Pam and I recently took a walk along the Muskegon Channel. The plan was to spend a few minutes walking and feeding the mallard ducks that inhabited the channel.

We fed the ducks and a swan. Afterwards, we walked towards the end of the pier and turned around.

As we made our way back to our vehicle, there was an opportunity to meet someone new.

Meeting people isn't scary

Meeting someone new doesn’t have to be this scary / Image by GViciano

He was a fisherman. Throwing his fishing line into the water, trying to catch walleye. He also had a name, Al, and a story to tell.

Passing him by, I decided to throw out the question you ask fishermen, “Have you caught anything today?”

This simple question led us to learn about the life of Al, and that of his father’s. We met someone new and we learned quite a bit.

Blink and another innovation has passed you by. You might even be like Blockbuster Video or Blackberry and crumbling as we speak.

All because innovation came and you weren’t ready.

Know what I’m saying? Innovation is moving at an ever increasing pace. This leaves many businesses struggling to play catchup. Some never do.

What Is Innovation?

Leaders can get caught up in trying to define innovation. It’s really simple in concept: Innovation is the process of change.

The innovation may be:

VHS moving to DVD moving to streaming video

Mechanical hard drives changing to solid state drives

Print media moving towards digital media

These innovations provided a slight shift and change in the way we consumed and stored data. Honestly, it’s crazy how quickly these changes happened.

Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.

Steve Jobs

I’m a big fan of the cheesy action movies of the 80′s. They may not have had the story but they had plenty of big guys with big guns taking out bad guys.

That’s what I’ve loved about the Expendables series so far.

We get to see iconic movie stars from one of the most fun periods of movie making. And we get to see them doing what they did oh so well.

Leadership lessons from the Expendables 3

This is why The Expendables 3 was high on my summer movie list. With a cast of great action stars, I don’t see how this couldn’t be on any man’s movie list.

The Expendables 3 included Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dolph Lundgren, Wesley Snipes, Harrison Ford, and so many other action heroes. It’s definitely a man’s movie.

With the teamwork of The Expendables, I believe The Expendables includes some great leadership lessons and quotes. Let’s dive into those leadership lessons.

How To Not Lose Control

August 15, 2014 — 33 Comments

I don’t know about you but before I knew it, summer seemed to pass me by. One activity after the next popped up and took valuable time away from my personal and family time.

Sure, there were important events like the funeral of a great man from our church, a Five Iron Frenzy concert (thanks to them, my wife and I met), and other family activities. However, there were more than their fair share of interruptions and distractions.

I eventually felt like I was losing control. That I wasn’t able to do what I wanted to do.

You’ve been there too, right? Tell me I’m not alone!

You can regain control!

Image by Greg Westfall

Reflecting back on this summer I realize I need to get better at time management and getting my stuff together. If I don’t get better control over my time, my life will continue to be controlled by outside circumstances.