You Are Leading Someone

I’ve come across great leaders. Though there was one strange thing about them.

These great leaders didn’t know they were leaders.

Do you know who you're leading?

Have you noticed this before?

Leading Without Being A Leader

This happens all the time. A new hire comes aboard the team. Before you know it, they’re able to organize other team members without being an actual leader.

Again and again, this happens. And many leaders sit back and wonder how this can be.

To me, what is happening is very simple:

The leader without a title has gained the trust of those around him. He’s pulled together resources and helped others out. He goes above and beyond for the betterment of others.

That’s how you lead without a title.

You’re Always Leading Someone

While I mentioned that there are leaders out there who don’t recognize this, there’s also untitled leaders who don’t realize they’re leading someone.

They do what comes naturally. They bring people together. They get the job done. They fix things.

And these leadership actions bring people to their side. Even without the title.

How This Works

This works because the average person isn’t looking to lead. Instead, they’re looking to be led.

They want someone to show the way. They desire for another person to step up. They don’t want the responsibility.

So, when they see someone with leadership qualities, they fall in line. They become the followers they desire to be.

We can lead without a title. A title isn’t a requirement. It’s a perk.

Be A Leader (With Or Without A Title)

I want to encourage you to lead. Whether or not you’ve been given the title of leadership.

You can step up to the leadership box. You are in control of how others see you. Be the leader they’re looking for.

Question: Have you led without a title before? How did you do this and how did it impact your work? Share your story in the comment section below.

What’s Your Battle Cry?

Throughout history, the battle cry has been used to rally troops to come together and defeat a great enemy. The same goes for battle cries in cinema and modern story telling.

The leader pulls it together, gives out a shout, and him and his team give the opposing forces a run for their money.

Have an organizational battle cry

Image by Andrew Gould

The battle cry has been a powerful force. We’ve seen it time and again as armies and organizations have used the battle cry to bring their teams together.

The French used the battle cry “Pour le Roi et Pour la France” (“For the King and France”)

The United States Marines rally behind the battle cry of Oorah!

The Crusaders used the battle cry of Deus Vult.

Stop. Look. Go Leadership

One of the earliest things we were taught when we were children, especially as we gained the ability to walk and go outside, was to Stop, Look, and then Go across the street. Do you remember being taught this childhood skill?

I do.

The crazy thing? Stop, look, go easily applies to our leadership. Too bad more of us don’t follow this simple practice.

You might know of someone who didn’t follow stop, look, go before crossing the street. There were times the person made it safely across the road. Then, there might have been a time when they didn’t.

I think back to elementary school and my friend Antwan.

Antwan lived 5 fives houses away. We’d go to school together, play video games, and have a good time. Then there was that day. The day he didn’t stop, look, and then go.

You’re A Leader, Stop Waiting

Do you remember when you were younger and in a situation where an adult wasn’t around? Those times would either be really good or really bad.

Growing up I was taught about leadership and even saw it demonstrated in my home but during those times when no leader was around, I was as bad as everybody else.

Image by Mo Riza

Image by Mo Riza

There were times though when I knew I should step up and be the leader, be the voice of reason in all the chaos but I told myself that no one left me in charge.

Part of me just wanted to be “cool” like everyone else but another part of me was waiting to be told that I could be and was a leader.

Fast forward to today and too many of us are still waiting to be “picked.” To be told that we’re leaders instead of actually leading.

Listening And Looking

Leaders are meant to pave the path. To lead the way. To go into the unknown.

The path may be unclear. That’s why leaders must possess two traits.

Leaders must be willing to listen and to look.

Mount Washington

Image by Izzard

Why Listen

Some people may wonder why leaders need to be willing to listen. They’re leaders after all. They’re the ones going ahead. There’s no reason they need to listen.

Sorry buddy, those who say this are wrong. In a major way.

It’s like in mountain climbing. As you’re ascending the mountain, you’ve got to keep your ears open for dangers.

You may experience rockslides, other climbers who are dangerous, or to hear your own voice once you’ve reached the summit.

Listening allows you to HEAR the dangers you may be coming upon.