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The first session speaker is Andy Stanley. He’s one of the best speakers in the world and he’s dropping truth with us today.

Casting a clear vision

What Do We Value Most In Leaders?

We value integrity yet we don’t often seek that out in the leaders we choose and follow. There’s something else that people follow.

People follow the man or the woman with a clarity of vision.

The good thing? Leaders can have both of these. And when you leverage the power of clarity you have just harnessed the power that has the ability to split the world in half.

Clarity Is Magnetic

Think back to the 2008 presidential campaign. When you think of that election cycle, think of President Obama.

He had a clear, concise campaign slogan: Change we can believe in.

Catalyst Atlanta once again opens up with Andy Stanley. He’s the senior pastor of North Point Ministries and the author of Ask It!

Catalyst 2015 Atlanta: Andy Stanley Awakens The Wonder

We’ve all experienced an awakening of wonder at some point in our lives. For men and women, it’s typically different.

For men, it’s when we walked outside one day and BOOM! We saw the girl next door and we experienced her beauty, we smelled scents that we never smelled before. Wonder was awakened.

For women, it happened when they were walking down the mall. That same store that was passed by multiple times or your mother dragged you into suddenly lit up as you saw that pair of shoes. Wonder was awakened.

Then, there was the wonder of babies being born, coming to faith, realizing God loves us unconditionally. Wonder was awakened.

When Wonder Is Awakened

Something magical happens when the wonder is awakened.

I returned from the Catalyst Atlanta Conference over the weekend. I can’t believe it’s done already.

My time there was a whirlwind. I was able to attend the Catalyst Lab sessions on Wednesday and then attend two days worth of great leadership content.

catalyst conference logo

This year the theme of the conference was KNOWN.




How are you known?

Image via Catalyst

These three items were the core of the conference. What are we known as. What are we known by. What are we known for.

When you combine these three pieces, you are known. And known well.

What I Learned At Catalyst

You may be wondering what I learned during my time at Catalyst. Honestly, it was a lot. Almost to the point of overwhelm.

One of my favorite things to do is collect quotes that ring true to me. I’ll scribble it down in a notebook, paste it into an email, or post it on my Facebook page. A couple of years ago I discovered Evernote.

Since this time, I’ve amassed an even larger amount of quotes. They’re leadership quotes, personal development quotes, relationship quotes, and more.

I believe we can learn a lot from the quotes of leaders that have come before us. These leaders are full of wisdom. It becomes our responsibility to learn from them.

That’s been a driving force behind the collection of quotes I’ve recorded. Today, I’d like to share what I’ve learned from some of the leadership quotes I’ve saved for myself.

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.”
— Arthur Ashe, Tennis Player

What Makes A Leader?

November 19, 2012 — 15 Comments

Everyone asks this at one point or another in their life. What makes a leader? Am I able to be a leader?

The answer? It’s a resounding YES!

However, it’s not easy. It’s going to require a lot. You’ll face challenges that you’ve never faced and never wanted to see.

Those challenges are what makes a leader.

During my time at Catalyst East, Andy Stanley gave a talk on what makes a leader. I’m going to break it down for you and share my insights from this talk.

Your Responses

For every situation we face, we have a reaction. Positive, negative, indifferent, etc..

Your responses are what makes you a leader.

If you respond poorly to a situation your leadership could be called into question. Respond positively and others will have a more favorable view of you.