Top Posts And Commenters For May 2013

Another month bites the dust and we’ve moved from May to June. Can you believe how fast the year’s been moving? I don’t know about you but it seems every time I turn around another month has passed us by.

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And that means it’s time for the monthly recap of Within this post you’ll find out what posts were the most popular, who commented the most, site statistics, and site news. I hope you’re ready because I’m ready to let you have it!

Top Posts

1. 10 Facts You Should Know About Modern Day Slavery – This post reached the top due to the search engines. I see many visitors everyday to this post because people were brought to the site searching for information about modern day slavery.

2. 6 Books Leaders Should Read By The End Of The Year – Leaders are coming to this post by Google searches as well. Like they say, leaders are readers.

3. How To Give Effective Praise – We’ve got an evergreen post here. It’s getting to be close to a year old but it’s still receiving plenty of views.

4. 9 Signs You’re A Leader – Readers have been sharing this post quite a bit. Having a community that shares your old content is key to attracting new visitors.

5. Sometimes The Grass Really Is Greener On The Other Side Of The Fence – Another evergreen piece of content here. This one is over a year old yet still receives great traffic. I believe it has to do with the title, content, and killer keywords.

6. 5 Characteristics Of Real Discipleship – I had the pleasure of having Chad Barrett guest post on my site over a year old. His piece is still shining bright and getting traffic today. Did you catch my last blog post giving you the chance to share on my platform?

7. It’s Time To Start Using Adult Language – A post inspired by the late Zig Ziglar. The title of this post threw some readers for a loop. They weren’t sure what I was going to say until they read the post. It also caused several readers to unsubscribe. Definitely an interesting lesson in how to title a blog post.

8. 5 Keys To Building A Loyal Blog Following – There was quite a bit of activity on this post in the social media arena. It was heavily shared on Twitter and Facebook. People are looking for a way to build a loyal blog following. If you’ve got the information, share it and you’ll gain attention.

9. The 20 Mile March – One of the oldest posts on the blog is still holding a top 10 position.

10. Discover Your Leadership Style Through The Chick-Fil-A LeaderCast App – This post was helping to advertise the Chick-Fil-A LeaderCast’s newest product. The app is a fun way to see how you lead.

Top Commenters

1. Jon Stolpe

2. Dan Black

3. DS

4. Self Storage – I’m not sure who he is but he’s been commenting like crazy!

5. Jonathan Harrison

6. Dan Erickson

7. TC Avey

8. Tom Dixon

9. Josue Molina

10. TJ Trent

Thanks once again to each and everyone who commented on the blog this month. It’s a pleasure to interact with everyone.

I especially enjoy learning from the comments. While I dish out content in the blog posts, you guys help me expand upon it, challenge it, and grow from it.

Site Statistics

This month has been the best month the site has ever seen. Thank you for visiting and sharing the content with your friends. Without you, this blog wouldn’t be growing.

Visits – Increased 21.51%

Unique Visitors – Increased 25.08%

Pageviews – Increased 17.30%

Pages Per Visit – Decreased 3.46%

Average Visit Duration – Decreased 4.29%

Bounce Rate – Increased 7.51%

New Visitors – Increased 3.68%

Like I said, the month did really well in regards to growth. I was surprised to see unique visitors jump over 25%. That’s the good news.

The bad news is I have a feeling this growth isn’t sustainable and it will level off to a lower level.

I also realize summer is coming up. That means blog traffic normally slows down considerably. If you see that happen on your site, don’t worry! It’s normal.

Site News

Leadership Is Danger eBook coverI shared that I have a book coming out quite often in the monthly reviews. I can tell you another step was taken.

I hired a designer to create a cover for the eBook and I think it looks fantastic. The title will be Leadership Is Danger: 4 Traps Every Leader Will Face. The plan is to release the book in the next month or two.

In my last post, I invited you to take the plunge and guest post on my site. A few readers have taken me up on the offer. I hope you will to. But if that’s not for you, is there anyone you can encourage to read the post and guest post on the site? Please think about that.

There’s also an exciting academy style program I’m working to create with a partner of mine. The academy will take you through the steps to get started and moving towards a better future.

Question: If you’re a blogger, what was your top post? Are you working on anything exciting? If you’re not a blogger, share a post that had a great impact. Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

  • Thanks for the mention, Joe. It’s an honor to be a part of your community. And congrats on the growth.

    I’m loving the book cover. Can’t wait to read it!

    My top post for the month of May was a review of Sundi Jo Graham’s new book, Dear Dad. Here’s the link:

    • It’s my pleasure mentioning you Jon. You’ve added a lot of value to the site.

    • Jon, watch your back. I’m going to the #1 commenter on Joe’s blog this month:) You always seem to sneak in and take the #1 spot. I’m on to you.

      • Bring it on, Dan! 🙂 Actually, keep commenting. You always have something great to add to the conversation.

