A major influence in my becoming a blogger was Michael Hyatt. His blog on leadership mentored me as I grew in my role as a leader.

Eventually, I took on the role as one of his community leaders. As such, I helped moderate and respond to comments.

That’s why it was such a shock to see his blog post announcing he was disabling comments on his blog.


One of the things I LOVED about Michael’s blog was the fact we had direct access to him. Not only were we able to read his thoughts, we were able to discuss what he shared directly with him.

He’d take the time to read through the blog comments, eventually turning part of this over to his community leaders, and respond to those who commented. It was mind-blowing.

Harry S. Truman is known for a great quote about leadership. Truman said “Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.”

Looking at the people I’ve followed throughout my lifetime, I’ve discovered this to be true. Leaders are readers. They know they need to be consuming the thoughts of others so they can expand their influence.

The books I read in 2014

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With this in mind, I’ve cultivated a habit of reading over the years. I try to read as much as possible so I can comprehend what other leaders are thinking.

Reading is one of the easiest ways to get into the minds of the greats. They’ve recorded their thoughts for all of us to read.

Who wouldn’t want to pick up a book and glean the insights from those who have gone before us? That’s why reading is so vital to a leader.

Know Who You Are

January 7, 2015 — 14 Comments

Society has created a generation of people who truly don’t know who they are. People have been floundering with their identities for years now. And it only seems to get worse.

The doubts and fears generations past have only continued to build momentum. This has caused us to doubt ourselves.

So many people don’t even know who they are. Let’s decide to change that this year.

You can know who you are

Image by JD Hancock

Not Knowing Who You Are Hurts

Being stuck in the daily grind has been soul-crushing. We’ve gone to work. We’ve punched the clock. We’ve done our duty.

And we’ve been left empty and wanting more.

Our jobs have left us unfulfilled. Our pastimes have left us knowing there’s more out there. Our society has left us confused as to who we truly are.

Wow! Can you believe we’ve just entered a new year?

The year 2014 seemed to fly by. So much was done, so much was left undone. Yet I’m happy with my progress throughout the year. I hope you were as well.

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With the new month, brings the monthly review. Let’s take a look at the stats for December 2014.

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Many leaders, after the financial crisis of 2008, tend to give special importance to their personal values in an attempt to lead better. The crisis was an eye opener for many leaders who were guilty of measuring success in monetary terms. After the downturn, these leaders realised that their fallacious thinking was actually pushing them away from their true self.

Unfortunately, people sitting at the top had no time to examine the process which helped them to recover as the bonus pools grew and markets eventually rose. Most of the leaders actually disappointed their shareholders, employees, customers and everyone else who trusted them because they placed organization’s interest behind their self interest. In fact, when leaders start comparing their self worth with their net worth, they get into trouble. Nevertheless, many leaders fall into this trap even without knowing what is happening.