Hindsight is 20/20. When we look back on the past, we’re able to see with a clarity we don’t have going into the future.

While I don’t have the ability to go back into my past and prevent myself from repeating the same mistakes, I can share what I wish I would have known growing up.

My hope is you can learn from my mistakes. You can storm the future with confidence. You can grow much quicker than I did.

Little me!There’s things I wish I knew growing up. Things I wish I didn’t have to go through. But, other than one thing, I’m not sure there’s much I would change.

Everything has happened for a reason. I’ve grown, I’ve stretched, I’ve become a better person and leader from these trials.

Have you ever looked at a guy like Richard Branson and thought, “How does the guy get it all done?” 400+ companies, World Records, and billions of dollars under management in a single lifetime. Oh, and I forgot something, space exploration. The guy is on another level.

We are entrepreneurs, leaders, and mold-breakers. Although, of the mortal kind. We need every advantage we can get. So, we should probably pay attention when Titans of business and leadership talk about the things that give them their edge.

Here are 3 areas where your (lack of) exercise could be hindering your leadership.

1. Productivity

As usual, Andy Stanley closes out the Catalyst Atlanta conference. Even though we saw Andy at the beginning session, it’s always fun to hear him again at the end of the Catalyst Conference.

Pastor Andy Stanley

Andy began by talking about Trip and Tyler. They used to work for him at the church but they went off on their own. But Andy doesn’t think about it as losing people but as launching people.

Steps To Bring About Organizational Change

1. Craft a laser-focused vision statement – This allows you to put out a statement to your organization and let them know what your organization is all about. Without a clear-cut vision statement, organizations flounder because no one knows what the purpose is.

Everything will become centered around this vision. From the beginning to the end of the organization, people will have something to follow.

Pastor Sergio De LaMora is the lead pastor of Cornerstone Church in San Diego and the author of The Heart Revolution. His mission is to turn the hearts of youth and families all over the world back to God and back to each other.

On Wednesday, I had the chance to hear Pastor Sergio speak in one of the Catalyst Lab sessions. His leadership speech stirred me up. My hope is that today he does the same in the main session of Catalyst. Be prepared to be blown away by the pastor of the largest Latino led church in San Diego.

Pastor Sergio De LaMora Speaks at Catalyst

Recapturing Your Heart To Dream Again

Many Americans hearts have been shattered over the last couple of years. People know the sting and the pain of watching our dreams dissolve.

Failure happens and were left broken. What can we do to rectify this?

Catalyst announced a special guest for us today. That guest was Christ Brown.

No, not Rhianna’s Chris Brown but Chris Brown who works for the man Dave Ramsey.

This Chris Brown is a pastor and wants to help people learn proper stewardship.

Chris Brown of Dave Ramsey Group Speaking at Catalyst 2014

Hopelessness is sweeping across the country. You may not have noticed the issue. But it’s there.

We’ve got to dig deep and discover the reason for the hopelessness.

Part of the issue is the pedal to the metal speed of life. The long hours at work. The desire for bigger and better.

These things are the real issue for hopelessness, these are some of the symptoms.

People Are Starving For Margin

As we go deeper and look at the real issue, we begin to discover there’s a lack of stewardship and margin within our lives. Our lives are filled to overflowing with tasks that fill our lives but leave us feeling empty and agitated.