Think Inside The Box

A favorite saying of many leaders is “Think outside the box.” Meaning that we should look for a solution that wouldn’t normally be on our radar.

That’s all good an well. But have you ever thought that you should think inside of the box?

Box People

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What Is Thinking Inside Of The Box?

Thinking inside of the box takes into account your strengths and what you’re good at. It could also be looking at your weaknesses. Sometimes your weakness can be a strength.

Look at your normal patterns of thought. Where do they lead? What are they showing you?

That’s your box! It’s unique to you.

Your talents. Your skills. Your ideas.

Put all of those together and you’ve got something great.

Why You Should Think Inside The Box

We’ve been told for so long that we need to look for ideas that are outside of our comfort zone. It will create brilliant solutions.

I call baloney!

You need to look inward and see what’s inside of the box. You’re bursting with ideas that no one else has thought of. Your box is full and needs to be explored.

As you search and examine your box, you’ll discover grand adventures waiting to be explored. Ideas that no one else has ever thought. Strength that no one else possesses.

Thinking inside your box gives you power.

Thinking Inside Your Box

Begin today to think inside of your box. Look for those solutions that are unique to you.

Glean from your life experiences. The broken hearts. The difficult relationships. The happiness and the sadness.

Every life experience brings a unique idea to the table. And it’s all from your box.

Do you see the power this brings you?

You’re able to see connections where someone else may not.

You’re able to use emotions to solve the problem.

You’re able to bring a new value to the table. The value of your past experiences.

Thinking inside the box allows you to bring a unique perspective to the table. Something no one else is able to.

The next time you’re faced with a difficult issue, decide if you need to think inside of the box.

Would it help to

  • Relate it to a previous experience
  • Connect to an emotion you’ve felt before
  • Compare it to a project that succeeded in the past

See! Thinking inside of the box can be beneficial. Now go out and think inside of the box.

Question: What have you learned from thinking inside of the box? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

  • This is really good Joseph.

    I’ve always (very sarcastically, I admit) thought in response to a call to “think outside the box”: What if the answer is inside the box?

    I never knew what box I was referring to, I was just being a punk, but maybe I was on to something.

    Asking someone to think outside of the box, as you point out (or at least as I interpreted) is essentially asking them to set aside years of experience and make a feeble attempt to think in the abstract. It’s not only virtually impossible, it’s unhealthy.

    When I have a group of ten people, I want every one of them thinking inside their boxes, sharing their boxes, and going into to each others boxes. Box, of course, being a metaphor for thoughts, experiences, education, and so on.

    • Great thoughts Matt. I especially like that you’ve been in the habit of wanting people to draw from their experiences and to use those situations to move forward in making a decision.

  • I agree with you, Joe! There are unique ideas inside of us and we must not be afraid to bring it out.

    • Thanks Joe. What unique ideas have you found from within yourself?

  • It’s so easy to forget that we even have a box.

    One of the main reasons I blog is to process the stuff that is in by box.  We need to think about the things that happen to us, the gifts and talents we’ve been given, and the challenges we face.  These are all things that are in our box.

    My I use my box full of life experiences, skills, knowledge, etc. to bring glory to God.

    • Awesome Jon. You’re on the right track with that line of thinking. What revelations have you received by reflecting on what’s happening within your box?

      • Seriously?  Where do I start?  You can read about it on a daily basis at my blog.  Recently, I’ve been reflecting on serving others, responding to the election, and living my faith out loud.  All these relate to things that have happened inside my box – my span of experience.

  • Jeff

    It’s a habit of mine to dismiss the way I see things, simply because it seems too subjective, narrow, and cloistered.  I want to experience the world beyond my usual preferences and ways of thinking.  But usually I run into a wall that tells me, “No, that’s a nice way of doing things, but it’s not how you would approach it yourself.” 

    I can tell you this: When I continue to move deeper into my preferred perspectives, I discover that there is much more to it than what I’ve already gotten used to.  My uneasiness comes from the idea that I’m preferring my way too much.

    • Sounds like you’re learning and moving into being your own Jeff. Keep it up.

  • I love studying human development and behavior and have learned the importance of looking “inside the box.” When we look inside our self we are able to find what God has placed inside of us, our talents as well as our purpose. great post!!!

  •  Joe, a clever twist. Now I’m looking for that box…where is it!? 🙂  I think I threw it out a long time ago.  Seriously, thanks for imparting ideas to fill up the box in a positive way.

    • Glad you enjoyed it Skip. You better go find that box, I’m sure there’s some great ideas in it. (-;

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