Our lives are ripe with opportunities to take offense to the actions of others. Even more so, I believe, when you take on the mantle of leadership.

Opportunities For Offense As Leaders

Leading gives us many chances to become bitter. It’s true, especially when you begin to examine leadership and the intricacies involved with leading.

You’ll come across those who:

Want to take your position as a leader

Talk behind your back

Pass your over for promotion

Find opportunities to usurp your position

Try to turn others against you

If you’ve been a situation like these, you know there’s the whisper that’s telling you to hold onto the hurt you felt. It’s your right after all, right?

And that’s how offenses begin to take hold. That’s how offenses begin to hinder your ability to lead.

We know that all leaders are human. They’re frail and they have the ability to fail.

But since they’re in a position of leadership, we overlook the fact that they’re human. And that they can fail.

Leaders will fall, will you help restore?

Image by Dee Ashley

Realize All Leaders Can Fail

I think the biggest thing we can do when a leader fails is to remember that all leaders can fail. Even those you look up to the most.

When you put leadership failure into the perspective that it could easily have been you, you begin to look at the failed leader in a new light.

He’s you but in a different position. The failed leader made bad choices that led him to a place they never thought they’d be.

Each little step away from the truth leads further and further into a rabbit hole that’s hard to get out of.

Something about the Fast and Furious movies has captivated me from the beginning. My guess is it’s the sweet cars and the fast driving that draws me in.

But there’s more to the Fast and Furious movies than the cars and the driving. There’s a deeper story woven throughout.

learn leadership from Fast And Furious 7

And I realized that as I sat watching Furious 7 with my wife on Saturday. The story goes so much deeper.

1. Dominic Toretto -

They say an open road clears the mind

In the opening scene, Dom and Letti are driving fast on a clear and open road. Dom turns to Letti and utters this line to her.

We in leadership have so much on our minds and so much in front of us, we don’t take the time to get somewhere open and free. We don’t let our minds see the wide expanse before us.

Many writers write because they want to be successful. They want to get published, win awards, have their talent and genius recognized and celebrated. They may envision snapshots of awards ceremonies, book-signings and interviews.

Learn writing tips from these famous authors

Image via Creative Commons

So, these guys with ambitions know that the reality of success isn’t so perfect and the path to it is neither easy nor sudden. A common theme among many writers giving advice to budding authors is to forget about fame and focus on the work. Self-fulfillment is ultimately more valuable than accolades and awards. And their tips can be easily applied to any area of life when it comes to being successful.

Have a look at the advice of 9 famous authors:

In previous posts I’ve shared various leadership lessons from movies. Whether it was The Hunger Games: Mockingjay or Guardians Of The Galaxy, I love pulling out leadership tidbits and sharing it with you.

One thing I’d neglected to share with you was about one of the Cinema Carousel’s employees.

Be yourself, it'll change lives

His name was Mike Zimmerman or as people loving referred to him as, Kazoo Mike.

There was something special about Mike. He always brought a welcoming smile and a joyful attitude to the movie theater.

He’d sit in his chair, take your ticket, and then pull a kazoo out of his wallet and begin playing a tune.

His presence was enchanting. Something I’d rarely seen.

Just the site of Kazoo Mike and my day was brightened.

On April 1st, April Fool’s Day, of all days, I found out my movie going experiences were changed forever. On that day, Mike passed away.