Top Posts and Commenters For August 2012

We’re a few days into September and closer to a new season. How was your summer?

With this change, it’s time to do a blog review of August.

August Wordle

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  1. What Can 20 Seconds Of Insane Courage Do For You?
  2. Stop Being Late
  3. The Difference Between Knowing And Taking Action
  4. The Power Of Connecting With Like Minded People
  5. The Overlooked Skill
  6. Using Obstacles To Become Great
  7. 3 Areas You Can Upgrade Your Memory
  8. Book Review – Spark by Jason Jaggard
  9. The Real Reason To Attend A Conference
  10. Calling It Quits

August saw an older post make it’s return. This was due in part to catching an error in my WordPress installation file. With it corrected, the site has now seen it’s pages being indexed by Google.


  1. Dan Black
  2. Ngina Otiende
  3. TC Avey
  4. Kimanzi Constable
  5. Larry Carter
  6. Mike Holmes
  7. Tyler Hess
  8. Brandon Gilliand
  9. Jared Latigo
  10. Jon Stolpe

The community was very lively. Lots of comments and advice was shared in the comment section. Without you guys this site wouldn’t be anywhere near what it is today.

Thanks to all of those that participated and made it a great month at JMLalonde.


  • Visits were up 3.38%
  • Unique Visitors were up 16.67%
  • Pageviews were down 9.32%
  • Pages Per Visit dropped 12.29%
  • New Visits were up 17.72%

August was a good month for visits and unique visitors. This, I believe, was due to the site being reindexed by Google.

The previous months had seen every page of the blog removed from Google. As it’s been corrected, pages have slowly been added by Google. It’s to the point where Google is now a source of traffic once again.

Question: If you’re a blogger, how was your month? What was your most popular post? If you’re not a blogger, please share a blog post you found helpful (it doesn’t have to be from Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

  • I am happy that you were able to sort out the issue. Looks like traffic is picking up. Maybe you can do a post one of these days about it?

    Thank you for that linkback to my blog. You are awesome.

    The month was okay though traffic not back to normal (after moving blogging platforms). But it was better than July.

    My most popular post was “30 Things You Can Learn from 4 Years of Marriage”

    • Well that was a great post so I ‘m not surprised.

      My most popular was: “Why Failure is An Entrepreneur’s Best Friend” It was especially popular after Michael Arrington, former editor of Techcrunch, retweeted it. That was pretty cool

      • Having someone like Michael retweet your post has to be quite the honor. Congrats on the score!

        • It was cool! The amount of traffic that followed that one tweet was awesome!

      •  That was pretty cool! Hope the post brought in ‘staying’ subscribers/followers.  You have awesome content.

      •  That’s a great post Mike. Keep it up!

    •  Yeah, with the problem sorted out traffic has been picking up again. Then again, it could be Fall is almost upon us.

      Glad to hear your site seen better traffic this month as well. Did you recently switch from to a self-hosted site?

      • I moved from Blogger (free blogspot) to self-hosted this past June.


        • Okay, I thought you had moved it. Just got confused from where. It might take a bit for Google to realize the move has happened. Keep an eye on it and I bet you’ll see consistent improvement.

  • This is a great idea Joe! I may have to steal that. 

    That “Dan Black”  he’s everywhere lol!

    •  Feel free Mike! I stole it from Michael Hyatt and others.

      • Michael Hyatt is such a great resource.  I’ve been using many of his ideas (including his top posts and commenters) in my blog.

    • Mike, It’s because their are so many quality blogs, like yours, that I have to read.  

    • I like the monthly recaps as well.  I think this is a great way to remember what went on over the past month.  It’s also a nice way to acknowledge people who have contributed to your blogging community.

      And I agree, Dan Black is everywhere.

  • It’s great being apart of your community Joe. Glad to hear about the problem being fixed. 

  • Good to see your site is growing again! I have to figure out what is going on with my site…it has hit a plateau.

    • Brandon, my site has somewhat plateaued, but I’m pretty sure I know why.  It will be interesting to see how the traffic runs as the fall gets underway.  This will be a true indication if I need to make some bigger changes.

    •  Thanks Brandon. Sorry to hear that your site is still at a plateau. It could be just the summer or maybe the Google crawling issue I noticed. Here’s hoping you figure it out!

  • Hey, Thanks for the mention.  I’m surprised that I cracked the top 10 this month.

    August was just okay for me from a blogging perspective.  I was pretty busy with a missions trip to Guatemala and a changed a couple of my posting patterns in order to focus more on my family.  My overall numbers for the month reflected this change.  Not to worry though, it was still a good month.

    My top post was actually a guest post written by my wife.  Her post titled Wondering was posted during my trip to Guatemala.  Here’s the link:

    •  You’re welcome Jon. It may have been just barely but you did!

      Good to hear your month was still good even though you changed things up. The posts about the mission trip were interesting. Sounds like you guys really did a good work over there.

      • The missions trip to Guatemala definitely had a big impact on me.  I’m sure I’ll continue to reflect on it here and there in my blog.

  • Pretty awesome. So glad things are going well. I honestly haven’t looked at my stats in a while. But my top post for last month was on a book review of a fiction book based on a true story of childhood abuse and the redemption/healing of Christ-
    This Sept I am going to do an interview with the author Ginger MarcinkowskiI’m also planning on taking some of your advice and offering an opportunity for my readers to give me feedback on what they like, don’t like and would like to see more of. Thanks so much. Honored to be part of the top 3! God bless.

    •  Congrats on landing an interview with the author of the book. That should prove to be a great post, especially if the book review brought in a good amount of traffic.