Leadership Resource: NeuYear Calendar

As a leader, your life is probably pretty busy. You’ve got meetings multiple times a week, conferences, and outside activities.

Keeping track of this can be difficult. I know it has been for me.

NeuYear Calendar

Today, I’d like to introduce you to a great leadership resource I’ve discovered called the NeuYear Calendar. The calendar retails for $30 but NeuYear was kind enough to provide me with a special discount code to save you 30%. Read to the end of the post to discover how you can claim this exclusive discount.

What I Like About The NeuYear Calendar

The NeuYear calendar is laid out so you can see the whole year at a glance. This makes planning easier as you can see your whole year as you’re writing in key dates and times. There’s no having to flip through a paged calendar and backtrack to insure you’re not duplicating events over multiple months.

You get a HUGE calendar. Clocking in at 27″ X 39″ this bad boy is big. You’ll have more than enough room to write events in the daily squares.

NeuYear Calendar HorizontalNeuYear has also made the calendar two-sided. Why’s this important? The answer is two-fold. Your office may not be setup to accommodate the horizontal calendar. If that’s the case, there’s an easy fix. Flip the calendar over and you’ve now got a vertical calendar.  The other benefit is choice. You can have a vertical calendar or a horizontal calendar. I personally chose to hang my NeuYear calendar in the horizontal position.

You have the choice between a dry-erase or un-coated version. The dry-erase version was the choice for me. Dates can change and I like to have the option to go back and edit my calendar. You may have more dates that are set in stone. The un-coated version may then be for you.

The calendar has a slight off-white color. This is great for the eyes. Rather than turning to look at a calendar that is blazing white, you get a soft white color that is easy on the eyes.

What Could The NeuYear Calendar Could Improve

I really like the NeuYear calendar so far. That doesn’t mean there’s not improvements I would like to see made to the calendar.

NeuYear Calendar VerticalOne of the features is the no gaps between months. This helps the year flow together in a cohesive unit. Yet I would like to see this slightly altered in future versions. Maybe not a complete separation of months but an outline around each month. With this improvement, you could see the whole year and individual months much easier.

My calendar came with four pieces of 3M double sided tape. When I hung the calendar on my wall, the tape didn’t hold the calendar up. Within a half an hour the calendar wound up on the floor. I could see larger pieces of double sided tape increasing the likely-hood the calendar will stay on the wall.

While there are areas of improvements to be made to the calendar, there is definite value in the NeuYear calendar. The layout is gorgeous, the quality of the calendar is top notch, and you’re easily able to edit and change your scheduled events.

How You Can Get Your Hands On A NeuYear Calendar

Want to get your hands on a NeuYear calendar and receive 30% off? It’s simple.

Click here to go to the NeuYear website and place an order. At step 2 of the checkout, enter your special discount code “Lalonde” when it asks you for your discount code.

The discount code is valid until December 31st, 2012. So if you’re thinking of purchasing a calendar, be sure to do it before then.

Question: When planning your year, do you prefer seeing the whole year at once or doing once month at a time? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  • DS

    There’s definitely value in being able to see the entire calendar in advance.  It can look intimidating though – all that white space just looking at me to fill it all in.

    For me, I’m scared of the aspect of having to think & plan that far ahead.  It’s a weakness I struggle with.

    • Yeah, the white space can be overwhelming yet there’s a solution to the fear it brings. I like to think of the white space as the time I have free or can do what I want with it. No need to fill and schedule EVERYTHING. It’s great to leave some margin.

  • This is a cool calendar, but I want less appointments and meetings.

    • I can understand that Dan. Bob Goff of Love Does says he doesn’t have any appoints and doesn’t keep a calendar. For some people this works wonderful, others need to have their meetings planned ahead and easy to see. 

      Curious though, how are you creating less appointments and meetings in your line of work?

    • I’m with you on this Dan.  My calendar for this week alone is jam packed.  I’m looking forward to some down time over the holidays.

  • Sounds cool. I use a dry erase board for each months events. But this looks like something I’d be interested in. Thanks for sharing. 

    • It’s a really fun calendar TC. Let me know if you pick it up.

      When you use your dry erase board for monthly events, are you making lists on the board or making it into a perpetual calendar?

      • I usually use it for lists, I have a calendar next to it but I don’t like to cross things out on my calendar so the dry erase works great!

  • I was just thinking about calenders the other day. Thanks for sharing this resource with us, I’m looking forward to getting one. I also plan on getting a pocket calender as well.  

    • You’re welcome Dan. It’s a cool calendar for sure. If you pick one up, share your thoughts. Would love to hear of any other ideas you get from using one.

  • I actually have one of these hanging in my office.  I like being able to look at the whole year in one shot.

    • That’s awesome Jon. Seeing the full year can make a difference.

  • I prefer planning out the whole year and seeing it in front of me. Seeeing it everyday gives me the extra push I need.

    • Excellent Kimanzi! With your schedule, I’m sure it’s looking pretty full.

  • Looks like a good place to start a zero-based time budget!

    • That could be a great use for the calendar Tom. This way you’ll know where all of your time is going.

  • I liked this Joe, and your “Leadership Resource” series, it’s different from the norm (in a good way) 🙂

    • Glad you liked it Chris. How do you think you could benefit from a calendar like this?

      Thank for the compliment about the series, I think (-; I try to provide resources other leaders can use and benefit from.

      • Definitely a compliment Joe 🙂

        I could use this to plan out or balance time devoted to different activities. For example, I have 3 “jobs” right now, so balancing my time effectively between them would be easier to see when I marked up a calendar like this. Like other commenters have stated, I can see the big picture more clearly with this calendar. Thanks Joe!

        • Yeah, with 3 jobs I can see the need to have activities planned out and viewable. Things probably get pretty confusing at that point!

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