s not a steeper trend upwards.

    Congrats on your month. And thanks for commenting over on my blog. As promised, I’ll send over an email to get your mailing address. You were the book winner for the month of January on my blog. This month, I’m giving away a book by a fellow blogger – Matt Appling. It’s fun to give stuff away!

    • It’s crazy how an old post can stick at the top so long. However, I can understand why when you look at the title. It’s got a message and something small group leaders would be interested in learning about.

      Thanks for the awesome giveaway Jon. I’m really looking forward to reading the book.

  • There were some great posts this past month, so I couldn’t help but comment, haha.

    My top post last month was Thinking of quitting your job? Don’t. ( ) which has been a top post since it came out in November. Apparently a lot of people are thinking of quitting their jobs and could use a little talking down. At least until everything is in order. Then I say quit!

  • I love the challenge to cut the clutter! You have done a great job keeping up with these recap posts – I need to be more consistent with that myself.

    • Thanks Tom. Hope you jump on and start to clean out the clutter too if you have any that needs to be removed. It’s been a strange experience so far. Much harder than I thought it was going to be!

  • If I lived near you, I would come over right now to help you clean your office:) I’m an organization freak so don’t have any clutter that has built up for too long.

    Keep doing amazing work here!