The Reason I Slacked Off Tonight

I’m writing this post later than I normally would. It’s almost 11PM where I live.

And here I am writing up a new blog post.

Know the right times to slack

Why? Because I slacked.

Here’s the reason:

slacking with my Vizsla pup

Our new Vizsla puppy wanted to chill with me tonight. He didn’t want to get off the couch. Truthfully, I didn’t want him to either.

So, we laid there while watching Fear The Walking Dead. Or, as a lot of my friends would say, we were slacking.

But you know what? I’m okay with slacking. Especially when I slack for the right reasons.

When You Should Slack Off

We’re pushed to the extreme. Marketers, leaders, business people are always telling us that we need to be doing the hard work.


There’s times we need to have some down time. We have to break away from the routines and spend time with those that are important.

5 Ways To Become An Extraordinary Person

When I think about the people I’ve met, I can’t think of one person who wants to be ordinary. Yet most people are.

They live lives they despise. They lack adventure or joy.

Their lives are ordinary. And still they do nothing to change it.

You can become extraordinary

You’re not like that though. I know that.

You want to become an extraordinary leader. You want to become an extraordinary husband. You want to become an extraordinary friend.

You want to become an extraordinary person.

How To Become An Extraordinary Person

The good news is you can become a person who isn’t ordinary. You can be someone people look up to and want to emulate.

And it’s really not too hard.

So, what does it take to become extraordinary? Let’s look at 5 ways to become extraordinary:

The Power Of Vulnerability

No one likes to be seen as weak. Or even vulnerable.

We try to hide any sign that we might not be where we need to be.

Yet we’re consistently discovering the best way to lead is through our vulnerability.

Being vulnerable is powerful

What Is Vulnerability?

A lot of us don’t want to show any vulnerabilities. We want people to see us as strong.

So, we hide. We retreat to a safe place where no one can hurt us.

That, in itself, tells us what vulnerability is.

Vulnerability is being willing to lay yourself out there, bare and naked, so others can see who you truly are.

Your weakness is out there. Pain that you’ve felt is shared. People are able to look at you and see you. The REAL you.

This is what vulnerability is.