Take The Steps To Become A Better You

There’s not a person out there who doesn’t want to improve their lives. It’s engrained in us. We want to be the best that we can be.

So why do so few of us actually take the needed steps to improve our lives?

Do amazing things

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Much like anything else in life, I think the answer is we over complicate what really needs to be done to be better.

We formulate grand schemes. We layout everything at once. We look at the big picture.

And then we get hit with the overwhelm.

Taking a look at the overall plan, we see no way to better ourselves. We become paralyzed with analysis paralysis.

Just like our answers should be simple, we can break down a better you through baby steps. Eventually, the baby steps will snowball into breakthrough.

To become a better you, try adding these actions to your life:

Read 10 pages from a book every day: Becoming more knowledgeable about a subject is easy. You can start the process of learning by reading a small portion of a book each day.

Choosing to read 10 pages shouldn’t take you too long. Anywhere from 10 minutes to 20 minutes. You can spare that, can’t you?

If you’re able to read 10 pages each day, you would be amazed at how many books you could read in a year. Do you know how many books you could average a year?

Say the average book length is 200 pages, at 10 pages a day, you could read 18 books a year. That’s quite a few books.

The best part? They say it only takes reading 3 books to become an expert in a given field. Will you better yourself to expert status?

Stumped on what to read? Here’s a few of the great books I recommend.

Spend time with loved ones: I think our lives improve when we’re around those we love and those who love us. There’s something special about the feelings we have when we’re amongst love.

Schedule time in your day to get together with your wife, your mother and father, your dogs, your friends, or whoever else makes you feel loved. Bask in the great feeling love brings.

Don’t neglect the power of love. When love is given, it encourages us to become better.

Exercise three times a week: Seek out time to exercise during your week. Exercise has the power to not only increase your physical fitness, it improves your mental sharpness as well.

You’ll gain a pep in your step after going for a brief run, walk, or a short power lifting session. Chemicals will be released that will increase your mental prowess.

Not only will you begin to look good, you’ll become smarter as well.

You might have noticed something in the actions to become a better you. They require you to be consistent with little things and take action day after day.

This isn’t a comprehensive list. It’s only a start. But that’s what it takes to become better.

A start.

Question: What step or steps would you recommend someone take to become better? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  • Being accountable is also necessary. You can make a checklist for yourself and review it each week to ensure you are staying on track!

    • Lorraine, excellent suggestion. Plus it puts your tasks right in front of you, so you can SEE where you’re at.

  • rcsinclair952

    I agree with Lorraine, but I would take it one step further. Make yourself accountable to SOMEONE. It is one thing to push a checklist aside and make it another resolution that I won’t keep. It is another thing to have to tell someone that you just didn’t do it.

    • Thanks for adding to Lorraine’s suggestion Bob. Having someone else there to kick you in the rear when things aren’t being done is a great way to move forward.

  • I agree and love your points here. Especially the reading, no better way to develop yourself on your own time than to read a good book.

    I would also add journaling daily. This is the idea of writing down your thoughts for you and only you. It helps me debrief the day.

    • I’m with you on the journaling. While I haven’t been as faithful to it as I should, it’s a great way to get your thoughts out and decompress after a long day.

  • Joe, this is one of the best pieces I’ve read in a couple weeks. A couple things I’d like to highlight:

    1: “So why do so few of us actually take the needed steps to improve our lives?”

    That question is powerful; thank you for asking it!

    2: “Choosing to read 10 pages shouldn’t take you too long. Anywhere from 10 minutes to 20 minutes. You can spare that, can’t you?”

    With all of the football games going on this weekend, I wondered “How many people will spend more time this weekend watching football than they’ll spend developing themselves in an entire year?

    Great post today Joe!

    • Thanks Ellory! I appreciate the kind words.

  • I’m really good at knowing what I SHOULD do! Here’s to sticking with it and making it happen.

