The Difference Between Knowing And Taking Action

Gaining knowledge is so easy. It’s almost crazy.

We’ve got a wealth of books, seminars, and messages giving us the information we need to succeed. Sometimes it can seem overwhelming.

But we’re able to cram our brains with information and become knowledgeable.


Are you ready to swing the hammer? | Image via Creative Commons

That’s all well and good. We’re becoming smarter. We’re becoming experts.

And yet that is not enough.

There’s a difference between knowledge and taking action. They’re worlds apart.

Knowledge is filling your mind with new information.

Reading a new book. Going to the business class. Listening to the latest podcast.

Good, good stuff. But you can’t stop there.

But taking action is where it’s at.

We must begin to APPLY that knowledge. Until you do, you’re just a talking head.

I was recently talking to a friend and he asked me a few tough questions.

Where did I want to take my blog? Am I willing to get out there and promote it? Was I putting myself out there and creating guest post? Will I ever get out and speak on the topics that I’m writing about?

To be honest, it made me feel vulnerable. I wasn’t prepared for such questions. I knew the answers and I didn’t like what they were.

I hadn’t been actively seeking opportunities to guest post. I hadn’t been seeking speaking engagements. I wasn’t willing to do what I KNEW.

Thanks to that conversation I began to take action.

I knew I had to if I wanted to continue to grow.

Here’s how you can take action:

  • Contact another blogger asking for an opportunity to guest post: It’s as simple as finding their contact information and shooting an email with your guest post proposal. Create killer content and begin to spread it to other bloggers. I’ve taken the first step and submitted guest posts to two different bloggers. What will you do?


  • Create a plan of attack for your blog: Ask yourself tough questions. What results do I want to see from my blog? What statistics are important to me? What steps will I take to grow my website? I’m still working through this but I’m getting closer to knowing what I want. What are your answers?


  • Ask your community for help: You’ve invested time in growing the community. They’ve invested in your blog by interacting and sharing. They’re willing to help you become better. Take the time to talk with your community. Discover what they like about your site and what they don’t. The answers may shock you. Are you willing to do this?


I’m tired of just gaining knowledge. It’s not doing me any good if I’m not applying it.

Are you fed up with it too? Will you join me on this journey of applying the knowledge and taking action? I hope you are!

Question: How are you applying the knowledge you’ve gained towards building your platform? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

  • Joe, I have guest post today ag another blog. I have another scheduled in October. And I was approached about another this weekend. I haven’t been super crazy about submitting these, but I’m beginning to tjink more about it as I want to grow my blog.

    • That’s a great step to take Larry. I’ve seen others use guest posting as a way to grow your blog. Let me know how it worked for you!

  • Joe,

    This is a wonderful post. The people who build a strong platform and see success step out of their comfort zones and start doing. I have guest posted for a lot of other sites and blogs and it’s been great in getting my name and content out their. I think taking intentional action in building a platform is essential.

    I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next for you as you step out and start doing (Even more). YES, you can guest post on my site, I thought you would never ask:) hehehe

    • That’s great Dan. Guest posting definitely helps get your name out there. I’ve noticed that your comment section seems to be booming. Did that start to happen after your guest posts?

      Thanks for the vote of confidence. I’m hoping to step out of my blogging shell soon and start doing more guest posts. And since you offered, I’ll hit you up first when I’m ready to do it.

      • I think guest posting helped my comments increase. However I can’t say it was from one specific guest post. But it does help when it comes to connecting with other bloggers and finding blogs. My comments have started to increase since the start of this year. I think being consistent and doing my best to post quality content has helped in the traffic/comments. I also read and comment on a lot of blogs every week.

        Again, I’m looking forward to seeing you break out of your shell even more. Keep with it because your going to be HUGE!!! It’s only a matter of time.

        • That and he comments on EVERY single blog he visits lol! Dan is the man!

          • Thanks Michael, I find reading and commenting helps me in my personal growth and allows me connect with others.

