Top Posts And Commenters For November 2012

Another month is down. I hope November was as great a month for you as it was for me.

Lots of things are happening in the blog world. I’m excited to share some of those with you as I review the stats for the blog and share the top commenters. Are you ready?

November 2012 Wordle

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Top Posts

  1. Merry Christmas
  2. What Can Twenty Seconds Of Insane Courage Do For You?
  3. The Twenty Mile March
  4. Christmas 2012 Emerging Leaders Gift Guide
  5. Sometimes The Grass Really Is Greener On The Other Side Of The Fence
  6. Book Review: How To Win Friends And Influence People
  7. Why Writing In A Journal Is Important
  8. You Don’t Need More Of This
  9. Who You Were Created To Be
  10. The Benefits Of Being An Ignorant Leader

Once again, there’s a great mix of old content and new content. A third of the top 10 were 10 months or older.

The big shocker was the top post of the month. Merry Christmas was a simple post from last Christmas meant to wish you a great day. The search engines have picked it up and blasted it to the top of the heap. The other shocker was the image used in the post came in the 5th spot but I decided to leave it out.

This has shown me that naming your images is important. Search engines also index images and they can be a great source of traffic. Did you know that?

Top Commenters

  1. Jon Stolpe
  2. Dan Erickson
  3. Dan Black
  4. Ngina Otiende
  5. DS
  6. TC Avey
  7. TJ Trent
  8. Jeff
  9. Jared Latigo
  10. Rp391

Thank you to everyone who commented. I really appreciate the time you take to leave your thoughts. It’s also great to see so many of you interacting with each other and building new relationships.

Jon has won a copy of Jon Acuff’s Quitter. Dan will be receiving a copy of Neighbors and Wise Men by Tony Kriz

Do you want to be a winner like Jon and Dan? Be one of the two top commenters on the blog in December and you’ll take home a copy of a great book.

December’s top commenter will get Close Enough To Hear God Breathe by Greg Paul. The commenter with the second most comments will get Creed by Winfield Bevins.

Site Statistics

  • Visits – Increased by 0.08%
  • Unique Visitors – Increased by 1.25%
  • Pageviews – Increased by 0.61%
  • Pages Per Visit – Increased by 0.53%
  • Average Visit Duration – Decreased by 13.79%
  • Bounce Rate – Increased by 83.19%
  • New Visits – Increased by 1.83%

Site traffic held fairly steady, seeing a slight increase in visits. Though the hope is always to see traffic increase dramatically, slow and steady is what will win the race.

The bounce rate increased by a great amount. I think this was due to people searching for Christmas and landing on the Merry Christmas post or the image associated with it.

Site News

Last month I talked about putting together an eBook. The hope was to have it done by the end of November. This didn’t happen.

I’m a bit disappointed in myself that I was unable to complete the challenge. However, I am encouraged as I took the steps and have begun writing the book. I’m a third to half of the way done with the writing. Maybe we’ll see it by the end of the year or early next year.

Question: If you’re a blogger, what was your top post? Are you working on anything exciting? If you’re not a blogger, share a post that had a great impact. Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

  • I really enjoy your writing and ideas here Joe, keep on keeping on! This monthly breather is a good summary. Don’t be discouraged by missing a deadline, keep the e-book process moving forward and it will be much more smooth the second time around 🙂

    • Thanks Chris. I’m glad to hear you enjoy what I’ve been writing and sharing. 

      How did your month go? 

  • Thanks, Joe.  I like your posts and enjoy some healthy discussion and a times a touch of debate.  Good job on paying such close attention to your stats.  Bounce rate is supposed to be “low” right?

    • Thanks Dan. Glad you’re able to be a part of the community here. 

      You’re correct, bounce rates should be low. While I seen a huge increase in the bounce rate, it’s still relatively low at 1.33%. 

      Did you have any content that really hit the mark with your audience this month? Feel free to share a link.

      • Actually, my guest post on Dan Black’s site was probably the top post for me this month.  