    • Justin, that’s true for a lot of people. It’s easy to know needs to be done. Getting there is the battle. How can you make sure what needs to happen, happens?

  • Jeff

    “Question: What step or steps would you recommend someone take to become better?”

    1. Simplify goals. As someone who struggles to be regular and consistent, I do just as much as I am able toward my goals in a given day. And when I get better, I’ll be able to do more. Doing less is what keeps me going. This goes with your saying about not over-complicating things.
    2. Get new ideas. Anywhere. Books, movies, audio books, people, seminars, groups.
    3. Observe people. One of the best ways for me to get out of a rut (and take a break from books) is watch how other people live, dress, move, talk, exercise, drive, socialize, etc. I learn so much!
    4. Write. Writing is one of the ways I’ve learned to talk. The more I write, the better I talk. It also helps me learn to organize my mind — and goals.
    5. Rest. Drop everything, occasionally. Ignore non-essential tasks. Find something to do that is relaxing, interesting, or refreshing.

    • Fantastic answers Jeff. I’m a people watcher so I resonate with #3.

    • Wonderful answer, Jeff!

  • I’m guessing the guy in the picture kicking the ball didn’t learn to do that in one day, so as you said Joseph, consistency is key! I’m also guessing that he had to choose not to do a lot of things so he could focus on a few things. For me I find I need to keep eliminating the clutter of life so I can consistently do what God has called me to do and if I’m successful in that God works in my life to make me a better person.

    • Thanks for sharing Caleb. You brought up a great point about the kicker. He had to be consistent and learn what to do. When we do small, correct actions again and again, they add up to success.

  • I’ve found myself wanting to make huge leaps instead of small steps of forward progress. I like the first one. Actually all of them are abut small steps done on a continual basis. It’s a reminder that the daily ledger is really who we are. Not just the one time we climb the mountain. Thanks, Joe.

  • Alli Polin

    Overwhelm, I know it well 🙂 I’ve found that I can even combine a few of your ideas and make them even more fun! I walk every Friday with a friend. We get time to connect in our busy lives and we are doing something good for our health too.

    Small steps still get us where we’re going. Tough to remember sometimes but you’ve given us some great ideas!

  • I love your list…and I think every single one is important. I would add journaling a few sentences (or more) on a daily basis really helps to keep us in touch with what is going on within us at a deeper level.

    • LaRae, journaling is an important practice to have. Creating that kind of a mind-dump allows us to be more free from the daily struggles.

  • Just today I started exercising again! It feels awesome (and I know I’m going to be sore tomorrow). For a while my life got to busy to spend an hour exercising, but it really is powerful and helpful.

    great list.

    • Great job TC! So how are you feeling today?

      • Feel better than I thought I would. Guess that means I need to work out harder tomorrow 🙂

        • Haha, push it hard tomorrow!

          • I think I might not be able to walk later!

            • Sounds like you’re pushing yourself pretty hard now!

              • Yeah, it hurt getting out of bed this morning! It’s awesome!

                • You’ve got a great attitude about it. At least you know you’ll be seeing results.

  • Exercising 3 times a week does not only help you to become more physically fit, but it also gives you a positive disposition towards your life. When you do exercise, you become more energetic and keep yourself upbeat to a better you.

    • Anwell, that’s very true. Thanks for sharing.

      • Thanks for sharing this post as well my friend. 🙂

        • My pleasure. What other topics would you like to see?

  • Such a practical post, Joe! I love how you broke down the book reading. I think more people would read if they understood that a few pages a day equals to a hole lot of reading/growth in a year.

    • Thanks Dan. It’s amazing how such little bites can help us accomplish so much. Little bits of books equals a lot of books if we’re consistent.

  • Barbara Boser

    I really enjoyed this post, I really think all these tips are so important to do in your life.

    • Thanks Barbara. I’m glad you enjoyed what I wrote. What other kind of blog posts would help you out?

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