Hate Your Responsibility?

I was working with my mind numb to the world, hating a process that I normally love. Have you been there? My shoulders were slumped and I was moving like a slug. I was in such a bad mood that the day was moving so slow and an hour felt like a whole day. It was an infectious attitude and my crew members knew to look out. What was wrong?

Don't hate your responsibility!

What changes when we go from loving our job, kids, spouse etc., to hating the responsibility?

I believe it is simple. It all comes down to one thing. What are we thinking about? Next time your attitude gets bad and your effort goes in the toilet, think about what you are thinking about. How are you viewing your current task?

The attitude we need to have is that of I get to do ____. However, what we often think is I have to do ____.

When our attitude is I have to do ____, there are so many negative ramifications. We have no excitement, energy, and hustle. It is all about perception.

An example from my life is when I say that I have to put my kids to bed. I mumble and gripe and rush them to bed. They sure feel special when I am like this. (sarcasm intended). There is no connection and it is a waste of a special moment. When I think about I get to put them to bed, it is so wonderful. I have such a good time that sometimes it brings tears to my eyes. It was just a few years ago that I prayed for the opportunity to be a dad. Same task, one I do begrudgingly and the other I am crying because of the opportunity to put my precious babies to bed.

How is your perspective? Today you are alive. If you have a job that you don’t like, there are people who would love your job. If you have a family you don’t like the responsibility of, there are people who would love your family. If you don’t like your house or car, there are many who would love their own house or car. Change your perspective, change your life.

Are you thinking of the opportunity or the obligation? Restore your excitement about the opportunity in front of you and be blessed on your journey.

Question: How do you stay excited on this journey of life? Share your story in the comment section below.

This is a guest post by Zechariah Newman. Zechariah is a Figaro’s Pizza franchisee, writer, and speaker. You can check out his blog here and follow him on Twitter or Facebook.

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  • Thanks for lettingbme speak to your audience Joe;)

  • I love that perspective shift. It’s so true, and if you get the opportunity to visit people in extreme poverty in our world, it makes it real. My first time overseas to see that radically changed my perspective.

    • So true William. I still remember when I went to a third world country the first time. Heart breaking what we take for granted.

  • Great take on perspective Zachariah although I see it differently.

    When I see most of my peers, most of them lack ‘have-to’ mindset. I see it in myself too. When i woke up and I don’t feel inspired, I know that I still haven’t asked the have-to questions.

    Example: I know that being hardworking is good but most of my friends are lazy. Now, I have the burden of awareness. I will have to be hardworking for the sake of others who don’t. I can’t rely on others to suddenly be hardworking because I can only control my own actions. If I’m aware and not doing anything, then I’m doing a disservice to the world.

    My take:
    Use have-to in order to inspire you to continue doing things for a purpose and complement it with get-to-do so you can inculcate gratitude in life.

    • Great take on it. You are correct that a lot of people don’t know most of what they have to do. Ignorance is something that has no shortage.

  • It IS a great take. And one I share, until I don’t. I have never suffered fools well. I have a little bit of a special insight on the “get to” vs the “have to” as I am now over three years past when the doctors told me that my time was up.

    I completely understand “the burden of awareness” and yes, it is what helps me when I feel more like throwing my hands in the air saying “Fine. YOU do it.” or “Fine. Quit.” My burden is that I know I was given this gift of time for a reason and I also know that what I finally understand is to be shared ~ the right way. So I stay my Path and I walk my talk. That doesn’t make it easy ~ but it gets me through until my “get to” rises back to the surface.

    Great post, Zechariah. Thank you.

    • Wow Amber. Sounds like you are baring that burden well. Thank you for adding that great insight! Blessings to you.

  • One thing I’ve found that helps is learning to love the grind. It’s realizing that the results you want in life come in large part due to grinding it out. It’s embracing the grind and enjoying it simply because you know the grind is the difference between “success” and “average” in all areas of life.

  • Zechariah, “get to” vs. “have to” is such a subtle grammatical difference, yet such a significant attitude difference. It was only after I was involved in a hit and run accident, than I started appreicating the fact I even had a car in the first place. It’s amazing what perspective can do for you!

  • Great thoughts, Zechariah! Having an attitude of gratitude always makes a difference in success.

  • As always, great writing Zech!

  • Colossians 4:2-6 is a passage that helps me stay focused on the here and now. I want to make the most of every opportunity.