They say the biggest fear most people have is the fear of public speaking. I can relate to that fear but I’m not sure public speaking is the biggest fear people really have.

The real fear is not hitting the goals they set.

hitting the goal isn't the point

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Public speaking is an easy fear to gravitate to. It’s an obvious fear. I mean, who isn’t scared of getting up in front of a crowd of people and sharing their message? I know I’m scared to death to do it.

But it’s not the greatest fear I have. Like many others, I fear failing to meet the goals I set.

The Purpose Of Goal Setting

With the fear of failing to meet goals, many people won’t even set goals. They figure “Why set a goal if I won’t accomplish it?” In theory, this line of thinking seems to make sense.

Great leaders do something special. They know how to motivate their team and get them excited about what’s ahead.

Bad leaders, you can guess, do the opposite. Bad leaders know how to demotivate their team.

They’ll sap the energy from any project. They’ll make their team doubt their abilities. They’ll leave people frustrated.

Demotivation doesn’t serve your team well. Rather, demotivation brings your team down. Demotivation makes your team angry and frustrated. Demotivation will send your team looking for new opportunities.

But so many leaders do this. They fall into a pattern of negative leadership that harms their teams.

So, lets take a look at 6 ways to demotivate your team and learn from this negative leadership habit.

1. Talk negatively about your team: Want to demotivate your team faster than anything else? Talk about your team in negative terms. Let other people within your organization know that you’re disappointed with them.

I’m a huge proponent of attending events and networking functions where you can meet new people. These events bring together like-minded people who are looking to rub shoulders with others.

You’re probably in that boat as well. You’re wanting to meet the next Steve Jobs or Michael Dell. You know how that can impact your platform or business.

But I want to suggest we go beyond networking.

Networking is changing

Image by Sean MacEntee

Networking only gets us so far. The typical way to network has been to go to the local Chamber of Commerce meeting or maybe it’s the Young Urban Professionals group in your neck of the woods.

Then, while there, you hock your business, try to get as many business cards as you can, and pass out even more of your business cards.

Have you ever seen a friend or family member surpass you to reach their goals, all the while you can’t seem to catch a break? During these times, jealousy really seems to rear it’s ugly had.

You’ll hear the bitter whispers of jealousy telling you that you’re not good enough. Jealousy will tell you that your friend is doing something wrong. Or you might hear jealousy tell you that your hard work doesn’t matter.

Jealousy is a dangerous emotion to keep around.

Why You Must Stop Jealousy

Our emotions can easily overtake our thoughts and begin to affect the way we act. Think about the last time you were angry or sad? Your actions changed based on those feelings most likely.

This is why jealousy is so dangerous.

It’s always amazing how quickly the new year gets off to a start. We’re already through January and starting on February.

How’s your year started out? I hope it’s been an exciting journey and you’re well on your way to accomplishing your goals.

January 2015 Wordle

If you haven’t set goals yet, remember it’s never too late to set goals. You can still make this your best year ever. Get it on it today.

With that, it’s time to get on with the monthly review. Let’s see how the blog did.

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