  • Joe – I find these monthly summaries very interesting – thanks for sharing the details!
    I appreciate the quality of your posts, as well as the effort you put forth in interacting with comments. I find your follow up questions to comments to be thought provoking and a great way to add additional value to the site overall.

    My top post in May was part of my “Life Changers” series, featuring blogger/author Drew Tewell:

    • Drew’s a great guy. I can see why that could help boost a post to the top of the list.

    • Jonathan,

      I checked out your series–engaging! I’m looking forward to future posts in this category.

  • Joe, I love that you said blog traffic slows down in the summer. I’ve noticed that as well on my blog. Not exactly sure why, I suppose people are on the road with vacations and such.
    I’m looking forward to your book. Let me know how I can get the word out when it’s available. Are you doing a book launch?

    • I think you’re right about the vacations and busyness of summer being the reason. It’s hard to catch your breath during this time of the year.

      Thanks Adam for the offer to help get the word out. I’m not sure how I’m going to launch it. It’s going to be offered on the blog for free in exchange for signing up for the blog. Other than that, I’m not sure. Let me think about it and I’ll get with you.

  • Last summer I figured traffic would slow down so I slowed down, too. I think I might do the same this summer.

    • That’s something I’ve considered as well. But I think it could be valuable to continue through as it’s building content that’s being indexed in Google and other search engines. That can be an important piece in growing.

      • I would agree Joe. Also, for me it’s a habit thing. If I ease up on something it’s difficult to get back into the flow again.

  • My best post for the month was, “Your Variable Annuity is Like…a Loaf of Bread.” You can check it out here:

    Thanks Joe!

    • Interesting post Sean. From this post, I’m taking it you’re a finance blogger? It’s something I need to get better at and I’ll keep checking it out!

      • Thanks for checking it out!

        I’m a financial planner and I’m also a pastor. My goal in blogging is to bring my experience from both of these areas together with a focus on Intentional Stewardship. I hope to help people learn how to use all of their resources–and money is a big one–to lead an abundant life and create a positive impact on the people around them.

        People need a place to go where they can get unbiased financial information, resources, and the ability to ask questions and get feedback. Add to that real life examples, and motivation. I am building out the blog to be such a place.

        I’m working to have an ebook, podcast, and a couple interviews up on the site as resources within the next 6-9 months. That’s my big hairy audacious goal.

        • Sean, you have really have some great projects in the works – I’m looking forward to what’s to come!

  • My top post by far was a guest post on Jeff Goins blog:

    • That was a major guest post spot to land. It’s been fun watching you share how it’s doing on the Facebook page.

    • Wow. That’s a great guest post!

  • Good stuff. Always love to see that metrics.

  • I made it again…very cool! The post I had with the most traffic for May was one I wrote a couple of months ago – all about how to combat hopelessness.

    • Good job Tom! All it takes is a steady stream of comments on the blog to make it onto the list.

      That’s a good post. I like how you took the suggestions of your readers and used them in a post!

    • Great ideas on that post for combating that debilitating feeling, Tom.

  • I really enjoyed your post: 6 Books Leaders Should Read By The End of The Year! Congratulations on seeing record breaking traffic, keep up the good work and your going to see the same results month after month. One of my top posts was

    When Relationships Hurt Your Leadership

    • Thanks Dan. You keep doing great work yourself!

  • Thanks Joseph. It’s been a pleasure reading your messages to the people. Very encouraging. Hope we grow together in our platform!

    • Thanks Josue. If you keep up the great work you’re doing, you’ll continue to build your platform. Any idea what post was your top for the month?

  • Summer does affect stats, don’t get discouraged, it’s just part of the blogging.

    Honored to be part of your community. You have wonderful content, keep it up!

    My top post for May was,, its about God’s grace and judgment.

    Have a great JUNE!

    • TC, no discouragement here. At least not yet. But I wanted to warn newer bloggers who haven’t experienced the changing seasons of blogging and the traffic declines that come with it.

      I’m blessed to have you as a part of the community. I was looking through past comments a couple of days ago and realized you’ve been with me on my blogging journey almost from the beginning. Thank you so much for that.

      • Good heads up for newer bloggers. I remember my first summer, it was a little discouraging to see the drop in traffic…it helps to know it’s normal.

        Time flies, I hadn’t realized it had been that long.
        You’re welcome.

  • Hi thanks for mentioning my name with a special description lol. I really like reading your blogs a lot they are really interesting and i have a habit that i cannot rest without giving my views about that topic. Hope you can understand.

    • Oh, I totally understand. It’s what I did before starting a blog. BTW, would you mind sharing your name? I like to address commenters by their name and typing Dear Self Storage seems a little odd.

      • ya sure my name is George and nice to meet you Joe.

        • Hello George, do you have a site or blog?

          • Hi Dan i don’t own a blog presently but i do some guest posts at various blogs. But I will start my blog soon. WBU?

        • Nice to meet you George! Hope you have a terrific weekend.