  • Christine Henderson

    I’ve gotten stagnant in building a following. Setting up interviews for my blog and for my book takes time – especially when I also hold down a job that is not a typical 9-5 (Realtor). But I have done what you suggested. But for me to do a guest blog elsewhere that is hard to fit in.

    • It can be difficult Christine. There’s only so many hours in our day. One thing that I’ve found helpful is to build up a reserve of posts so that you’re able to get out and do guest posts. I’ve recently reached my goal and will be hitting it hard soon. Is that a possibility for you?

  • Asking questions is always scary if you are truly interested in honest answers. However, if you’re only interested in hearing what you want to hear, then there is no fear in asking. (did I say that correctly?)

    Anyway, I’ve been asking myself many of these questions and praying about it.
    What I haven’t done is ask my readers what they like and don’t like. I think I should do that. Thanks!

    • I think you’re right in that. There’s no fear if you’re asking the people you know will give you the answers you want. You’ll only get the cake answers.

      Go and ask some of your readers. You may be surprised and get some great suggestions. One of my readers encouraged me to change the way my blog posts go out. I’ve done that and am waiting to see if it helps. Little and big suggestions may surprise you!

      • Very true, I will do this soon.

  • Thought-provoking post Joe.

    I’ve been asking myself some of these questions and am glad that am not alone! I know many bloggers are – it’s hard not to when you put so much effort and energy into growing something. there’s that desire for more.

    I have recently started guest-posting as well – Today was my third guest post at another wonderful site. I am re-working an ebook that I was hoping to sell but now am planning to give it away. I like this question “Will I ever get out and speak on the topics that I’m writing about?”.

    Great post

    • Ngina,

      Have you thought about giving it away then selling it?

      • I haven’t thought about it Dan. It does sound like a really neat idea.. How about the reach though, wouldn’t I be promoting it to the same people that I gave it away for free?

        • I think the same people who got it for free would also would promote it to others when you do start charging, people who do not yet know you. The price point and marking is still something I’m thinking about. We can always talk more about this via email or phone. It might be great to brainstorm and share ideas.

          I think Jeff Goin’s is a great example of this. When he gave away his book during the weekend his audience and blog traffic greatly grow.

          • I see what you mean Dan. Sounds great and workable, esp the new market through existing community.

            I saw how Jeff did it and was equally blown away.

            definitely let’s talk more about this. There’s alot am trying to figure too.

    • That’s awesome Ngina. Congrats on getting another guest post.

  • This is a good reminder. In some ways, the summer months have been a bit of a speed bump in my platform building efforts. Between vacations, a missions trip to Guatemala, and other summer-time interruptions, it has been challenging to take these actions. Thanks for the reminder.

    • Yeah, there are times when you have to put your efforts on the back burner. It may seem like a step back but time with family, doing missions, and more can be as reading, if not more, than building your platform. It could also be a great recharging period that helps you take it to the next level.

  • You saw an example of how I’m taking action this past weekend! You can’t get anywhere without taking action, last year I got tired of making excuses and did something about it 🙂

    • I know Kimanzi! It was amazing seeing the action you’ve taken. You were inspiring.

      • That guy Kimanzi is an inspiration over here as well!

  • Lots of good questions you raise. I personally run at such a pace and speak so often that I don’t pause enough to think about all of the implications…but I will do just that! Thanks for the reminder.

  • One thing I learned being in sales is that smart people usually go hungry. I know because I was a smart guy. Smart people usually strategize, think of new ideas, try to make a easier route. while the “not so smart” just played the numbers game, worked as hard as they could, and asked for orders. The “not so smart” usually win and make quota. So BELIEVE me I understand you completely. Great post!

    •  Mike, thanks for sharing. It’s interesting that it happens like that, huh?

      Do you think it’s because the “not so smart” people had to be more intentional?

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  • Something that works well for me is I while I’m reading or while I’m at a conference, I determine if there is an idea I want or need to implement. If so, I don’t read another book or attend another conference until I implement that idea (or at least get the ball rolling on implementation). 

    • Awesome idea Kent. I think we could all benefit from applying this technique. It would also require us to be much more intentional about what we’re doing and reading. 

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