Overlooking The Perfect Moments

Everyday there are perfect moments happening.

They’re right in front of us but we let them pass us by.

Lake Michigan Sunset

Image by Rachel Kramer

What’s a perfect moment you ask? Andy Andrews talks about it in his free eBook The Perfect Moment.

It’s a moment in time that creates happiness and peace. Contentment and joy. It’s the little moments that form warm feelings.

You may think I’m crazy feeling this way. “There’s hardly anything perfect going on in my life” you may say. But I challenge you to look around.

Look at the small joys in your life:

  • A romantic walk with your wife
  • Your child’s beaming smile
  • Finding the closest parking spot
  • Watching the sunset over Lake Michigan

These may not seem like perfect moments when you first think about it. Take another look. I think you’ll see something different.

When you’re walking with your spouse, think of the feeling you get when you hold their hand. There’s magic happening.

Your child giving you that toothy grin. It warms your heart. It’s a moment that only happens once. Never to happen the same way again.

Sometimes finding the closest parking spot can be a relief and brings you happiness.

The perfect moments are the little things in life that happen. They don’t have to be huge events.

Just little reminders that we’re alive and that there is good in the world.

Stop waiting for the perfect moment, take the moment you have and make it perfect!
— Anonymous

I experienced this on a recent walk with Pam.

We often take walks around our city. Sometimes walking towards the beach. Sometimes towards the downtown area.

This was during one of the downtown walks.

I realized I’m with my wife, walking through a rundown but beautiful downtown, with a perfect temperature, and the sunlight was just right.

It was a perfect moment.

I could easily have missed it. Overlooked the perfect moment. They’re simple, but they’re out there.

When you’re out and about today, look for these little gems. Take it in and realize that something special is happening.

You’re experiencing your own perfect moment.

Question: How do you experience Perfect Moments? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  • I live for making memories Joe, this is an excellent topic and discussion! We have so much to be thankful for, so true we often overlook so many blessings every single day. Thankful…

    •  Awesome Chris! It’s amazing how much we’re blessed and how easy it is to overlook. Care to share one of your blessings?

      • Yep, from already this morning… our “family dog” Daisy came to stay with me for the weekend, she’s a sweetheart… I’m very thankful for her, she’s older now but has a heart of gold and is extremely loyal (like the rest of her breed!).

        • I know that feeling Chris. Dogs can be such a source of joy and create those moments we’ll remember forever.

  • Joe,
    Great reminder! Some people live in the past, having a hard time getting over mistakes or injuries at the hands of others. However, I have the problem of always living in the future—always striving to get to the place where things will be “good.”
    The problem with this is self evident—the good never comes and is an illusion, and, to your point, we miss the perfect moments right in front of us!

    Thanks, buddy!


    •  Barry, that’s true. It’s easy to live in the past or the future but forget about the present.

  • Sometimes, it’s a picture, a note in my journal, or even a simple song.  These are the things that help me appreciate the “perfect moments”.  A couple of weeks ago, I shared on my blog about a song by Mumford & Sons which will always bring me back to a moment this summer when I was driving through the streets of Guatemala in a beat up pickup truck.

    • That was a fun post. It’s interesting to see what touches people.

  • It seems like I’m always in a run so I don’t truly enjoy moments like this. I definitely will make an effort though 🙂

    •  Haha, I can understand that Kimanzi. You’re a man on a mission and moving at breakneck speeds!

    •  Haha, I can understand that Kimanzi. You’re a man on a mission and moving at breakneck speeds!

  • My wife and I moved from rainy Portland Oregon to sunny San Diego a few years ago. At times we think about the beautiful weather, beaches, and the blessings in our life and are just amazing at life and the where God has placed us. Great thoughts Joe.

    •  That’s quite a move. Be careful to keep the awe and wonder of the beaches and weather. It’s easy to lose when you’ve lived in such a place for an extended period of time.

      •  Yes it is. My wife is great about reminding me how great it is.

  • As you point out I struggle enjoying the perfect moments because I don’t slow down enough to notice them. They are definitely there and are ready for me to soak them in.  

    •  Yeah, our lives can move so fast it’s easy to overlook.

  • Well said. I think taking time to just be is important. I’ve been trying to do this more lately and finding that slowing down helps find these “perfect moments”. 

    • Jared, that’s great! Seems a lot of us have been finding this to be true in our lives.

  • Great post. I try to savor these moments and be aware of God’s presence in the little things. When we stop and pay attention to the people around us, it is amazing what we experience. Thanks for the reminder!

    • Isn’t it though? There’s so much going on around us that we easily overlook.