Moving into the next Catalyst Lab session, I have the opportunity to hear Jeff Henderson speak on leading from the land of possibilities. Jeff has quite the resume in this area.

He is the lead pastor of Gwinnett Church, the most recent multi-site location of North Point Ministries. He’s also spent time as the lead pastor of Buckhead Church and has 21 years experience in marketing working with the Atlanta Braves, Callaway Gardens Resorts, Lake Lanier Islands Resorts, and (my favorite) Chick-fil-a.

Are you living in the land of possibilities?

Leading From The Land Of Possibilities

Whenever you launch a business or organization, launch day is a big day. It’s exciting and possibilities are endless.

During the launch of the new multi-site church, Jeff pitched the idea of having Morgan Freeman narrate the video for their launch video.

Bobby Gruenewald opens up the first official session of the Catalyst Atlanta Lab. Bobby is the Pastor and Innovation Leader at He’s also the founder of the YouVersion Bible App.

How to think about innovation differently

Are We Predictable?

Amazingly, we are pretty predictable. And we don’t even realize it.

A few years ago, there was a study done where 6 couples were dropped off in Washington DC and told to find a time and place to meet with each other.

5 of the 6 couples were able to find each other at the Washington Memorial at noon.

Keep in mind, these couples had never met each other or talked. They broke down where they were, where the easiest place to meet would be, and the opportune time.

We’re predictable…

How To Think About Innovation Differently

Embrace constraints – In meetings, it’s often touted that we need to think outside the box. This rarely works with practical ideas.

The opening session includes Rich Wilkerson Jr, Chad Veach, and Chris Durso.

They’re sharing on the process of developing your dream. How long dreams will take. And the temptations you will face.


Joseph was a dreamer. He shared his dreams with his brothers and his parents.

We see this in Genesis 37:2

Joseph, a young man of 17, was tending the flock with his brothers…

Three Things We Learned About Joseph

He’s 17 years old

He’s a shepherd

He’s a snitch

But really, there’s quite a bit we can learn from Joseph about dreams…

Dreams Take Time

Anything great that God wants to do takes time to develop

We often see a picture of the future. However, we don’t see the instant production of these results.

Think of the old 35mm cameras and the film that was used.


Amazing things happen when you lean into the phases people are going through. You can show up as volunteers, parents, leaders to bring light to what’s going on

A phase is a timeframe in a kids life when you can leverage distinctive opportunities to influence their future

What wonder are you missing?

Life is moving so fast that we miss the wonder. We can’t miss this!

3 Reasons We Miss The Wonder

  1. We don’t see what we don’t see
  2. We don’t remember what we don’t remember
  3. We don’t anticipate what we don’t anticipate

Signs We Carry In Life

Birth –

Am I safe?

Second Grader –

Do I have what it takes?

6th Grader –

Who do I like? (A drive for acceptance)

10th Grader –

Why should I believe?

The best Christian leadership conference is upon us once again.

Today marks the unofficial start of the Catalyst Leadership Conference.

Experience the wonder of Catalyst

And I’m honored to, once again, be live blogging the event.

What that means is over the next 3 days, I’ll be posting my thoughts live as the event is happening. You’ll get a peek into my thoughts and what I’m learning.

I’m excited to share this event with you and I hope you’ll tune in over the next few days and snag the leadership insights I’ll be dropping here.

Question: Have you been to a Catalyst event before? If so, what were your thoughts? If not, what’s holding you back?