Dr. Henry Cloud is an acclaimed leadership expert and bestselling author. He draws on his experience in business, leadership consulting, and his practice as a clinical psychologist, to impart practical and effective advice for improving leadership skills and workplace performance. Dr. Cloud has written or co-written over twenty books, including the bestseller Boundaries , which sold over two million copies.

The power of others

What Is Leadership?

Leadership is comprised of multiple things.

Leadership requires vision. Then vision requires us to engage talent. From there, you execute a plan or strategy. And then you adapt.

Last but not least, leadership is about the people you lead.

How Do You Find More?

Navy Seals are put through Hell Week. Their bodies and mind are pushed to the limits.

At times, these Seals feel like they have nothing left. They have no more.

Then what happens? What happens when you hit the limit?

Best-selling author, speaker and creativity guru, Chris Barez-Brown, has been unleashing the creative potential of worldwide organizations including Unilever, Nike, and Diageo for years. He is a master of metamorphosis, challenging and transforming businesses through embedding Creative Leadership as part of the DNA of the culture

How To Tap Your Creative Genius

Most of the time we make our decisions through a singular process. We go through the logical thoughts of how it will work out or feel. We do some analysis on the decision. And then we make it.

Decisions often don’t work out all that well when we begin to process our decisions this way.

Chris and his wife were decided whether or not to have children. They went through the logical way of thinking and decided no.

Something changed though.

The following 2 weeks, Chris began walking through parks and seeing parents with their children. Then he began thinking about who his friends will be.

The fifth speaker at Leadercast Live 2016 is Nick Saban.

Nick Saban is the head football coach at the University of Alabama. Coach Saban is also one of two coaches to win at least two BCS national championships and the first to accomplish this at two different schools.

Do you know what it takes to win?

What Does It Take To Win?

The number one thing to win is your mindset.

Process: Process defines what you need to do to win.

Work ethic and discipline: You can have the mindset. You can have the process. But many of us fall off the wagon when it comes to following through on discipline.

To Coach Saban, discipline is knowing what you have to do but you don’t want to do it. Will you do it?

It is also knowing what you don’t want to do but should do it. Do you do it?

After our first break, we’re ready to hear James Brown. James Brown is a three-time Emmy award-winning network broadcaster and in 2010 was named SI.com’s “Best Studio Host of the Decade”. He is the host of “The NFL Today” on CBS and Super Bowl 50, host of “Thursday Night Football” on CBS and Special Correspondent for CBS News, contributing to various programs including “60 Minutes”.

Previous broadcasting roles include co-host of “Fox NFL Sunday”, host of “Inside The NFL” on Showtime correspondent for “Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel” on HBO and a nationally syndicated radio show on Sporting News Radio.

Depth comes before height

Focus On The Individual

Good communication skills: There are 3 elements to communication skills. They are speaking, writing, and listening.

Good attire: You must dress for success. The way you dress makes a statement about you before you even open your mouth.

Next up is Kat Cole who is the CEO of FOCUS Brands.

Perspectives, Priorities, and Perception



Kat shares a story of her childhood. It’s a sad story.

One day, her mom tells Kat that it’s time to go. They were leaving their abusive home.

Her mom took a long time to get to that point. And Kat sat there wondering: What took you so long, mom?

We have a problem with our perspective. We, who aren’t close to the action, fail to see what’s truly happening. We struggle with coming to a conclusion.


We have finite resources. Yet there’s lots of need out in the world.