  • Thank you for the mention Joe. I’ve been working on three different e-books this year and I’ve finally settled on the one I want to finish first (a free one). The process has not been as smooth/quick as i thought it would be. but i think so long as i keep putting one foot infront of the other, i’ll get there 🙂

    • My pleasure Ngina. Sounds like quite a bit of work you’ve been doing. Good luck on getting the book out and please let me know when you’ve released it!

  • DS

    Joe – slow and steady saves the day.  To me I continue to see improvements all across your blog, and am excited to hear about your new, in development, e-book.  All this time I thought I was subscribed to your list, and I’ve just now realized – I wasn’t.  I will be now!

    Exciting things we’re working on – well, I’m writing almost everyday – not publishing, but writing. I’ve resolved to speak more in public, which is a passion I have, and I’ve started to do it more frequently.

    • DS, thanks for the encouraging words. Sometimes life and work just feel like a letdown. Also, thanks for subscribing to the blog, finally! (-; 

      Those are exciting things to be working on. What are you doing to move into public speaking more often?

      • DS

        There’s a reason the Purpose Driven Life has sold 35 million+ copies.  We all go through those peaks and valleys.

        As far as public speaking, hit me up via email – it may be a few too many words for the comment section. Basically, I’m taking more opportunities that were always there.  I’d love to connect.

        •  Will do. Look for an email today or tomorrow from me.

          • DS


  • My month was a bit slow as far as the blog is concerned, but in every day life, it was great. My review is posted here:

    • I wonder if it’s just the time of year or what that’s made sites slow down. Holidays and all are a busy time.

      • Yes, I’m expecting a slower month in December with the last week being holiday focused.

      • I have noticed that it is pretty much every blog though. Even Michael Hyatt’s blog has experienced a significant amount of decrease in comments.

  • My top post was How To Respond To The Election Results.

    In my head, I’m working on an eBook – compilation of Ice Breakers.  Now if I could get it out of my head and onto the “paper.”

    Thanks so much for creating a great community here!

    • I can see that being a hot topic, especially right after the election. Great way to leverage current events.

      As for getting your eBook out of your head and onto paper, you might enjoy checking out CopyBlogger’s post on doing an eBook in a month. It’s a kickstarter for sure –

      •  I missed November, and December is already started.  Maybe for January?  Thanks for the link.

        • January could work. But you could also modify it to start mid-month. Sometimes it’s better to get started than to follow a formula.

          • True.  Otherwise, I’m likely to continue with the excuses.  Life will continue to be busy.

            • Yes it will. So get started today. The worst that happens is you get started and never finish. You’ll still learn something!

              • And so, at 2:30 in the morning, I’m awake thinking about it.  Thanks for getting my head moving forward, Joe.  We’ll see what the next month or so brings.  Would you consider a pre-release review of what I put together?  I’d like to get some feedback and some endorsements, before I release it to a broader launch team.

                • What’s so bad about that Jon? (-;

                  Sure, it’d be my pleasure to read a preview copy and give you an endorsement and feedback. Just let me know when you’re ready and I’ll review it.

      •  Thanks–I missed that post. Keep up the great work Joe!

        •  My pleasure Skip. It’s what got me to kick myself into gear and start writing a book. I just hope it can help others.

  • Don’t rush your eBook. I think many do that and they regret it because later they see things they wished they could change.

    My month was slower than usual but that’s okay. I shared my top posts in my Monthly Newsletter. Jon Stople’s guest post was in the top 3!

    • I’m trying to be patient TC. Sometimes I feel if I don’t get it done and out it won’t get done.

      This slowness seems to be standard for a lot of bloggers this month. That’s awesome Jon’s post made it into the top three. Community does a lot of great things!

      • I read a good post yesterday by Marc Millan,
        I think we all get in that “need to get things done” mode…but God’s timing is perfect. I know I’m guilty of rushing things and trying to control things (and I’m usually unaware I’m doing it).

        Guest posts usually do really well…if you ever want to guest post, I’d love to have you.
        God bless.
        phil 4:8

  • It’s great to be apart of your community. Keep writing and serving!!!

    • Thanks Dan. It’s great to have you as a part of the community.